A Butcher Takes Apart a Whole Pig - Better Bacon Book

all right I just pulled off the leaf

lard this is what Crisco is made to

imitate the next thing that I'm going to

do is I'm going to pull off the

Tenderloin so that's just if you've ever

had a t-bone or a porterhouse to set

small side of even either of those it

runs right out of the inside of the

spinal column all right next thing I'm

going to do is I might cut the flank off

the ham so we get as long a belly as

possible now I'm going to saw through

this just in front of sirloin bone so I

can separate the ham and the sirloin the

sir why is this part right here from the


now we're going to separate the shoulder

made up of the picnic which is from here

to here and the top but from the loin in

the belly one two three four five

counting down five ribs so I'm cutting

between the fifth and six ribs and now

I'm going to separate the loin because

this is all pork chops from the belly

over here just making two marks on

either the end I'm just sort of playing

connect the dots

sawing through the spareribs these up

here the baby backs these are the spare

ribs down here if you take these and cut

them square you end up with st.

louis-style ribs just in case anybody's

from the loo in their prom alright last

thing we're going to do is we're going

to take spare ribs off so and square

them up in the st. louis-style and

that's it

there's our bacon