Where to Stay in Paris

hey guys sean here from the tour guy and

today i'm gonna show you the best places

you should stay in Paris

not like specific hotels but areas


whether you're in Paris for art shopping

nightlife or overall cultural experience

there's a perfect spot in the city for

you to stay this video will walk you

through all my favorite neighborhoods in

Paris and help you understand which one

is best for your stay before we do that

I need to drop some foundational

knowledge about Paris on you number one

Paris is split into what we call Odin


which are similar to districts if you're

looking at the center of the city the

alum DeSimone are organized like a

spiral with the lower numbers close to

the center and the higher ones reaching

more to the outskirts of the city number

two so if you're planning to go to Paris

you most likely watch some sort of

French film and heard the terms Reve

gush and weaved what it basically means

left bank and right bank

we've gosh which is on the south side

ascend is the left bank and that's where

you can find the Latin Quarter which is

super famous and La Sorbonne University

which is like a mega famous University

in France and all over the world

historically a ton of students lived

there and was a poor side of South

they're pretty fun the wreathed woth is

the north side ascent or the right bank

and that includes basically all the

wealthy combinations so left bank was

poor and right bank with rich now Paris

is just like a super expensive city so

there really is no class difference from

the right the left side but just

different Asians and different field

well I just like all water another thing

you need to know to sound like a local

when you're Paris is the different

neighborhoods so we went over the fact

they're called a room decimal but the

locals just refer to them as like the

fifth so instead of the fifth of Rome


they would just say I'm going to the

fifth for the 18th or the fourteenth or

wherever they're going

it's just like a way to do things

locally quick recap Paris is split into

what we call a run decimal which are

neighborhoods people often refer to

different sizes City as red gush a

weaved wealth which is the left bank and

the right back and then people often

just refer to each neighborhood by their

number and not the 15th aroung DC mall

they'll just say B 15th at least locals

out of the 20 are on DeSimone

we've narrowed down to the top for that

we recommend staying in because of their

character the attractions and overall

pod so let's take a walk around and

explore each one let's start with one of

my favorites la Mer a known for chic

boutiques the Jewish quarter LGBT scene

a neighborhood feel but very close to

the main attractions like the Louvre it

lemon meringue spills over from the 3rd

around assume all into the fourth so

it's hard to pinpoint which one exactly

it's really in so we can kind of just

say building the neighborhood is known

as one of Paris's most chic and diverse

spots and has exceptional cuisine most

of Paris does but this one particular

however lamare wasn't always a hip

culture or HubSpot interesting fact

lamare translates to the swamp since

back before the 16th century the land

was where the city's vegetables were

grown in irrigated fields during the

16th 18th century the booze wah the rich

class developed the land and built

residences whether or not you decide to

stay in LA Marais you definitely need to

at least enjoy a meal there if you want

to explore you know amazing places to

eat drink champagne and eat oysters and

try like typical traditional parish

sit-down cuisine we recommend our la

marea Paris food tour it was actually

designed by local Parisians and it's an

amazing taste of power Asian nightlife

and cuisine 100% recommend this and it's

the best way to experience our favorite

food district

city la Marais is most famous for being

home to the Jewish and gay quarters of

Paris beyond that it's also famous for

its shopping if you want to pursue

independent boutiques rather than posh

designer stores this neighborhood is a

definite thing you should check out

while you're in La Marais make sure you

check out plus des Vosges Paris's oldest

square you know there's also not Saddam

which is technically not looking in LA

marae but it's still considered the 4th

a room DC mall so be sure to check out

as well so I'm in sight scene all day

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so now on to the Latin Quarter known for

bookstores student populations dive bars

budget-friendly accommodations and

restaurants Latin Quarter is an awesome

neighborhood we recommend staying in

while in Paris it's located in Paris's

fifth aroan DeSimone it's home to

Paris's oldest university La Sorbonne

the Latin Quarter is a lively

neighborhood mainly inhabited by

students the neighborhood got its name

from the high concentration of Latin

spoken around the La Sorbonne University

campus in the Middle Ages the area is

also home to ku move time a great Market

Street where you'll be able to find

cheese's bread and pretty much anything

and everything you've ever wanted even

France the fifth among the Samoan is on

the left bank but borders a river making

it an ideal central location major metro

stops include semi shed and plus mulch

in the Latin Quarter you'll also find

the famous Shakespeare & Co bookstore

which is arguably one of the most famous

bookstores on earth the store you see

today is actually a remodel of the

Shakespeare and Co shop that existed in

1941 it closed during the German

invasion and now we have a reopen when

the store reopened it became a popular

research and writing hub for literary

greats like F scott Fitzgerald and

Ernest Hemingway located a bit south of

Latin Quarter you can find bonus

another charming area of Paris that's

fun to walk around it

here you'll find lots of prep Ruiz as

well as coffee a center of Contemporary

Art you will also find the Paris

catacombs one of my absolute favorite

place to check out in Paris this

underground network of tunnels is

created due to lack of grave space in

Paris and now house the remains of over

6 million bodies if you're someone who

enjoys eerie stories and mystery are

privileged access Paris catacombs filled

with secret rooms is the perfect

experience for you

it's important to note that the line to

end of the Paris catacombs can last

literally two to three hours especially

during the summer which is peak Tour

season so skipping the lines is

absolutely vital when visiting an

ossuary because the Latin quarters

student population and high

concentration of dive bars bookstores

coffee shops and other perks for

traveling on a budget

we recommend staying in this area if you

are part of the younger crowd however

its close neighbor Senjem nd print is

right by this area and offers a more

upscale ambiance well that leads us

right into san jamar depressed known for

luxurious shopping in hotels if you're

seeking a classic phrase neighborhood

feel stay in the 6r on these small the

Santa Monica neighborhood is filled with

countless bars and cafes including the

oldest cafe in Paris they put a cup the

streets are filled with interesting

history this is the neighborhood where

Ernest Hemingway and Albert Kim moose

hung out and what Pablo Picasso painted

the famous got a Myka as you walk the

streets of sin German you'll find that

something seems very familiar this is

because most of classic paintings of

Parisian cafes were most likely inspired

by the iconic cafes that line the

streets such as the doom mega and Cafe

du Clos in the 6th you'll be only a

short walk from beautiful Luxembourg

Gardens and musee d'orsay known for its

collection of impressionist art work you

probably won't find many budget deals in

this neighborhood but it's perfect for

splurging on a luxurious vacation major

metro stops include Santa Mandeep a

sensibly and Odeon

another neighborhood checkout in Paris

is momart momart is usually referred to

as a sort of village with winding uphill

streets and fewer cars in the rest of

the city this is the 18th around the

salon where you find the sacre-coeur

basilica and plastic th square filled

with artists if you're a fan of Van Gogh

MoMA is the first place you should check

out as this area used to the place where

he and Renoir called home as you walk

the streets you will notice that this is

the area of many of Van Gogh's most

famous works if you want to see the very

apartment van Gogh imagine many of his

iconic works and brought them to life

you can even visit this 19th century

residents in momart this is actually

where pablo picasso got a start as well

as many famous artists in Paris this

arrondissement borders the Beagle area

home of the Moulin Rouge in the city's

red light district while this makes the

location not so ideal for families the

area is actually pretty safe today most

of the area just south of Bacolod is

trendy some of the trendiest bars have

popped up here locally referred to as

soapy after London's famous Soho the

18th usually offers cheaper

accommodation the other room DC malts

listed here thanks to its reputation as

a working-class diverse neighborhood but

if you choose the 18th make sure to stay

in the southern part of the run be

single in Moo Mart the major metro stops

include at this and M the Paris is a

large city so there are tons of other

areas to check out in addition to these

four neighborhoods however we recommend

staying in one of these four areas if

you're looking to experience Paris's

main local attractions and culture let's

do a little recap Lamarr a gnome for

shik boutiques Jewish quarter LGBT scene

neighborhood feel but close to the main

attractions like glue Latin Quarter

known for bookstores student populations

dive bars budget-friendly accommodations

and restaurants Sol German depressed

known for luxurious shopping and hotel

will mocked known for artist community

and nightlife and an amazing view of

Paris while you're staying here we'd

love to see you on one of our awesome

Paris experiences but for now of whoa

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