Skyrim: How to buy the biggest house in the game


what's up my little biscuits it's f kin

blue waffle here and today I will be

showing you how to buy the biggest

baddest most expensive house in Skyrim

that you could possibly get it's located

here in solitude but to get it you're

gonna want to come over here to the blue

palace it's located on like pretty much

the very end of Solitude so we're gonna

do is you're gonna come here and just

walk inside obviously I may take a

couple seconds to let it let I'll just

let it load


okay now once you're inside you're gonna

want to come up these stairs and talk to

this guy right here he's gonna have you

do a quest after you complete his quest

you can talk to the yarrow which is

usually in that throne right there once

you have successfully like a good

sighting and talk to him again and he'll

ask you to purchase a house you're gonna

want to say yes 125 thousand joules so

make sure that you have a quite a bit of

gold also if you want to lie all the

dekor like the decorations you're always

gonna want about like thirty thousand

very well maybe more mother anything

else you'd like to purchase should be

too much

is there anything else you'd like to

know are you gonna be you're gonna want

to be part of the game to have this very

violent gold unless you're very wet is

there anything else I'll just finish

prayers all this is there anything else

like and then once you're done I'll just

go ahead and turn around get a walk

straight back out that door and I'll

show you where it's at I'll just let it

load yeah


all right so now that we're outside um

just follow where I go you're just gonna

wanna kind of go down this main road and

there's gonna be three houses down so

there's one here's a second and then the

next one is going to be your house it's

kind of hard to find if you don't know

but obviously I have a quest arrow so

that's pretty good but you probably

won't always have fun but you should

have the key and then once you have the

key you should just be able to walk

straight in takes a second to load here


okay but once you're inside it's very

nice you can just keep watching from

here if you want to see what it looks

like before you actually purchase the

house because it's kind of a lot of

money but yeah it's pretty it's pretty

good you can tell your wife if you have

one to move here and then she'll just

like cook and clean and whatnot so yeah

here's a little dining area and use your

bedroom little big little bed nice and

fancy but yeah that's about it for this

video commentary guys you guys can keep

watching this if you want to see what

the rest of the house looks like better

than that another thanks for watching

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