How to Check Your Blind Spot - Aceable 360

well well well looks like you're back

for some more driving lessons from me

your favorite robot friend ace today

we're gonna talk about something very

important but often unseen blind spots

what our blind spots you ask well that's

a great question

blind spots are areas around your car

that you cannot see through any of your

mirrors that means you'll have to

physically look over your shoulder to

see what kind of crazy stuff is going on

there allow me to demonstrate take a

look in your mirrors

did you see anything on the road near

your car take another look by glancing

over your left shoulder hold your wheel

study to avoid accidentally veering out

of your lane see that that is an example

of someone hovering in your blind spot

which can be very dangerous this is why

you should always check your blind spot

before changing lanes or making a turn

it may sound complicated but all it

takes is a shoulder check and mirror

check to make sure you're safe to move

every vehicle on the road has blind

spots so not only should you be aware of

yours you should also be aware of the

blind spots of other vehicles let's take

a look at how to avoid other vehicles

blind spots the location of others blind

spots will depend on how they have their

mirrors adjusted but generally you can

expect the blind spots to be here

it's okay to pass through these spots

but try not to linger hanging out in

these spots is asking for trouble use

your signal to alert other drivers of

your intention to switch lanes check

your blind spot and merge into the left

lane approach carefully to make sure

they are not moving into your lane now

speed up just a bit to get out of the

blind spot and pass them and there you

have it that wasn't so hard was it blind

spots can be tricky but if you stay

alert and aware you can do your part to

keep everyone on the road nice and safe

after all good defensive drivers prevent

accidents before they happen