Fortnite: The Block Reveal Trailer - The Game Awards 2018


fortnight season seven launched this

morning he's had a busy day but here he

is on the Gaylord stage yet again Donald

mustard Donald welcome to the show and

congratulations on such an insane year

oh thank you it's been a insane and

crazy year and we're just humbled and

grateful for all the players everywhere

for playing for at night and for helping

us build the game with them well you

guys I know it's it's an ongoing game as

you guys are a nominee tonight so season

seven started this morning what can you

tell us about season seven

so season seven as you just saw in the

trailer a big mysterious iceberg has

crashed with the island and it's brought

with it airplanes and zip lines and a

whole bunch of other surprises that

players will be uncovering in the weeks

to come

and you also announced the creative mode

right Yes fortnight creative is

launching on December 13th so next week

for tonight creative is a mode a brand

new mode where everyone will be given

their own private island where you can

design your own games and build whatever

you want with your friends now this is a

this is a real labor of love for us we

are all passionate game designers and we

think everyone is a game designer and

our goal is to let you build your own

Fortnight Wow

now it's it's rough it's this is early

that's early early early access is

actually available right now so if you

want to get into it right the second go

pick up a battle pass and you can join

in right now in this early access week

okay I hear there's there's maybe

something a little more there is so just

in the few hours that it's been out and

I've seen just already millions of

people building crazy crazy stuff and we

suspected that might happen yes and the

map is kind of crowded and on the island

and we figured we needed to clear out a

little space to make room for some stuff

so let's head over to the game now see

what's happened in the fortnight world

it's ray


now that literally just happened in the

game right Donald

so what you just saw was the emergence

of the block so the block is a new space

where we will be featuring the best and

the coolest content created by you and

we will be bringing it into the battle

royale map right on the island and place

it there for everyone to see okay how

you gonna pick we're gonna all pick it

together okay and so there's gonna be

new stuff coming there all the time and

we think this is gonna be an incredible

way for us to all continue to build this

game together all right so the block if

I if I let afford that right now I'd see

the block yeah the risky risky reels is


goodbyes are risky rails block is there

but you know don't I I'm a big movie fan

their cable find a way to get movies

back in that well we'll work on it

all right well the block creative bode

Donald thanks so much for stopping by

the game Awards we can't wait to see

where you take for tonight in the future