it's just a BMW 325i came up to start

the car

sounded like he wanted to crank but it

wouldn't turn over I checked my battery

it only had 10 volts when I jump-started

and checked my alternator it was

charging so we know we need a battery

battery for this car is located in the

trunk so you just open it over here it

is an access panel just turn that knob

there pull it straight out

you're not that exposes your battery

this is the passenger rear side of the

car the first thing you want to do is

remove that bracket that bracket is hell

on my - number 10 it's one there and one

on top there so we're gonna take those

out now okay so our brackets been remove

I'm gonna start working on our battery

underneath this cover the whole positive

terminal box it's connected and there's

your negative cable this whole box is

clipped on down here on both sides so

you're gonna have to pull that up okay

so your positive is actually connected

back there so that's the bolt you need

this tool

this nut I showed you earlier it's all

part of this whole assembly so you don't

need to pull this you need to pull that

one in that one

they both number ten that's gonna pull

them now okay so once you remove that

number ten nut pretty much gotta wiggle

this box off of the battery terminal

after you unclip it from both sides so

we're gonna get off the positive now

okay I have the box up and loose I want

to hear more the negative crap terminal

because it kind of laps over just lead

that instead of positive no I'm gonna

pull up this box here all right so we

have our box up and out the way as you

can see there's a little vent line here

on the side just want to go ahead and

plug that line just pull it out like

that you just use your hand go on the

battery and that's it

just kind of tilt the battery to the

side and that's the BMW 325i battery

removal just reinstall it connect your

cables clip back on your box plug back

in your vent line down there and that's

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