Changing the Battery in your Mercedes Benz C-Class sedan

hello this is Alton I'm here with the

2012 mercedes-benz C 250 I'm gonna show

you just how easy it is to actually

change the battery on the car now last

time I actually check for the battery

with a mercedes-benz store parts

department batteries actually writing

around a hundred and fifty two hundred

and seventy-five dollars and then to

install it you're looking at another

hundred and fifty dollars so it's easily

300 dollars but it only takes like 12 or

15 minutes let's take a look as you can

see I have the car behind me and we're

gonna zoom in here once you open the

hood which I am going to do

Mercedes actually makes it to where you

can push the hood back straight up as

you can see here so we're gonna put that

vertical we're gonna come down and then

achieve the proper socket wrench or

socket for it so whether you're looking

at 13 millimeters or 12 millimeters

whatsoever I actually have the

measurement on one of the other videos

I'm gonna post that along with this one

so I'll chop both together when we

actually come in we look the battery is

gonna be in the top left hand corner so

here's your engine compartment you can

always tell the battery should be

somewhere near the positive marked in

most cars so if you come there's your

positive they're just gonna take it and

cover that back up now when you go in

you're gonna have to remove the cover

here to remove the cover just gonna

unsnap here unsnap here and this one

gets a little bit tricky but it actually

comes off the top the other one I

actually broke so hopefully you don't

break yours I've broken putting it back

on and I'll show you how I did it we're

just gonna take it a none snap we're

gonna have to hold on to this piece

because I broke it off earlier but it

will not actually hurt or hinder the

performance of the engine so when I grab

it I can simply grab here I'm gonna zoom

out a little bit so you can see the

whole piece here comes off so once

I have removed the cover there's the

battery and what will you need you're

gonna have to remove the screw here pop

the cover now this cover is on for a

reason on the battery so whatever you do

do not lose it if you get another

battery you're gonna have another cover

as well with the Mercedes the first

thing you're gonna hear is the size of

the battery is gonna be important so

make sure you have the proper battery

because if not it's not gonna fit within

its low area there so there again

removing the screw here screw here and

you have two there and here once you do

those those two books you actually see

there those are primarily to help the

battery keep it in place to stabilize so

to work of course you're gonna need a

socket wrench you will also need the

proper socket once you have both of

those and I'm just gonna move those out

of the way because as you can see I've

already replaced it to get this out

you're gonna have to remove this screw

here here and ultimately we're gonna

remove those two as well first you want

to remove the two up top here once you

have the two up top remove these

actually you can just take it and very

lightly very easily just take any

maneuver it off pops right off same

thing here if you've ever changed the

battery before same concept now the

screw here you don't have to mess with

you don't have to loosen loosen the cube

here you can leave that alone as well

you're just taking both of your

terminals off once you do that you're

gonna have to unplug the holes here in

this little area right here which is the

red spot that's a plug you're gonna need

that that should come with the new

battery so once you have this out you're

gonna place the other battery back in

once you place the other battery back in

I'm not gonna do this I've already done

it I'm gonna go ahead and chop it onto

this video as well you can take it and

replace the holes first and foremost

you've gotta replace two holes on a

Mercedes Benz replace the hole you're

gonna see a little divot or stop place

for it in the side of the battery same


other side now depending on which side

you're putting it on you're gonna have

to actually put the plug into the other

side once you have the plug there you've

replaced a hold then to get to those now

I didn't mention this before but with

your socket wrench you're going to have

to get an extender the extender is the

same length as the socket rings itself

once you have the extender that's going

to allow you to actually get down into

the area here you can see there again to

get to your screws otherwise you're not

going to be able to fit this to turn and

you're not going to be able to get a

wrench down in that area to do those so

once you have replace your terminals

tighten your screws replace the holes

replace the plug then you're gonna have

to go in and just set the batter inside

you've got a brace there put the bracing

last and then just tighten your screws

there you have it batteries in batteries

in place and as I said once mo-more

you've got your cover here no very

important because if you take this it's

got two little divots you just place it

and plug it right into the divots now

mine will not fit flush for some one

reason and that's because the terminal

is actually sticking up work so you just

place it over it that's very important

on a Mercedes because take a look at the

inside of the cover see this area here

that's actually controlling a little bit

of the spark or the circuit so if you

don't cover it guess what it's almost as

if they're connected by the foam area

here by the fool here so you definitely

want a place to cover back on the

positive and of course the negative you

don't have to worry about you can leave

it uncovered it doesn't come with a

cover and once you put this back on

which will go ahead and proceed with

doing that now as you can see doing this

all with one hand but just make sure

this is pushed all the way back and the

other is pushed all the way up before

replace of this now the one I broke is

on the right hand side you want to make

sure that's pushed all the way back as

well just want to take it and when you

replacing your cover you actually have


autum piece here this part which sticks

out has got to go all the way down and

then you have the two little divots

under are the tool extinctions on the

bottom which is here and here they've

got to go into their pockets so you've

got four of those and you've got four

items on the bottom there they've got to

go back into their pockets so just make

sure you're doing that properly when you

do take this and put it in so your view

is not gonna be more or less like mine

but just to make sure I'm fixing my car

properly so everything's back in so now

I can actually take this one and snap it

back into place

with this one which I broke I'm just

gonna take it and sit it back in there

for some one reason and I actually may

hole or it may give it a little bit

support so if I put it back in now I'm

all snapped in together everything's in

place and batteries place two jobs done