just to make sure you cannot do it over

oh my god

I'm like frozen in shock right now I

have I have no idea what about well dude

I'm just feeling off something is

watching us ever is gonna make our

degree something coming towards us this

Mormon back here what are you doing


hi everybody

this is going to be the mecca of the

overnight series that we do we have now

driven to Burkittsville maryland to go

to the exact point otherwise known as

the Black Hills forest aka

the Blair Witch forest in which the

Blair Witch Project was filmed we have

about a two and a half three mile hike

apparently there's still like a Shack or

some sort of a house that was built out

here in the exact area that everything

was based off of we're gonna make our

way out there and math before we're

gonna be sleeping tonight so Evans got a

bunch of sleeping bags I've got some

more gear here we have a night-vision

camera infrared bunch of stuff here so

get ready for this one and if you can't

tell they're nervous because they have

said absolutely nothing nope right now

it's about 1:30 in the morning Sun rises

at 7:00 so we only have to be here for

about six hours yeah so we only have to

sleep with you out without further ado

I'll take this from you sir and Evans

over here with so bright with his set up

we got the gear let's start the journey

let's start the journey so all I know is

that we have to head west and we can't

just fall in no there's no way we're

going down that

which find it about entrance point that

yeah look I'll tall the trees are man

let's take a 20-foot drop Cory I've

asked you to do a lot of things my

friend the thing is beyond the actual

paranormal element we have the wild

animal no I know element I know and

beyond that you had to say that man yeah

that's all I'm saying I mean think about

how many deer we've seen deers have

predators so where there is prey there

is a predator guys knew what the trip

was I have said it at the end of every

single video say you get eaten by a god

damn I mean I hear smart you're not

gonna get east of the woods no nowhere

it's pitch black

it's getting steeper okay go this way

alright so other way okay alright it's

cool can't figure how to get into the

damn thing

how you feeling Aaron you know we

haven't really hung out much in the past

two years and yes we've spent a lot of I

would say quality time but I don't think

it's been quality this past trip ya know

this trip has just been spooky it's been

a lot of time quantity is definitely up

there I don't know if I don't know if

sleeping in lighthouses with no power

and I mean we get far enough in here

which we are because you're saying it's

like a two-mile hike right yeah 12 to 3

miles no one really knows where no we

are yeah if we don't we'll just go

around in circles honestly cuz we're not

gonna be able to see anything well we

have a compass look at these trees we

have a compass we do not have a map and

we have some other goodies in the back

you have an Evan look at that backpack

that's a man that knows how to survive

in the wilderness

I got on air forces yeah he's got some

thank yous Dale it looks like we're

talking about a gnarly drop-off


yeah right

my top infrared just died yeah what what

hey one's got pants on right okay we're

gonna need them yeah just hold onto the



making progress there's supposed to be

some kind of marker make a wooden a

wooden post that tells you which way to

go what was that for the trail yeah it's

for the trail just like kids look like

kind of marked it out for other people

yeah can't see you can't see 15 yeah I

mean yeah I'll show you like this is

what we're actually saying and then this

is what my sensor on not the greatest oh


it's literally the Black Hills forest

it's potentially like the second most

famous force in the world belly you guys

have seen the movie right I'm so scared

Blair Witch yeah well no I've seen it

like you guys know what it's about - yes

three friends yes going hiking which and

two of them in the woods and they kill

the other the witch you Shane was going

to that house so that house doesn't

exist that was a movie set but someone

built a house on the real location that

that movie was modeled after okay so

wait are you saying we're going to so

we're going to the real location

somebody made a witch's house someone

put together one right there and did

rituals in it and it exists somewhere in

this forest

now we're gonna see one of those yeah

I hate this I hate this dudes like you

don't understand the impact that movie

has like people started genuinely doing

rituals to emulate yes because of that

movie do theirs like we can go in any


no I don't


this is a pretty easy place to meet up

right here I mean look it's a massive

gravel what do you place to meet up we

only have six hours to the sunrise and I

want to find this place and there's only

two directions it can be that way or the

counter way so why don't we just break

up for an hour no for an hour see this

is how people die in movies exactly

we're at a place where they made a movie

no we're not in a place where they made

a movie about this place and did people

die in the movie yep did they split up

in the movie nope okay let's put up wait

I just really that I'm kidding they

actually didn't they actually didn't

split up in the movie not by themselves

I don't want to split for the inches of

time in our let's put up for an hour no

let's put up for an hour an hour one of

us will find it in an hour the furthest

you can hike in an hour

is what you can probably do for miles

it's only two miles away so that means

you can find it and come back in an hour

meet right back here we'll know where it

is we all go together to be with

somebody I mean I just say us to go

together and you go with Evan that's

even better

why cuz that look Cory do you really

want to go alone with me I'm just gonna

torture you the entire time scare me

yeah and so who would you rather go with

okay problem solved

dude you scare the plug out of each food

wait one thing one thing before we go I

have something in my bag

what what what I have something in my

bag that doesn't mean anything good ever

not have it hard he had one good thing

out of your back I want to increase our

odds of making something happen and I

find if something happened tonight

something all of our last investigations

we haven't pushed the envelope we

haven't done anything crazy Penn Harris

we didn't really do anything crazy and

we haven't done anything crazy what do

we do crazy Alton what did we do crazy

what do we do crazy better walking goes

they didn't do anything to antagonize we

didn't do anything at all even the White

House by cops we got chased by cops a

first night out here okay that was the

first night are you see well what did we

do it at Hill view what do we do at Hill

view we didn't really do anything I put

on a helmet to colonise I didn't put on

a helmet so what on the helmet know what

and it's still nothing like absurd

nothing over-the-top happened we heard

some rattling of pipes like why is it

such a big forest about to split apart

why do you probably want to do some you

old Hill or something yes yeah here

comes out and pulling out a potion oh my

god in your back

yeah so you brought it here oh are you

guys waiting oh here we go here we go

what is that again what is that called

we use it at the White House we use

there's no line up for what 30 minutes

Jesus or 30 minutes of the White House

we only asked it all we only ask you one

question and that's horrible we

shouldn't be using it at all fine you

don't have to use it I will

oh you bet I said dude that sound even

that sounded just to that night you told

me that night no you can't do it with

one person well I found out a way that

you can yeah did some homework on it

turns out these boards don't have to be

used to receive messages you can send

them oh my god wait boys yeah what are

you talking about aren't one-directional

they don't just accept I can ask and

communicate outward there's a

directional for something to happen yeah

no this is in Latin oh you're speaking

Bruno you're speaking something this I

remember all the books I had we didn't

do that at the lighthouse man spell bowl

cuz I didn't read the spell books then

oh I didn't know you guys kept I want to

do more homework so in the spell book I

took a picture of a spell that's

literally used to enact a an evil spirit

or a demon to make its presence known

and you can only target one person what

so this is it okay do you want to go I

don't know how to read why do you want

to go Evan are you trying to say I'm

intrigued I don't we're gonna do our


I'm trying to walk away we're trying to

walk away buddy want to come with Linda

to it oh all right oh here he goes here

we go Santa Bruce and feed us not this

quantum a BS and read those looks main

comb or your soul he's going are you

going Norman is a toccata Tom Optus

phonemic restraint Aksaray



fella named supposed to spell it name

yeah are you serious see huh you better

not be doing what I think you're doing

Oh Elton Elton Elton you veteran 8r this

next ladder is going to decide whether

we're friends are not make it a B or is

it an E this next letter is going to

decide whether we're friends or not is

it a B or is it an e what does that be

no dude are you serious

I oh my god and and now it's can't even

stop goodbye oh my god you did not just

talking do that you can [ __ ] break a


you did not you did not just do that

can't undo it now Elton

what the [ __ ] no Elton what what the

hell is gonna happen to me Elton what

the [ __ ] gonna help would you do that

you just broke a Ouija board that's not

a broken [ __ ] talking board just no

no no no Oh Mike now there's going which

way would you [ __ ] casted ninety

years of bad luck on yourself bro oh no

I spelled Corbin's name non his self get

out with Corbin's name that was straight

to me thanks for stopping him

how the [ __ ] Reese how the [ __ ] are we

supposed to stop him

okay who's going which way yeah that's

not coming back or B how would you

[ __ ] do

going back you know if you break like a

mirror it's seven years you just said my

name into this and you just broke this

entire thing to away direction are you

serious Alton yeah you're really just

[ __ ] like that's too far

that's bad like that's really bad like I

don't want to be here anymore well

that's fine you can go that way and

we'll go that way and then we'll be here

in an hour I think we should at least go

away from the [ __ ] board we have no

signal we have nowhere to go you're

telling us to split up you said my name

into this goddamn thing and now we're

supposed to split up I just don't

understand what's supposed to happen

right now really honestly I mean you

also don't know what I even said in

Latin what do you say do you know what

you say oh no I know you said you don't

speak Latin anyway though I can't read

it but I can translate it through Google

okay will you tell us dude do you think

I would ever do anything that would want

to harm you

cuz if you do you want to go back huh

bond you jumping to this yeah I'd say

there's a pretty big step there oh you

didn't get hurt bungee jumping so drop

that [ __ ] okay where are we going

man I just let's go let's find this hot

I can't believe you did that

I can't believe you did that you ready

let's go I just want to go and get out

yeah yeah let's go I'm like frozen in

shock right now I I have no idea what's

about to [ __ ] happy

well let's find out in our let's meet

back here


Arron Korbin let's go this way

Cory see you in an hour you shouldn't

have to worry

I said Corbin's name and I'm going with

them I'm worried about all of y'all girl

that's that's not just just because you

spelled Cory's name on it

doesn't mean it's only going through

hold on you just broke a Ouija board no

no excuse me excuse me

worse you just broke a spirit board yep

an - Pete wait hey is that gonna create

like a hole or something hope it is

you're standing right on it

what a [ __ ] voice and then I

definitely heard something walking

leaves my light doesn't go that far man

just now well let's split up and let's

get back together let's find this place

let's get back together

let's get there and let's finish this we

didn't stay at Oakville or Hillview we

didn't say it'd help you we left early

we didn't stay at Pennhurst we got a

hotel can we do one of these and

actually stay find it come on let's go


it is so dark in here


what happened back no one else and do


seriously here's the thing I'm not a

ghost Turner I don't understand it fully

but I just know that was not good dude

we okay Ouija boards are bad those are

there's a light in the tree we're right

back damaging the Leafs looks in right

here where I am oh yeah why can't we see

its eyes without shining the light at it

that's what Aaron was seeing earlier

wait would know what the [ __ ] is that is

that the possessed think I'm gonna get

Corbin dude I'm not even [ __ ] with

you is it oh my god I just got provider

are you picking me up on your camera

dude you got to stand right where I am

please tell me you're picking that up

I don't think so cuz I'm just getting

infrared see look your light doesn't pop

up on my camera why is that there's not

what you're talking about right that's

like good stuff no no you've seen the

film it's I know I I what I don't want

to expect these things things that hang

from trees yeah if somebody did that

that's even that's just as scary man

that's just as scary I don't know

oh did I tell you guys about like the

videos that have been popping up here

like people travel here from all over

the world it's like a little tiny

kommune they've built now like people

believe in the film and those that

didn't just use it as like inspiration

what yeah they like started their own

like cult Alton Alton Alton what you not

realize you just sent this like [ __ ] on

me okay everyone he put my name in the

board you serious and you still don't

know what I said if you break that [ __ ]

I don't really I don't care it honestly

like it well then let's get it far away

because you have said it be his friend

be Corbin's friend yeah so maybe we

don't go this way I know let's turn

around okay oh my god it's it's flashing

huh look and now it's moving its heads

moving look yeah it looks good I don't

want I don't want to [ __ ] go this way

what the [ __ ] did Alton just plumbing

what the [ __ ] is in the trees dude I'm

gonna pray real quick like it like I'm

let's walk this way I'm really good at

this I'm sorry for what Alton did back

there he doesn't understand please give

us a call


right another dead-end then where it is

the path every path you've gone on as if

that ended like all of them for 20

minutes yeah 20 minutes maybe and just

dead end after dead end after dead end

er anymore it's actually a good point

it's actually a really good point

Alton oh whoa dude I don't know if it's

the dead ends or anything I don't know

if we got enough water

I'm just feeling off feel uncomfortable

I don't like what you did I'm just I'm

off right now I'm off what do you want

to do why do we keep finding dead ends

after dead ends I don't know this is

supposed to be markers and I don't I

know every Power you don't know I know

they're supposed to be markers are

supposed to be wood and everything I

don't like anything about this situation

and I've told you that what do you learn

doing you're the one just sit here I

don't know man no matter what we got to

walk back to get to quarry and this is

really gonna suck it's like yeah I'm

just saying this is gonna suck if we're

the one can had it on our side and we

didn't find it I get it I gotta go like

I just want to finish one I know damn

thing I know

[ __ ] bored Jesus when you play with a

Ouija board and when you talk to

something or you summon something one of

the number one rules is you cannot break

the Ouija board or burn it and Elton

bought something that's way worse than a

Ouija board a spirit board did a Latin

spell on Corbin and then [ __ ] smash

it into pieces with his foot now Elton

wants us to split up we're walking into

the [ __ ] woods and there's something

staring at us deep into the trees we

don't know if it's a [ __ ] animal or a

[ __ ] demon because of what Elton just

did let's just keep going come on let's

get out of here I think I think Elton

really [ __ ] up would you do that would

you do something like that I mean I

don't think so but again I don't know

that world well it's not a world that

you want to know

what I just

I don't know I think my mind's just like

the temp number 47 another sort of path


well at least we're getting deeper

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it does I know

I know and yet we keep not buying new

ones why is this another [ __ ] dead I

might keep going no it didn't keep going

there's [ __ ] trees in the way no look

it keeps going through there look at

that [ __ ] I do it keeps going through

here yes it does it really goes right

through here dude maybe just no one's

been here in a while but it keeps going

you just [ __ ] machete machete here it

is no it's not it's not it's not nothing

it's not it's not another path [ __ ]

okay okay I'm sorry there's not Google

Earth for satanic ritual sites in the

middle of [ __ ] Maryland douche calm

down man go out and I think he's allowed

to be a little bit pissed

you're just [ __ ] [ __ ] bored okay

it's some sort of [ __ ] [ __ ] you in

[ __ ] heaven okay

oh my god the eyes are Evan what I know

there dude it keeps looking at us wait

it looked at us and then it looked away

and now it's gone dude I just saw the

eyes again

are you picking it up in there I don't

think my camera can pick it up to the

told me infrared where is it straight if

you want to scoot over right in front of

me you can see a little bit better wait

now it's gone


know what

do Evon yeah I there's something glowing

why am I seeing something glowing dude

without the flashlight do you see that

yeah I see it without only yeah their

eyes are been there and there's

something glowing there

the thing that's the eyes are back there

and there's something glowing there and

I only see it without the flashlight

it's tripping

is it getting it on the camera

no I can't get it to told me infrared

let's go back to this is this is [ __ ]

this was the worst idea I've ever had oh

my jobs here that we got to get the [ __ ]

away from here you just like a big ass

oh my god the eyes they're closer it's

what you know it's actually walking

towards us and literally can't see

anything on this camera guys what do we

do why

and there's eyes that are staring at us

everywhere we go

and they keep getting closer I heaven as

you started running away a big-ass

branch fell and it was the loudest crash

oh we're talking about animal so no a

flight forward this is not a bytecode

everyone lights forward then isn't an

animal what do you mean it's not an

animal it can crack a branch no we're

not going back to the car we are going

to be here until the Sun is up do you

want to see it yeah I want to see it

they got closer as we were running away

Aaron remember the light that you saw

earlier yeah those are the eyes that's

Rose saying I said there's let's go

let's go well now we know who had the

right way that's cuz we didn't have the

possessed kid you don't think this is an

animal bro and it's not getting picked

up on his camera that's good free people

and what's even scarier is we can see

something glowing with our eyes on the


that's what when you handed a flashlight

at it there no no not not glowing eyes

there's a big object but the like

glowing green on the ground yeah really

you guys you guys pulled us all the way

out screaming our name for what


really dude come on man you know law

like we didn't even mark our progress we

don't even know what path we went down

or didn't are we good

it's crazy are we good

hey let's do this bit


whoever walked in that way but there is

literally there was like an object

glowing on the ground and then the eyes

were like 10 feet above it it was down

that way I swear to God we just killed

basically a half-hour because we need to

go walk all the way back figure out what

path we've already gone down and then go

from there so you done you done being

scared of a deer a glowing deer the 10

feet high with eyes yeah they suck cool

got it be done you know thank you okay

we're going back

give us 30 40 minutes okay 30 40 minutes

be back here all right cool I just

really want to get one of these videos

done man

not at all they literally do not believe

us they just think it's a [ __ ] atom

or something

is it like a dear sleep awake demotic

like say so if they don't believe it's

what should we do I have no idea I'm

freaking out

elves and things - oh boy I know it's

cold out but there's this massive fog

that just rolled in front of you like

full-on fog just went in front of you I

got chills from you saying that like are

you serious

stay there yeah like like a little easy

fog right now I don't know what that is

can you see fog not right now it's past

the hair look let's continue on let's go

another entrance another path this one

actually has dirt on it

thankfully okay

I don't know it is what like okay this

is even like hard to breathe you getting

hot I'm gonna take over jacket yeah

maybe yeah all the light hair clearly

they're [ __ ] the second jacket yeah

they might be maybe poor [ __ ]

okay good yeah okay I'm just saying it

might be a sign that we're getting

closer really [ __ ] hope not you've

been walking for long enough time oh

yeah she like that core view ready Kirby

you ready seems like you'd ready thanks

for answering me

that's gonna help us get there good

attitude thanks but I'm trying to go

back let's go this looks like again I

can't see it but this looks like a

pathway holy [ __ ]

do you see it from right here yeah what

is that oh we actually making progress

Corvin your everybody hello Corbin are

you okay okay okay okay what are you

doing what the [ __ ] dude hey but

seriously what are you doing dude Arvin

[ __ ] stop hold on Corbin what the

[ __ ] is going on it's the last night of

the trip if you have something to say

just [ __ ] say it if you have

something to say just say it man stop it

dude I don't want to keep going if

you're not gonna like it just use your

words and tell me what's wrong why the

[ __ ] did you pick up a stick Corbin get

the [ __ ] back here what are you doing

korban up dude good i Corvin you have

both flashlights they can't see [ __ ] all

I can see through the camera is you have

both the lights thank thank you thank

you appreciate thanks man thanks okay

thank now may I have a wet flashlight

Thanks can we not talk for a second just

[ __ ] hard to breathe okay are we good

are we good

can we not talk for a second oh cool

shut the [ __ ] up I swear to god you got

us into this [ __ ] [ __ ] here are 30

minutes in the [ __ ] woods never what

the [ __ ] to do [ __ ] dude he's going on

this is really happening right now yes

this is really [ __ ] happening old are

you throwing temper tantrums right now

I'm doing a [ __ ] tamper Trent

can you [ __ ] talk yeah you're talking

like a toddler kid oh my gosh shut the

[ __ ] up belt in I swear to [ __ ] god

you're good yeah I'm good okay I'm

[ __ ] good

cool I'm [ __ ] great cool you're

[ __ ] awesome for breaking this stupid

[ __ ] board [ __ ] damage

Evan those aren't eyes

those aren't eyes it's opening up again

do you think that's a portal I have no

idea I kind of want to find out what

isn't else and believe me how about we

get the guys back oh my god it's moving

dude why can't your camera pick that up

though we don't even know where the [ __ ]

we are right now we are 20 minutes away

from where we were 20 minutes ago she's

not that bad

yeah but where the [ __ ] is 20 minutes

ago where the [ __ ] is that [ __ ] here no

follow the path all our footsteps it's

wet out like it's not that hard to

figure out

[ __ ] where's the footsteps show me

with a [ __ ] footsteps we can just

follow all the branches that Corbin

broke like why is it such a big deal

because [ __ ] I don't know if he how

do we [ __ ] tell what branches were

broken from him or others [ __ ]

good [ __ ] horrible what do you want

to do Curtin what the [ __ ] are you doing

Corbin what do you want to do you really

were doing this again really just not

talking what the [ __ ] are you doing

Corbin now turn your flashlight on you

just gonna stand there like a weirdo

Corbin do you know no should we just go

back to the car yes okay I mean this is

the road we took right the path I think


korben korben are we really doing this

you're really gonna make me come over