The Bill Cipher Statue and Treasure!

we got a phone and I watch so I do

people see this yeah all right oh you

got it I got it hold my phone please


we are digging up a treasure currently

that would be under the X and the big

still statue interpreter will show you

guys Seville statue in one second is

right behind me this is the treasure

that is at mustachio don't want to break

it so it's really buried here excuse me

here right behind us is the big bill

statue oh right there it is Wow

treasure oh my goodness there's like

plastic coins through actual that's real

money it's Russian

the Japanese and a crown nice oh oh my

gosh mayor of gravity oh gosh you found

it so you shall get that one thank you

there you go what we should do is maybe

everybody's holy

there's only more money there's a q-tip

in here bill you got some explaining to

do oh man is this what is this there we

go there's another little mini treasure

oh we got another on a USB and a

flashlight we need that for the way back

we do have another USB Oh

music box oh my god what is what's the


it's another Oh oh it looks like it's

later it is another thing

congratulations on finding the bill

cipher statue bills final resting place

whosoever finds this treasure is here by

the new mayor of gravity falls use your

title well chances are you didn't do

this alone so share the wealth you are

an amazing fan alex hirsch today there

is a USB in here as well oh man that's

cool yeah I don't have the actual Slifer

I'm getting really drippy so that or not

well we can leave the test to the hole

into the coins in here for other people

hey congratulations there's a journal

three in here very dusty but we got a

journal three wonder if its back

Alex smaller you see yeah hey oh this is

new oh it's a backlight very good what

is that say stay paranoid stay paranoid

sure let's see fall I call that oh I

feel by going through it like this but

got it

Oh ever give those pages Oh Agis I was

supposed to be you had a black light I

think this is different

try the same yes yeah I'm still

periscoping right now awesome we got

some Japanese yen in here yeah what you

people think lots of all coins believe

it yeah it'll Vox glow in the black

light Oh what else do we have in here go

there here's some more money

did anybody shake his hand no we haven't

shaken his hand yet wait for the Parris

Goebel so we will ask the Paras up with

who should shake the hand I'm seeing

only plastic coins and yeah the rest are

plastic coins

and there's anymore

yeah well congratulations everybody

oh here's 100 yen got some more yen in

there that's so pretty good good yeah

they're all plastic though yeah we do

need to leave these for anybody else to

come pick them up though going anywhere

anytime soon

you want to go really looking down oh

yeah I haven't seen it yet it's right

there okay they're yelling shake it

Chloe you're next you want to do

something trust no one

can we start at one something who taught

the actual code the boxes can you have

the backlight of it sure it's the idea

that we do you want the crown oh can I

get the box yeah yeah do you have

anything else in there you wanted like

shine the light in there awesome

I'm gonna pour the rest these out you

want we don't need to keep any of these

I'm good

okay I'm gonna pour these out it's a

little music-box for where to put it

yep sure that one and then we have this

as well oh the seven point two thousand

people statue of Bill here a statue or

could I have okay yes you're near there

she got here first so taken I feel like

she can have the bill statue all right

that's fine yeah I mean yeah there you


thank you in there no picture that Oh

feel amazing to my son yeah

hello Stacey tell you a little bit to

get us home where's my foot my foot ID

holding signs to hold okay yeah my cell

phones here selfie with this oh yeah

this right here yeah here I'm going to

turn around so you guys can all see the

statue it's kind of hard to see you in

the dark

it's really dark though but there it is

hang on let me get in position we need

to take a picture of us many of us

together as possible oh hang on it's

strong yeah styrofoam

it's actually sort of broken they're in

a sorrowful next yeah we're leaving lots

of coins and things here for everybody

else lots of jewels and coins for anyone

else you can get here awesome alrighty I

get a picture yeah oh yeah a picture

hang on he's got a free hand I don't

have a free hand

I'm flash lighting it that's ok ok I

wanted get to your camera just right

there yeah ok

oh I've got dirt in my eyes cool white

to unlock should be in camera mode

actually so ok so you can get some good

lighter ready

thank you yeah we can we can get a

picture with this how else we're light

unfortunately I am staying the night I

can I don't think I can get back to

Seattle tonight somebody else wants to

hold the stream only a picture

remove onto wanna hold is this is a

flashlight in this periscope everyone

see that one oh that's in the backlight

right now I'm just gonna take a picture

okay I got I got a light for you I feel

like we we should be like watching play

so much shakes ahead I just heard watch

the hands watch the budget very loose

now he's pretty big - Wow

not only guy okay that's awesome I saw

it flash thank you alright what should

we do with the actual cash though should

we leave that for the second for the

other people you're good yeah we'll take

that we'll take that she's gonna take

these uh bucks

Walter I don't have can you yeah there's

so many coins the others plastic and

they're all play a lot so I 800 yen coin

in there so there may be other coins


I'm gonna leave this money um I think we

should leave some of the money it's

actually like Jeff huh it's like actual

money from places yeah this is oh it's a

signed by Bill is it really oh my bill

bound Oh found July 12 2016 by Bradley

we're not the first people here July 2 I

just can't

what that was that was I thought you ago

no what are we found that apparently

Bradley pick Chloe asked for people of

Bodhi should shake the hand yeah um

should the infant shake Bill's hand I

don't know if it's safe for a baby to

shake it shake it

I mean do you want him to be cursed and

demon-haunted um people one person

yelled shake the hand so if he wants to

shake the hand completely harmless I

don't I don't believe that I don't

believe it

today we're gonna shake the hair Oh

periscope myself taking a hand with this

is really harness goes hey hand shaking

really intrigued by just his face

goodbye Bradley ah I think we should

least get a picture of the found yeah

you hear Alex icon there how could

someone find this and not hate you maybe

and they did no way but for the open the

treasure chest I don't know not

know otherwise

oh he not know hi guys - you just know

flashes and where things are hidden hey

there you go people said it was here and

I'm like I was like the person who post

Kosovo and they go yeah the header Here

I am tearing

ttyl are in oh my goodness tea why

Marshall were you to be brave enough to

come out in the woods our nearest yeah

we'll take just one coin it was worth it

yeah why does page one momento we're

taking one plastic coin as a memento to

the coins that are in it yeah I'm just


sorry periscope you're gonna go dark for

a second we should all right yeah

everybody got a big mouth fine I'll

leave reading all the cash in here yep

that's all gonna be there I got a coin

oh yeah good point Alex yeah okay each

of these is about $10 and this is

probably that's 100 ruble so I guess

link and collect 300 of them yeah so my

treasure will leave all that in there

for anyone else you can make it down


the statues staying so don't worry it's

definitely hard to move oh let's see

I'm gonna bundle back and I found it

like that maybe like this it doesn't

it's not flashing you know what if you

like rained on and so well I guess I'm

not gonna rain for a while is okay but

is there a lens cap on maybe Alex who

did a demon baby - shovels hand to go

back awesome