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this is the story of how Jesus Christ

the Saviour of the world was born the

story begins in a place called Nazareth

Nazareth was a quiet sleepy little town

where most people were farmers and

shepherds in this town there lived a

young Jewish woman named Mary she was a

very obedient and god-fearing woman she

helped her parents in the field and did

her chores in the house she was kind and

helpful to everyone and people liked her

very much

Mary was going to get married soon to a

good and honest man named Joseph

a few days before Mary's engagement she

had a visitor he was a very special

guest an angel sent by God from heaven

the holy angel Gabriel visited her in

her room and called her in her sleep

when Mary opened her eyes she saw a

heavenly figure bathed in a pool of

white light floating beyond her window

it wore bright white robes and had big

silver wings fluttering behind him at

first she thought she was dreaming but

later when she heard the angels voice

she realized this was no dream Mary do

not be afraid I am Gabriel God has sent

me to you he loves you and you have been

chosen for something very special your

kind heart and pure soul is of great

value to the Lord you are fortunate that

God has chosen you above everyone else

for this special task I'm not afraid

an honor to know that God has chosen me

to carry out his wish I am lucky to be a

favour - god bless you Mary God is

pleased with you I have come to tell you

but Susan's you will have a son he will

be a great King one day and he will be

loved by everyone he will be called the

son of God Mary was at first shocked at

what Gabriel had to say

however she remained calm and listened

to everything that the angel had to say

then she spoke to Gabriel but how was

this possible I'm not yet married do not

be afraid Mary the Spirit of the Lord

will take over you and you will be

blessed with a son he will be called the

Son of God

he will do great things for the people

he will be hailed as the king of Jews

and the savior of mankind I'm grateful

for whatever the Lord has done for me

I'm happy to have as a wish come true

through me

the Lord is with you Mary you are

blessed go in peace Gabriel then left

the house of Mary and returned to heaven

in a few days

Mary became pregnant in those days it

was very unusual for a girl to become

pregnant before marriage however Mary

explained everything to Joseph about the

angel and God's wish and the son they

were going to have Joseph was a good man

and he accepted everything he married

Mary in a few days in those days the

king of the land announced a census he

wanted every citizen of his country to

be counted and documented since Joseph

was actually from Bethlehem he had to go

there to be counted Bethlehem was a long

way from Nazareth Joseph and Mary had a

long and difficult journey ahead to

Bethlehem there were no cars or other

means of transportation except for a

donkey the whole journey had to be made

by foot Mary sat on a donkey and Joseph

walked behind them it was even more

difficult for Mary since she was going

to give birth to her baby after many

many days of walking through the desert

Joseph and Mary finally reached

Bethlehem it was getting very dark when

they reached the town they desperately

needed a place to rest and spend the

night but all the inns were full and

nobody would give them space to spend

the night Joseph walked all over the

town knocking at the doors of houses and

shops one after the other but nobody

would allow them to come in

Mary was about to give birth and it was

important that she had a safe and

comfortable place for the baby and

herself Joseph and Mary kept feeling

hopeless after searching for a while

Joseph found an empty barn built for

cows there was plenty of fresh straw

there Joseph used the straw and managed

to make a bed for Mary later in the

night something magical happened Mary

gave birth to a beautiful baby boy

Joseph made a small bed of fresh straw

in the manger and laid him there

it was warm and comfortable and the baby

slept happily in the manger Mary was

happy that the predictions of the Angels

had come true

Jesus Christ the savior of this world

was born in a humble manger


that same night while Joseph and Mary

were looking for a place to stay the

night not very far away two shepherds

were out looking for their sheep on a

hill suddenly they were blinded by a

bright light from the sky they opened

their eyes to find a beautiful angel in

front of them with long golden hair and

silver wings she wore a shimmering white

and gold dress which sparkled in the

moonlight the Shepherd's did not know

how to react and were amazed then the

angel spoke to them do not be afraid I

have come to give you good news tonight

in the town of bedlam a baby boy has

been born his name is Jesus he will be

known as a savior of the world

you will know it is Jesus when you see a

baby boy wrapped in the clothes in the


go to the worldís and just everybody

know of this happy news let everybody

know that Jesus the savior of the Jews

was born today go and peace now and

spread the good news the shepherds were

happy and shocked at the same time they

were overjoyed at the fact that a savior

was born and they ran towards Bethlehem

to find baby Jesus the king of the Jews

who had been born in a humble manger

when they eventually found the baby in

the manger in Bethlehem they praised him

and bowed down in worship on the night

that Jesus was born three wise men were

traveling on their camels across the

desert suddenly their felt a flash of

light come down on them they looked up

at the sky and they saw a bright star it

was a kind of star that they had never

seen before

the three wise men were aware of the

prophecy of Jesus they were waiting for

the Star of Bethlehem to appear and when

they saw it they were overjoyed it meant

that the savior of the world and the

king of the Jews was born at the time of

Jesus birth the country was under the

rule of King Herod who was a very

selfish and evil king when the three

wise men informed King Herod of the star

they had seen in the sky in what it


King Herod was worried that he would

lose his kingdom to this baby boy

he told the Wiseman to find the baby

Jesus and let him know where the baby

was although the king informed the wise

men that he wanted to find the baby so

he could go and worship Him Herod was

actually plotting to kill the child he

feared that Jesus would grow up to

overpower him someday

the three wise men followed the star for

several days and found baby Jesus in the

manger they were surprised to find the

future king of Jews lying in a barn

they found the barn in which Jesus was

born a few days after he was born

finally the star stopped right over the

manger they smiled at Mary and bowed

down in reverence to the new baby they

had brought gifts of gold frankincense

and myrrh for the baby these were very

valuable gifts and only given to Kings

it was highly unusual for anybody to

give these precious things to a newborn

baby however this was no ordinary baby

and the wise men fully understood the

purpose of Jesus's birth and so now you

know the story of Christmas and how the

mighty savior of the world

started his journey on earth the story

shows us that great things can have

small and humble beginnings