Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

black canyon of the gunnison national


what is America America is canyons a

great expanse of monumental canyons

most are known for their sunlit color

and one is known for its lack of it

known darkly for its shadows life canyon

of the gunnison National Park here in

west central Colorado the parks main

feature is a steep almost vertical

canyon located among 30 thousand acres

of rugged and challenging wilderness

within its boundaries spread 14 miles of

spectacular Canyon gouged and shaped and

reshaped by the waters of the Gunnison


more than any other Canyon in North

America the Black Canyon combines the

narrowest of chasms with sheer rock

walls and almost fathomless depths so

steep is the scourge and so narrow that

through most of the daylight hours

it is shrouded in seemingly midnight

darkness hence its name Black Canyon

of the canyons - rims the north rim is

the more remote

it must be negotiated by gravel road

water is scarce yet it offers campsites

and the chasm view nature trail with

stunning views the South Rim boasts

campsites - a visitor center and a seven

mile paved road with several scenic

overlooks one memorable site from the

South Rim is the painted wall 2,250 feet

of vertical rock laced with pink and

white veins of granite and pegmatite

wildlife thrives among these shadows

mule deer the great horned owl and a

large frisky rodent living along the

rocky outcrops the yellow-bellied Marmot

Black Canyon Black Knight

stargazing through a telescope

astronomers and visitors revell and

exploring the night sky

far from city lights these are some of

the only clear skies left with a

spectacular landscape black canyon of

the gunnison offers incredible views of

dark breathtaking narrows sheer rock

walls and startling depths making it one

of Colorado's most dramatic parks