Where is the Battery on my BMW X3 X4? F25 G01 F4 F26 G02

I welcome to this marks reviews

tutorials a video where here's the

battery on my BMW x3 well like most BMWs

battery ain't under the bonnet

I had a Dodge that had the battery in

under the front guard here in front of

the front wheel but BMW is all about

50/50 weight distribution about

balancing the car out so heavy things

like batteries they stick in the back so

in a BMW x3 or a BMW x5 it's gonna be

able to the back of the car and under

this panel here you see this clip you

pull that down and then you can what we

need to do though is go down another

level so we've got a couple of Clips

here and here we undo these in order to

go down that next level and under there

we have ourselves one battery