How to Use a Seat Wrench to Pull a Faucet Seat

I want to show you what a seat looks

like because my to try to tell you what

it looks like and you actually sing one

and where it's located and how to remove

it is going to be very valuable to you

so let's remove the handle and we're

going to pull it and then I'll show you

exactly what a seat

looks like remove the screw on the

handle first water is off you just hear

air escaping from the line you get to

the point where you can undo it by hand

we're going to remove the screw by hand

now this handle it's going to jiggle it

off of there the jiggled off put the

screw in the top there so we can keep

track of it now we come back over here

we're going to loosen this nut right

here this nut right here we're going to

loosen it that's gonna get to a point

where I'm probably going to be able to

do my hand this is a lot looser now

let's see if I can get that off by hand

yeah I can there we go

and I'm gonna set it aside okay now the

stem should just lift right out

there we go and see where there's a

washer at the bottom that's the washer

now inside we should see a seat okay so

this is the seat I'm gonna put my hand

right there so you can see it down there

is the seat and that's what the washer

tightens itself up against to restrict

the flow of water or allow the flow of

water now what I'm going to do if you

pull the camera away I'm going to show

you what a seat wrench looks like now

this is a seat wrench and it has varying

dimensions because you might have a

large seat but you might have a smaller

one if I flip it over to the other side

you'll see there even that you can have

even a smaller seat now what we're going

to do is we're going to insert the seat

bench right here I'm going to insert it

in here and I'm going to pull the seat

out and show you what it looks like okay

so here's the wrench gonna insert it

right in there now I'm going to loosen

it okay now I know this looks like it

could be complicated but I got to tell

you folks it's so very easy so what I'm

going to do I've got my seat wrench

inserted in the seat and now I'm just

going to turn it

okay and I'm going to keep turning it

until I write unscrew the seat it's just

like it's like a screw with an opening

now I'm going to pull it out can you

good look at that I want you to see what

that seat looks like and what I'm going

to do is I'm going to turn I'm going to

take it off the seat wrench so you get a

good idea see that and that's what the

washer seats itself against see this

washer here it seats itself against

against the but the seat this is called

the seat here this of course is the

washer and so when you turn the handle

and you close the stem down on the seat

it restricts the flow of water looks

like that and they cost you can probably

get a package of seats for probably two

dollars and that's why it's such an

inexpensive fix if you know what to do

so hopefully in watching this video it

empower you to make what really is a

very simple repair so I'm going to

reinstall the seat I'm looking at it and

the seat is okay now when you get a bad

seat sometimes you get a like a little

nick in it and what will happen is

you'll get a slow drip well the seat is

fine it's the washer that is is in need

of being replaced so I'm going to

replace this washer as long as I've got

the seat pulled and that should take

care of it

so now what I'm going to do is I'm just

going to reinsert the the seat wrench

with the seat on it and reinstall it

so that's in a that's in there nice and

tight you don't want to over-tighten

that seat is in there really good this

is the new washer we're going to install

it just like that and start the stem

right back into that that not there

because there we go now it's time for us

to thread it into place okay so I'm just

going to turn it I've got a pair of

channellocks here it's going to turn it

until it's tight I wasn't really able to

get a pipe wrench on there because there

just wasn't a whole lot of room you know

what that's good that's good I just want

to wipe this away and I'm going to put a

handle back on and then we're going to

test it sit put the screw back in and

tighten that up

I'm going to go turn on the water make

sure another repair is good okay so now

let's just test it we're going to test

it and make certain Everett everything's

operational perfect now I'm just going

to turn it off make sure that the water

shuts off like it should that is a

perfect job and that's how it's done