The Berkshires | 3 Day Travel Guide & Things To Do

hi everybody and welcome back to my

channel my name is cameron phillips and

this past week I had the opportunity to

explore the Berkshires which is a region

in Massachusetts known for its vibrant

art scene food culture and community and

I was so excited to be able to explore

it and experience it firsthand in this

video I'm taking you through month three

days in the Berkshire everything we did

everything I experienced and learned

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video and with that being said let's

dive into the content so we started our

trip to the Berkshires with a drive down

from Toronto we drove down a Niagara

Falls then pretty much straight east all

the way across the state of New York

into Massachusetts and into the

Berkshires we just arrived after driving

nine hours from Toronto and we're

staying at tourists in North Adams

Massachusetts and this place is

spectacular let me show you our room let

me also quickly mention that the fall

foilage is just starting to turn and it

is so spectacular the drive-in had

incredible views over the hills as we

roll down into this valley where we're

currently located and we were really

excited already planned for the next

couple days this resort has this

beautiful Scandinavian modern Flair and

there's so much incredible history to

this place and design aesthetic let's

take a look at our bedroom hello Brandon

we walked into soft music already

playing on the radio and this beautiful

aesthetic there's a great use of light

warm wood tones throughout this modern

space but also kind of like has a bit of

a cabin vibe incredibly stunning and on

top of that this entire property has a

whole bunch of amenities including a

speakeasy which is located just across

the parking lot from our room this view

out from the daybed is just absolutely

spectacular right now it's really doing

it for me I think this is so so so so

beautiful our first property of the trip

tourists is an absolutely phenomenal

resort I rotate my article which is

linked down below that it's the

combination of a Scandinavian lodge with

the classic Amer

Konnor roadside motel and it's this

beautiful sense of polished yet casual

rustic yet high-class and it was just I

love that mashup it's such a beautiful

combination for properties our room was

so well equipped from the bedding to the

hand soap to the amenity kits to the

in-room bar there was literally so much

at such a high level of detail I love

tourists it was an amazing place and the

view inside of the window is perfect as

the fall foilage were just starting to

turn that beautiful brassy reds oranges

yellows it was so beautiful

hi Brandon hi Cameron how we doing

fantastic wonderful yes so we just drove

the seven minutes of our hotel over to a

little area that is where we are doing

our first a brewery experience tonight

we're going to head inside and see what

they have to offer and then we have a

little barbecue for dinner afterwards I

think across the street so I'm super

excited we're both hungry and ready for

a beer and let's go check it out our

first destination which was bright ideas

brewing on the campus of MASS MoCA now

an iced mocha is an art museum that's

become very well known around the world

in North Adams Massachusetts which was

the first city we were in we were not

actually going to Massimo cup but as

part of the mass mocha campus which is

an old electrical factory that caused

the business boom in North Adams many

years ago in this giant campus this all

this big factory warehouse type building

there are two places that piqued our

interest that we decided to explore even

more the first bright ideas brewing a

local craft brewery that specializes in

their galaxy IPA and let me tell you it

was delicious

now this is where the trip really got

off to a great start because we sat down

with the co-founder of the brewery Orion

who told us about the history of North

Adams in the history of the brewery and

it was so immediately evident that this

brewery has brought together the

community of North Adams in a way that

had not been done before

I think breweries are incredibly amazing

because they form a beautiful sense of

community because people around the

ground and craft beer it is casual it's

fun it's alcohol it's a social lubricant

and it really just gets people talking

and relaxed and especially at a place

that's unpretentious like a craft


in a casual setting with really really

great beer I mean it's like

win-win-win-win-win and town did not

have a brewery there's only a few other

breweries in the Berkshires but none in

North Adams so it served a need and it

was perfect

immediately across the parking lot from

bright ideas is a-ok Berkshire barbecue

and we also met the owner talk to him

about how a okay pops started and the

amazing food that they had we had a full

sample plate of this amazing quality

roasted meat pulled chicken brisket oh

my god and the bread was phenomenal it's

a husband and wife duo the wife bakes

the rolls the rolls were so perfect

naoki Berkshire barbecue was really

quite phenomenal and overall this entire

experience was a great way to get into

the Berkshire attitude because we had

that just that great community sense and

that was what first tipped me off to the

Berkshires being more about this giant

sense of community and something you

don't experience in life every day an

exciton experience in my hometown or in

the city I live in now I don't I don't

forget that essence but this is this

region this area that's a collection of

small towns everyone shares a lot of the

same values and they look out for each

other and everyone we met along the way

then we headed back to tourists and

stopped in at the airport routes which

is their on-site speakeasy for a craft

cocktail before heading to bed and

waking up in the morning for another

packed day full of exploration

so we're hauled from art brewery and

dinner outing and it was honestly

amazing we learned a lot about the

region and a lot about what is going on

here in North Adams and the Berkshires

in general we had some amazing craft

beers and some incredible barbecue great

way to start our evening in the

Berkshires good morning everybody it is

the start to our second day exploring

the Berkshires and this morning we are

checking out of tourists which was a

great stay super comfortable beds super

great accommodations we just had a

little breakfast and a little coffee

moment which has gotten us charged for

the morning it is about to be a beauty

whole day we are gonna go off exploring

and our first stop is at the Clark

Institute which is an art museum just

down the road we're gonna check that out

hop in the car and then we are off to

continue exploring this area

the next day started out at the Clark

Institute which is an art museum on this

beautiful plot of land we would let in a

comprehensive tour throughout the

intimate galleries and the beautiful

facilities at the Clark Institute and I

love good art museum especially one

that's laid out really well super

informative super approachable and

getting people into art and Yakka in a

very approachable way that combined with

the stunning natural setting of the

Clark Institute it was a great way to

start the morning before we headed off

to lunch at Guido's Fresh Market Place

which is a artisanal grocery store

featuring local produce organic items an

incredible wine selection deli and grab

and go food or we enjoyed a nice little

lunch and hung out as kind of rain

showers roll through it was a really

beautiful day

we just had a little lunch at Guido's we

had some nice pizza and picked up some

wine and some snacks and we're gonna

head into chocolate Springs now which is

apparently one of the top ten chocolate

ears in the United States we're gonna go

and hopefully get a little sweet treat

chocolate Springs is a world-class

chocolatier we sampled a variety of

chocolates and I sent us one with some

goodies too we talked to Josh about the

supply chain of chocolate which I was

incredibly fascinating with because you

know we're talking about high quality

chocolate no one ever really thinks

about where chocolate comes from but

talking to him about how they source and

the agencies that work through to get

these high quality chocolate beans that

a lot of his came from Madagascar for

those other of course chocolate

producing regions in like the different

characteristics that we the beans bring

and that level of quality that you do it

like established and maintained and all

the wild talks was incredibly humble

even though online he's one of the top

ten chocolate ears North America and it

showed in the chocolate it showed in the

chocolate was incredible my favorite was

the French lavender flower infused

chocolate squares with the Madagascar

dark chocolate oh it was exceptional so

we just heard the full story behind

chocolate Springs and the chocolatier

who owns and runs the place and it was

actually very very interesting hearing

about hope the whole process of making

chocolate and where this very fine high

quality chocolate comes from and the

story behind it and once again we got

the connection of community that the

Berkshires seemed to be known for in all

of our interactions with people so far

this greater sense of a community

centered around like wellness and people

and just like the natural environment

around us and it's been really really

fascinating and beautiful to hear

stories from people of this I'm so

excited to actually write about this and

put more my thoughts down on into an

article at the end of this trip so with

that being said it's now 3:30 and we are

off to our Resort for tonight which is

called Canyon Ranch which is a high-end

spa property and I'm very excited to go

to experience this one tonight and we

can even try and get some beef foilage

nature moments on our way there we will

see but with that being said well


all right everybody so we've just

checked into Canyon Ranch which is a

wellness spa resort in Lenox

Massachusetts which is in the middle

section of the Berkshires and let me

just say I had no idea how fabulous this

place is this is a luxury spa property

and I could not be more ecstatic to show

you guys this place we just arrived our

room welcome to our room it's beautiful

we have two and very nice large

king-size beds here which is great we

have a nice bathroom and this whole

property has incredible facilities this

is incredible I'm like I didn't realize

it was at this you know scale yeah and

of course like most spa properties I

can't actually show you inside the spa I

won't be able to take photos or videos

inside of there but I will tell you

about the experiences we're gonna head

down there right now and do a little

relaxation then I have a massage book

and then we have dinner and later on

this place actually features a variety

of different programs too there's a few

different things like talks and speeches

tonight which I wish you could attend

but we already have dinner reservations

made so we will be doing that later on

and I can't wait to update you on our

experience here but for now we're gonna

go relax unwind and head to the spa

candy Ranch is a luxury wellness resort

and retreat in Lenox Massachusetts which

was a little bit south from North Adams

where we spent the previous night we

checked into top-tier service I'm

talking about chairs already pulled out

awaiting our arrival with gift bags full

of program guides and water bottles with

our names already on them and a perfect

welcome to the full facility and

experience that is Canyon Ranch

I talked so much about experience based

travel and this was definitely

experience but I felt like it was less

of a traveller's experience and more of

what people going to the Berkshires are

going to do they're going to restore to

rejuvenate to relax and Canyon Ranch is

a facility that provides that for these



this morning we're on our way to the

shaker village which is a historical

site that we're going to learn a lot of

history and experience the shaker way of

life the sun is shining

I've had some coffee the next morning we

were off early to Hancock Shaker Village

a living history museum that honors the

shakers and the community they built

here in Massachusetts now the shakers I

didn't know this but it's a group of

people who revolve around the Quaker

religion and don't know who the

specialty of the way they worship which

is like a shaking sound so shaking

Quaker is where shaker came from this

was all new to me but I will say it was

incredibly fascinating experiencing this

living history museum because it is like

literally the buildings they lived in

and the round bar the iconic round bar

which the animals could like be led in

and it had this it was so ingeniously

designed for the time at which it was

built and hearing about the whole

community and how their system of life

worked was incredibly fascinating and a

group of people that were behind it some

aspects but very ahead of the curve and

other aspects it was very interesting to

kind of learn more about that and dive

into the history of the shakers and of

their integration into the region and

the Berkshires as a whole did you get it

yeah so we just finished our engaging

experience at the shaker village

so tell me Brennan what do you think

about the shakers oh my gosh I love the

shakers I feel that we headed to

Pittsfield another town of the

Berkshires to meet up with the Berkshire

Natural Resource Council which educated

us about all the incredible natural

resources in the Berkshires and how they

are acting to preserve and connect

locals and tourists alike with the

various nature offerings in the

Berkshires so we just finished up our

hike through the National Conservation

land here in the Berkshires and we

learned an incredible amount of facts

about the different varieties of plants

and wildlife in the area and it was

honestly a really beautiful experience

and nice to get outside on such a

gorgeous day now with that being said

we're gonna head back to the town of

Pittsfield to check into our hotel for

the evening and then head off to a

mixology class so let's head back to

Pittsfield and check into our hotel and

see what we have to offer to our final

property of the trip which was hotel on

North in the

out of Pittsfield okay so we just

arrived in a third property of the trip

we are at the hotel on North in downtown

Pittsfield and we are going to chill for

a little bit and then head out to a

cocktail bar later on from ecology class

like I mentioned earlier it's pre

excited for that so it's about four

o'clock now and we have a little while

to chill and recharge our batteries and

then head back home

so this room is very cute though it's

big it's big we have some s expose break

with a little sitting area and cute

located break downtown in an old brick

building there was an incredible charm

to the property and I loved our

incredibly spacious room redesigned with

modern touches it was a really really

great place to spend our last night in

the city so it's been a few hours we

have freshened up and we're on our way

to the cocktail bar for a little

mixology and a little cocktail a little

food for dinner that night we headed off

to methuselah a bar just down the street

we had an interactive cocktail creation

class that was so exceptional we learned

about the ins and outs of making a

Manhattan a Gin Fizz and even margaritas

made with smoking the entire drink which

was something I had never done before

but it tasted so good the owner Yuki

Cohen was amazing she's actually running

for City Council as well it was

incredible sharing stories and

experiences with her and her giving us

this incredible moment on the Foos law

the food is exceptional the alcohol was

exceptional and overall it was the

perfect way to end our experience

exploring the Berkshires Cheers this

some of our entire trip it all came back

to community everywhere we went everyone

we talked to everything that we

experienced all came back to the greater

community of the Berkshires and a group

of people working together to create a

community inspired by nature uplifted by

art and rooted in community aligning

locals and visitors alike with the sense

of peace

that is associated with the berkshires

if you'd like to learn more about the

berkshires the link to explore their

tourism website is in the description of

this video as well as the article that I

wrote online if you enjoyed this video

please give it a thumbs up and I'm so

excited to share more stories with you

in the future

bye bye