The Megaproject of Dubai. The Largest Ferris Wheel in the world

what could be more beautiful than

climbing up in the sky watching a huge

metropolis the first observation wheel

built in Chicago back in 1893 mark the

beginning of a race between cities in

height the Las Vegas 168 meter high

roller is currently the leader however

Dubai is preparing to become a serious

competitor next year Dubai will host the

Expo 2020 International Exhibition which

is a symbol of industrialization and an

open platform for demonstrating

technological achievements based on how

seriously local authorities take the

development of infrastructure the level

of their ambitions can only be envied a

whole blue waters Island was built

specially for the exhibition as part of

the project an elite residential area

was built on the island a giant 210

meter in Dubai observation wheel should

become its main highlight literally the

name translates as the Eye of Dubai

after construction is over it should

become the largest observation wheel in

the world and beat its predecessor the

high roller wheel in Las Vegas by as

much as 138 feet installation of the

observation wheel was announced back in

2013 initially three years were

allocated for implementation of the

project however in 2016 the grand

opening did not take place the estimated

cost of the construction project which

also includes construction of the blue

waters island is 1.6 billion dollars

272 million dollars of the amounts will

be spent on the wheel construction two

of the largest cranes in the world with

a height of 591 feet are involved in the

construction huge parts of the

observation wheel are mounted using them

the total weight of the structure under

construction will exceed 9,000 tons

which is 25% more than the weight of the

Eiffel Tower at the same time much in

this splendid construction remains a

mystery the developer simply does not

reveal many details apparently with the

aim of surprising visitors immediately

after launch so for example we indicated

that the height of the wheel will be 689

feet however till now no one knows the

exact height from

the base to the highest point the Mirage

construction company is vaguely hinting

that the wheel will turn out to be more

than six hundred eighty nine feet high

but does not announce the exact height

however rumors are already saying that

the total wheel height will be 820 feet

so far this is nothing more than a

speculation in total it is planned to

use 192 metal cables with a length of

more than 1491 miles in the design of

the wheel this length is enough to cover

the distance from Dubai to Cairo besides

their total weight is approximately

equal to the mass of 16 Airbus a380 up

to 1400 people can ride the wheel at the

same time

48 spacious booths with a special

coating to protect from the hot Dubai

Sun will ensure total enjoyment of the

gorgeous views of Dubai and the Persian

Gulf fortunately there will be something

to see around the wheel will open an

overview of the tallest building in the

world the Burj Khalifa the famous burj

al arab hotel and the artificial island

of Palm Jumeirah

from this height the viewing radius will

be about 31 miles and the time spent on

a full circle will take about 30 minutes

by the way

Hyundai is engaged in the design of the

passenger capsules which will be

produced at the Swiss rides factory

construction parts were made of German

and Korean components that were

delivered by sea on barges in fact in

Dubai can be easily called an

international project the wheel will be

equipped with artificial intelligence as

passenger capsules will be equipped with

climate control systems that will take

into consideration temperature

differences when lifting the capsules to

the heights large liquid crystal screens

will be installed there too with all the

interactive information about all the

sites seen from the windows displayed at

the base of the wheel a huge 262 foot

LED screen will be installed according

to constructors the wheel is expected to

open by the end of 2019 analysts suggest

that it should attract to Dubai an

additional 3 million tourists a year

time will show whether their expectation

will be fulfilled or not however this

gigantic building promises to gain a

foothold of the highest observation

wheel in the world

for a long time