Boeing Everett Factory Tour | Boeing 747, 767, 777 & X & 787 Assembly Line

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popular industrial floors in the world

we see about 320,000 people every year

on the factory


and a busy summer day we will have

nearly 2,000 people


pretty old I wish it was we do charge

for the tour I think it's $25 and before

you ask me the question we don't make

any money on it it doesn't even pay for


so this is a triple seven fighter for


another Super seven hair

400 foot you know the serial number

there and this would be a passenger one

we are in the final assembly line of the

triple sevens

and here the massive lunging gear of

this true person

and just on the other side of the engine

you have the triple 7 its acidity

unfortunately we cannot see it from here

but you have it just there and we are

not allowed to take some picture


so this is the 787 finalists on the line

and it's huge as you can see there is

some elevate of this you have here a new

787 for lot polish airlines section of

the planes here


another thing


so the yellow part is the wing

attachment there you have the packs of

the plane with the hit extender there

Plus tons of cargo there you can see

there the wings you have another plane

therefore girl fare

another part of the final assembly line

here we have the 787 for Japan Airlines

7/8 of the number 41 for Japan Airlines

already especially


other customers

seven - a mind



the wind is so

plain just amazing

if I buy one oh sorry thank you

and right after you have good

it's an investment Muslim

final assembly line is just impressive

and yeah

the first customer 787 was on Nippon

Airways after it was Japan and the third

one was a champion Airlines and all that

stuff is 100% dedicated to the 787

and the other signs that you have some

cabin simulator

let's go there you know what let's go

there we will check that together

we can see to nose section there waiting

to bear something with the line

so here this is some cabin facilities

you can try the window of the 787


I will come back in few second and you

will see the difference here it's the



can say the frizz lash


hello guys so you are now

avid facilities we have some 787 in

front of us

growl with Daniel from Boeing can't do

it without them

78741 Omaha

yes so we're here in the the Oprah

Factory the Everett factory is actually

celebrating 50 years now this is the

biggest building in the world by volume

and this is where we build the seven

four seven seven six seven seven seven


was behind me in the 787 so this is at

787 my

we're currently

company building twelve airplanes a

month and next year we'll be going up to

14 airplanes in up you see a number of

787 - night which Royal Air Maroc will

be taken in delivery of their first

seven a seven - nine in just a few days

time so we're really excited

you forward to the big delivery yeah

thank you very much for this

presentation see you thank you

this is a part of the cheapest adventure

on the DR this plane was operated by

Japan Airlines you can see here in the