Chevrolet Traverse Battery Location

hey YouTube today I thought I'd just

make a quick video about the battery

location in a Chevy Traverse now this

one is a 2011 Traverse but this will

work for any year of the Traverse

Enclave Acadia or the Saturn Outlook

most times people think the battery is

underneath the hood right here but this

is actually a fuse box the battery is

not under the hood it is actually back

here in the second row on the passenger

side you're going to go ahead and lift

up this rug it is right there and to get

that cover off you need a 15 millimeter

Torx screw head just

it's a pretty long bolt just take that

out you will also need to take this

cover off and then you just lift this up

and your battery's down here then

obviously you change the battery hook it

back up and all you be on your way

well guys I hope this video was

informative and will help you out in the

future thanks for watching