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howdy folks y'all comes here's another

exciting episode of the street crease I

remain your sugar boy Iman and joy why

is the brain located blue is my head and

white chicks where's the temple is my

body my body's simple it's simple body's

specific please called temple

what is temple you come on jump onto my

body Oh calm down

get my temple de fire show this I should

as much chance this might sway my

shoulder yes yes my Judah and where are

your eyelids palettes boy ask your girl

Friday your eyelids let me tell you five

hits no it shows a no confuse why is

that chain show me your chain soon

cheese man this why this question is do

I do


my disappointment yes where's your mind

located yes your mind ok Nike some ways

your brain located so this is your brain

okay now where's your novel

and I'm where your shoulders

hey he's all usefulness in life where's

your brain located hey your mouth your

mouth that's where your brain is located

okay some ways your elbow your forehead

don't angry me that's your elbow and why

you're sure this yeah sure it is a brain

located just money that's your hearts so

that that's your brain okay now why

you're sure this my is right here

where's your elbow my your ribs that's

your elbow you will move out of this

house and why eyelids my Late Show money

yeah yeah so did y'all hear your eyelids

and I'm where's the temple temple they

see my stomach is that they see me see

my stomach my lips I listen my stomach

what I listen my stomach stomach and

what's your news my name is my my mouth

my left side where's our change my take

my tell my my neck kill you I died you

if I die you will be you that's your

chin and white chicks chicks

where is your mind located yes actually

I know my - my left side and a brain is

right side

so it's right that I know that my brain

is here and my mind is here

where's your elbow my ebone you

something at my back watch your back

where are your cheeks my chest oh is

here that's those are cheeks ways your

brain located my being look at that I

might SMI head

so why are nostrils Anatsui when most

rules look at the sauna idea and where's

your elbow my elbow is my where's your

hat why I show this fire chicks mister

much is here is my cheating where is

your brain located on your body

Matt fire knuckles of course I mean why

are your cheeks

show me your cheeks why is your brain

located blue my mouth my mouth


so where's your elbow Melbourne DMI here

Vicki did make use of your brain now why

where's Archie man watching my Chim Chim

Chim this grammar now well sin chin I

don't understand that with my chin did I

imagine there's too much and my eyes my

eyes my eyes is this face your brain

located my Blaine alpha brain dia I do

the way look it's know where your brain

is located I know is in my head hey that

helped me to do what I want to do yeah

maybe if I think of doing something

Gouda that will help me that Dow let me

to know what am I going to do you see

hey Dad that is my brain on a footing

right your brain is a wonderful thing

right I can explain that I got I can be

sure of that

yes it said my brain is wonderful where

is your elbow located below my elbow is

at my back question and it is inside my

eyes chain is inside your eye

okay you're close by trolley this is

your chin yes this is your chin okay

this is your chin and then this is your

elbow yes okay will you remember yeah

that's going now fire yes my yes this is

my yes where's your brain located my

head and mind is my right side your

temple its front of my my visa from your

temple right now your waist is your

brilliant your light

what's the difference between Mouse and

mice my mouse is similar and mice is

pure what's the difference between mouse

and mice mouse our city but mice don't

have a tail

much mice don't have a tail okay you go

Sara what's the difference between a

mouse and mice meracydia is the bush and

the most mouse so if I get you correctly

the mouse lives with us in our homes but

a mice belief in a bush

so would you classify mice as wild

animals or what what alamos but I live

in a pusher right and what about the

mouse they are the part of wireless

applause mouths no Surratt you can see

them on sale right but as for that my

they live in the bush see them watching

the mice before no tell me the

difference between a mouse and mice

yeah no biggie same the same so it's

only the difference between the two in

which are big mouse little yeah Mouse

and winner good if they become what's it

- yeah mice okay so that's the

difference that is not correct the

difference between mammalian means this

different between that this grammar now

Wow Mercy's animal and here is like and

Manya's is like he'll in fact you scoff

last to cut grammar from a money man

it's illegal money or mice mice out that

means it's like you the different

between miles and - I know the mouse is

the one like the useful computer mouse

and the mice is something your head God

God why now that's a piano

yes really show me your mice now I can

offer it's inside my head so I can find

some mouse mouse is okra and mouse a

mouse is awesome rabbits reasons mouse

is the Sun and the - what if vada okay

the difference between man mice and

mouse is mass is one hell mice is

printed now tell me what's the

difference between Mouse and mice mouse

is film monks is filming what's the

difference between Mouse and mice mice

is a woman and mouse is a month