What is Bixby? & It's Top 5 Features

Samsung has launched their flagship

devices Samsung Galaxy s8 and acid plus

in the long with that they were unveiled

something more and it's called Bigsby so

in this video we are going to talk about

what is vixx me and it's locked by

pieces the best feature of vixx B is for

Samsung Galaxy s8

and S Plus only as in both devices it is

accessible through a special button and

that is provided in addition to the

power button and volume rockers through

that button Bigsby instantly comes into

action and lets you do so many tasks

using your voice bixby will be able to

handle all your basic stuff like calling

anyone launching an app set reminders

for you and also do certain tasks like

changing the wallpaper and taking a

screenshot it also has NF support

through which you can do many tasks

related to any particular app like you

can command quick speed to play any

particular track from the Google Play



bixby does a very good job with device

camera to search different things on the

internet like you can turn your camera

onto any product and bits we will search

for that on a shopping website also you

can focus the camera on the landmark and

it will give you Henry details about

that place and will also suggest you

where to go for dinner the next good

feature of Bixby is also related to the

camera using the camera fixed we can

search for the similar images and it can

use the camera for scanning QR codes too

so you don't need an additional app to

do that also you can instantly translate

the text when you end the camera at the

words on a document Bigsby is AI based

personal assistant which means that it's

get better with time so the more you use

your phone the better results you get

you also get time based and location

based suggestions for the whole day like

you get all the reminders in the evening

and in the night it shows the number of

steps you are taken so this was all

about Bixby and its features thanks for

watching hope you liked the video hit

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