The 10 BEST CITIES to Live in IDAHO

you love relive people in Idaho might

think they live in the best place in the

state after all you wouldn't spend your

life somewhere you truly didn't love

right not always in fact a Pew Research

Center study determined that almost half

of Americans would rather live somewhere

else than they do now

well if you're in one of the Idaho

cities were about to highlight odds are

you don't want to go anywhere

the goal today is to analyze the best

cities in Idaho to live how do we do it

well we looked at places with low crime

great jobs great weather affordable

housing in solid schools we even looked

at short commute times you might be

surprised by the results so pull up a

chair and put a smile on her face as we

look at Idaho's best city


our first stop on our tour of Idaho's

best city starts in Post Falls while

lots of people in Idaho might be like

are you kidding me when you look at the

data it's actually a great place to live

crime is the 10th lowest in the state

and they have the third best public

schools in Idaho Plus Post Falls

residents from the top ten for income

levels our next back city to live in

Idaho is Lewiston the unemployment rate

here is staggeringly low it's relatively

safe in Lewiston and the housing markets

solid and if you like sunny days this is

your place it's a kind of place where

you can just chill yo however the public

schools aren't as good as they are in

other districts so your kids might not

be getting the best education continuing

our vest city tour of Idaho brings us to

Haley this Austin City ranks 10th and

income levels 3rd and school spending

and there are hardly any vacant homes

that means lots of people want to live

here crime is really low and the public

schools are great if you live in Haley

you're probably straight chillin if

you're looking for a great place to live

you might want to consider Amman

believe it or not amman families command

some of the highest incomes in Idaho and

people here are pretty cheerful Plus

each Amman school kid gets about a

thousand more each than the state

average it sure beats some of the other

middle of the nowhere places in Idaho

you can call home that's for sure

Chubbuck comes in as the sixth best city

to live in Idaho while there's tons of

places in Idaho where people are pretty

backwoods you won't find that here where

residents are in on average the third

highest income is overall Chubbuck

seventh lowest for crime to hell over

the backsides commute times there aren't

too many other places in Idaho will

you'll sit in the car longer going to

and from work despite the fact that many

people haven't considered before Rexburg

is actually a great place to live

families are comfortable here and the

housing mark is doing just fine and it

seems just about everyone in Rexburg is

in a great mood all the time

no surprises here that Moscow is one of

the best places to live in the state

Moscow takes number one in three

categories it's the safest place to live

the unemployment rates weren't lowest in

the state and surprisingly commute times

aren't that bad and if you don't have a

job in Moscow it's because you refuse to

work where's the third best city to live

in Idaho you might be surprised to hear

it but it's star not only a starling the

most beautiful cities in the state it

has great schools and low crime plus

it's not very crowded and if you want to

get away to a bigger city it's easy

yeah people in star haven't made this

might not be a popular opinion but when

you look at the data Eagle is the second

best city to live in Idaho people here

are really successful and folks and

Eagle earn pretty decent salaries thank

you very much that means you can retire

a lot earlier plus you don't have to

watch her back all the time since crimes

really low and where's the best city in

Idaho that would be Meridian surprise

households in Meridian on the top 10

when it comes to average incomes and

Ollie do Meridian folks earn great

salaries most of them are employed plus

you have a ton of stuff to do within a

short drive factor and lots of fun low

crime and lots of friendly people and

you've got one hell of a place to call


if you live in Meridian or any of the

other Idaho cities we mentioned


You certainly have a reason to smile