Badlands National Park, South Dakota

badlands is located in western South

Dakota about 50 to 70 miles to the east

of the Black Hills this particular area

is pretty unique considering its

sediments that actually came from the

Black Hills at one point in time what

you're seeing here in the park actually

are layers that represent basically

pages of time

Badlands National Park

a scenic and geological Wonderland

it's colorful landscape reveals

formations laid down millions of years

ago eroded from relatively soft volcanic

and sedimentary rock

this is a land rich with fossils where

wind and weather have shaped the gullied

hills into an endless variety of strange


the visitor center makes a logical first

stop here you can learn more about the

parks geology the famous fossil

discoveries that continue to be made

here and cultural history of the lakota

american indians

the rock layers of the Badlands are soft

and easily eroded into a variety of odd

shaped towers of ridges the rain from a

single thunderstorm can erode away

enough material for new fossils to

emerge that weren't exposed the day

before fossils themselves are probably

one of the most unique characteristics

it isn't just anywhere that you can go

and you'll actually find fossils eroding

out of rocks like this the erosion rate

is about an inch per year so the

opportunity to see fossils in their

natural state is actually pretty good

here in part mammal fossils from the

time after the extinction of the

dinosaurs are very common you can tell

that he definitely ate meat he has those

nice sharp teeth and he had a nice thick

heavy head to go rooting around first

stuff in the ground

be sure to walk the one-mile fossil

exhibit trail to learn about the rise of

mammals as evidenced by Badlands fossils


though geology defines the region the

prairie grasslands that surround these

buttes and canyons are home to a variety

of Wildlife