The Names Of The Baltic Explained

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Europe is a cold but interesting part of

the world what's so interesting about it

I find is there so many names you're

here for chunks of it being referred to

as was at Nordic Scandinavia and Baltic

all spring to mind

Nordic perhaps knows all encompassing of

these words the term covers the nation

of Denmark Finland Iceland Norway Sweden

and all the astral and these nations

have liked Greenland and Svalbard

meanwhile just Scandinavia first adjust

the nations of Denmark Norway and Sweden

Baltic the name way interesting today

however but first then none of the

aforementioned places instead refers to

the free nation of Latvia Lithuania and

Estonia in all of this I feel poor

Finland loses at the most while it's in

Nordic country it doesn't belong leave

the Scandinavian countries which many

presume or the Baltic countries which

many bazoom too poor Finland anyway

that's enough for being sad for Finland

you guys know what today's video is all

about today we're going to be looking at

the countries that make up the Baltic

States / country / Republic / nations as

they are known as variously honestly

though I can't just like the Baltic it

has a much nicer ring to it and we've

made videos like this in the past we

overlooked - Afra mentioned Scandinavia

and the much warmer Iberia if you've

seen those videos you will know how this

one will go down to what we'll be

looking at the countries that make up

the baltic and their capitals and find

out how they got their names plus I like

to dive into some other fun facts about

the countries - however something I find

myself thinking about - is why these

three countries tried together to form

the Baltic States

what is the unifying factor between the

three of them there are many countries

which reside next to each other on our

planet we didn't hear them forming

little groups like this well it seems

that the main thing that ties them

together is their location or being next

to the Baltic Sea which we'll talk about

soon enough as their cultures national

identities or even languages aren't that

similar the languages of Latvian and

Lithuanian both descent from Balto

Slavic branches well Estonian is a

Finnick language tying them much closer

to Finland who as we mentioned don't get

the chance to be part of this club and

while they do have a shared history is

something this isn't enough to really

unite them I was reading ideas as the if

these free nations should unite as one

and many seem to think not it was

interesting to you that while Latvia

might share borders with both nations

and have some

things in common that bond isn't there

between Lithuania and Estonia this is

just me regurgitating from one person I

found speaking online I'm sure there are

many Lithuanian and Estonians who live

and work together nevertheless a

connection has been made between these

free countries and the concert of the

Baltic States has injured sins there's

even the Baltic Assembly an inter

governmental organization between the

three nations that aims to find a common

position on international issues anyway

before we look into the specific names

for these nations Leslie Tintin name of

this land there is a hole what exactly

is it called the Baltic anyway or this

region of land is actually named after

the sea next to it the Baltic Sea and

once again just to make things confusing

about why these three countries are

called the Baltic of the nation Rose

Island Baltic Sea - but aren't

considered Baltic this includes Finland

Russia Poland Germany and Sweden as well

as the Baltic countries why all these

countries are considered Baltic I'll

never know

borders are truly silly things as what

the name Baltic means there seems to be

a few ideas initially it was the

medieval Latin politicus and this is

probably plead to come from one of two

origins Eva comes in the little name

Baltar some meaning white or the

Scandinavian bolotov meaning belts

frustrate in all honesty both of these

makes sense as the sea and the

surrounding land is rather white what

would the snow in old however it meaning

belt and straight makes sense - there

are other bodies of water to have names

like this - like the Strait of Gibraltar

and the Baltic seas narrow like a belt

and somewhat straight both really could

be the correct answer we just don't know

though what's interesting is that in

Germanic and languages like German and

Dutch the sea is named EC as it's in the

east of these countries that call it

that though this hasn't transition over

to English which is weird as English is

- a Germanic language and the Baltic is

that the East of England though what

about the countries that make up the

Baltic first off let's look into latvia

latvian area just over 64,000 Combs's

but within that land around 2 million

residents why I'm sure for a lot of

people snow will come tomorrow they

think of Latvia 54 percent of the

country is forest making all the

greenest countries in Europe even as

sandy beaches though the water is

apparently rather chilly which is

understandable the Latvian flag has been

in its current new since 1280 meanings

on the oldest flag still in use the only

one older than it being their marks

and something I found really interesting

a Latvian man who went by the name Jacob

W Davis when he emigrated to the USA is

credited as the inventor of something

you may be wearing right now jeans as

for the name Latvia it seems to follow

the etymology for countries we see so

often were it being named after a group

of people with this group of people

being the ancient tribe or DeLaet

galleons whether the Incans Mahavir

seems to remain a mystery what

interesting however is that the name was

latinized to lat Galya and some

languages to this day use names for the

country that sound more like this than

the English Latvia take the German name

for the country let land and the Spanish

Latanya in fact this name has even had

effects in the English language too as

another name for the Latvian people in

English is the let's though I must admit

I've never heard this term and Wikipedia

itself claims that the term lets is

becoming obsolete Latvia is capital Riga

is home to about one foot of the entire

Latvian population it is also known as

the Paris of the north do to help useful

the city is and I can vouch for this as

it's a popped wad I've actually had the

pleasure of visiting while I can vouch

for its nickname I can't say too much

for his actual name as you don't seem to

know too much about it one idea is it

can't endure livonian language word of

ringa which means loop prevented a

natural loop in the river by Riga also

the livonian language belongs to the

livonian people another group of people

who resided north Latvian South Estonia

I should have mentioned them earlier

those beloved livonians who lived in

South Estonia now is a good time to

start talking about Estonia Estonia is

much smaller than Latvia at just over

45,000 kilometers squared and this is

reflected in their population to just

over 1.3 million people residing in the

country a population this loud means as

Toni's actual Europe's least crowded

countries luckily you can give us all

that space with their free public

transport at least in their capital

anyway and most interestingly Skype was

invented by a team of Estonians in fact

the people of Estonia are very tech

savvy and the capital has been dubbed

the Silicon Valley of Europe due to how

many startups have well started up there

now when it comes to the name is Sonja

there's a trap you may fall for and

that's finger not name derives from the


East as Estonia sounds somewhat like

East and Estonia is in the east of

Europe however that doesn't seem to be

the case once against a group of people

have to look towards for this name this

time being the SD people these people

written about my Roman history

in tactus in 98 ad however there were

some major differences between them and

modern Estonians first of taalib read to

be aborted people and as we mentioned

modern Estonians are Finnick and we're

takata's taught about the SD people

residing does not match up with modern

Estonia so Estonia is named after these

people who they have very little in

common with which is pretty odd now that

I think about it their capital city of

Tallinn however has a much more

interesting story as how its name came

to be and once again like with Estonia

the name is fought to possibly draw from

people not actually native to the land

the name is believed to come from the

old Estonian Dannielynn which means

Danish town / castle as the castle there

and the subsequent town were built by

the Danish however others are per Kostya

did the name might also be translated

into meaning winter town / castle or

even farmstead town / castle however

this is in the name the city has always

gone by for huge amount of history

between the 13th and 20th century the

city was known as a river and prior to

this the city is run by a slew of

different names primarily because the

city has been on the control of so many

different people primarily though the

city has been under control of the

Russians Danish Germans and finally

Estonians in its history the city has

been known as and apologies for

pronunciation a koala burn coal even Lin

Dan Xia

Rafaela and of course a rebel as we

mentioned it seems the name talyn's

brought back when estonia achieved

independence in 1918 and finally we have

Lithuania which is the logic of the

Baltic States in size and population

over 65 thousand calendars big and have

a population of almost 2.8 million

people from my research it seems that

leaf rainy is home to some really old

stuff I found that the oldest tree in

Europe is in Lithuania and Lithuanian

among the oldest languages in the world


if when he's also considered to be at

the geographic center of all of Europe

while it definitely doesn't look like

the center of the continent to myself

apparently this is figured out by using

the center of gravity of the geometric

figure of Europe whatever that means

though something I make much more sense

to us is the meaning of the name

Lithuania there's a popular belief that

the name comes the Lithuanian elite team

meaning to reign as it seems nation is

rava rainy but despite this there isn't

actually any proof that the name comes

this a more popular theory is the name

release the Latin let us meaning Shore

and the name would mean shoreland which

would make sense as the countries over

two hundred and sixty kilometers of

coastline so the name may be

water-related just beach water not

rainwater and at Laphroaig knees capital

is called a villainess this name too is

watery based being named after the villa

near river that runs through the city

there this leaves us with the question

where does this name come from

well apparently this means to surge

which makes sense as the waters of

rivers do often surge and I imagined

this one is no different the legendary

story as how the city came to be as fun


the story goes at the Grand Duke of

Lithuania that time was at a hunting

trip in a nearby forest one night on the

trip he had a strange dream that upon a

hill word recently killed a bison that

day student iron wolf on this hill at

how that was head raised in Pride when

he woke he consulted with one of his

priests about this dream who told him as

a site to build a town there and so the

town was founded were the iron wolf once

stood now you may think this is all the

countries of the Baltic covered how

there's actually one more well kind of

in the capital of Lithuania we have the

neighborhood of uh lupus which on April

1st 1998 declared itself independent as

the Republic of lupus now if you can

tell by the fact this is on April 1st

and this was done as something of a

silly joke but nevertheless it has own

government President Constitution a flag

and currency at less than one kilometer

square in size is one of the smallest

Republic's in the world but one


so let's look into that name the name

actually ties in neatly with villainous

as it means beyond the river or even the

other side of the river as well that's

where the Republic is the highlight of

this Republic however has to be their

Constitution which includes points such

as people have the right to be happy

people have the right to be unhappy and

most importantly a dog has the right to

be a dog just laugh Eeyore suggested by

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