Scientists Say Gas Bubbles Could Explain Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Newsy

Norwegian scientists are speculating

giant sea bubbles are the cause of the

Bermuda Triangle as in the area between

Florida Bermuda and Puerto Rico where

ships and planes supposedly vanish

researchers told The Sunday Times they

found craters up to 150 feet deep near

the coast of Norway they believe the

craters were caused by gas explosions in

the oceans floor possibly capable of say

sinking a ship similar theories have

been tested before with some success but

with the new research it should be noted

the coast of Norway is quite a ways away

from the Bermuda Triangle so the

findings are limited and it's not clear

if the phenomenon is responsible for

sunken ships in the Bermuda Triangle

and as Atlas obscura points out there

are plenty more mundane explanations for

the Bermuda triangles reputation it's

part of a heavily trafficked moon and is

prone to tropical storms for newsy I'm

Samantha crook