Belmont Stakes 2020 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

the 54 week wait is over a Triple Crown

race set to run with the call of the

Belmont here's Larry comas

new medic takes his spot on the outside

stalled and they're all in line we're

ready for the start they're off in the

Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown is


tis the logbook sharply tap it to win on

the inside we'll wrap the front in the

run up the backstretch and for left is

moving through in between horses tis the

laws next on the outside pneumatic

funnels and forth and then it's doctor

post followed by jungle runner to the

inside rank of another Ford of modernist

at Farmington Road and then backs player

slowly Volante and Luke affinity at the

back of the field after an opening

quarter mile in 23.1 1 seconds the pace

is honest for Tampa to win who heads up

the backstretch in front by a length and

a half with four left sitting in second


Manny Franco and Tisdale are a third on

the outside among shut up the runner who

stomped over the rail the doctor post

pneumatic on their inside as modernist

Farmington Road is right in behind them

7 lakes-- from the front that max player

in soleil Villante 46.1 6 was the half

the piece continues to be strong as they

race for the far turn and it is happened

to win and jump on isaac is leading the

way with 4 left in second and tis de la

looming large turn to the outside just

two left behind as the

around the turn then pneumatic and

modernist is done on the inside they're

coming toward the top of the stretch

here tap it to win as the leader which

is the laws catching up to him on the

outside second then it's four left

followed by pneumatic modernist on the

inside is next and they're into the

stretch in the Belmont and is the law

has taken charge set down in the final

furlong by many Franco change the laws

got it too late lead doctor post has

moved up on the outside into second new

medical service but it is the New York

hero and many Franco to win the Belmont

Stakes they took it by four lengths in

the end dr. bull was second max Blair

was third new man it was fourth the

fight out time of brilliant 146 point

five three Sackett Oh go celebrate

so tune is Berkeley tag and Manny Franco

138 years since Forrester in 1882 since

a New York bred horse won New York's

Triple Crown race it's his the law in a

year that New York needs something to

celebrate brings home the Belmont Stakes