BET White People Awards

welcome back to the seventh annual Det

white people avoids giving America's

least racist white people the

recognition they deserve

well folks we've finally reached that

moment we've all been waiting for

it's the big one the award for the best

white Person of the Year last year

hundreds and hundreds of white people

demonstrated grace understanding and

their I say courage as they proved

themselves time and time again to be not

racist but tonight there are only five

finalists left and only one will be able

to say that they are the world's best

white person and the nominees for best

white person are Susan for being quote

totally comfortable with her daughter

dating a black guy Logan for being cool

with Michael B Jordan playing the role

of the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four

reboot Heather for posing on Facebook

quote so sad about Ferguson we need to

get rid of racism forever

hashtag racism officer Dustin Bradley

for not shooting any unarmed black men

for the 10th straight year

don't shoot black lives matter and the

fifth and final nominee Bono oh that's a

lot of well deserving white people

Patrick it sure is Jan Tara but only one

person can walk away with the whitey for

the best white person of the year the

whitey goes to

this is the sixth nomination and first

win for heaven she has previously been

nominated for her toots during the

george zimmerman trial voting for Obama

twice and for a continued support for

Beyonce gosh I am so honored to be the

best white person of the year oh my gosh

I'm so nervous

up but not because there's so many black

people here oh I just have to thank my

fellow nominees and oh gosh and of

course I'd make my two black friends who

you like the status the economy this

would work today you guys make it so

easy to be a good white person thank you

guys again so honored so grateful yes

you can see privilege I do with this

award tonight thank you guys so much

thank you I just want to say Bono is the

greatest white person of all time

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