hello everybody and welcome to 3 minute

geographies featuring the Bahamas I know

it's been a while since I've made one of

these so I thought I'd make one okay so

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so let's get back to normal which

country is the Bahamas is it a B or C

comment down below okay the answer is C

the Bahamas is a country that's very

close to the US okay so now we'll be

looking at two maps of Bahamas one is

political map and one is a physical map

as you can see Bahamas is a collection

of Caribbean islands the biggest one

being on the nose and but the capital is

on one of the small stones New

Providence Nassau is the capital that my

my personal favorite ions are cations

rum cay and ragged island bahamas used

to be one of the pirate capitals of the


so these islands may still contain

trivet treasure if you look hard enough

okay so now let's look at the physical

map it's pretty easy to see most

Caribbean nations do not have much hills

it's fairly flat and and that's

basically it

about the care about Bahamas okay so now

we look at ethnic groups in the Bahamas

85% of the hominins recognize themselves

as black this is because of slavery from

the European powers most notably the

British they brought over tons of

African slaves 12 percent are white and

this may be because there's a lot

famous celebrities living on this island

and there's also need of why people from

the colonies 3% are Asian Hispanic so

that's like Mexicans and other very

varieties and Asians will I mean I think

you know Asians are okay let's look at

religion in the Bahamas so the majority

of people are Baptists this is a branch

of Christianity if you didn't are second

up is Anglicans then Roman Catholics and

and other Christians there another big

minority is um penny coastal okay so now

we'll look through problems in the

Bahamas like like I said in my antigua

and barbuda video bahamas are ravaged by

hurricanes most notably her hurricane

Irma destroyed these ons as you can see

from these pictures

it's totally annihilating these this

country doesn't really have the power to

build up except for made from the US

that's basically how they repair until

the next summer so yeah I hope you

enjoyed this video um ten subscribers

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