Where Do You Feel Kidney Pain In The Back?


if you're suffering bad back pain of

course you want to determine what's

causing it often it's a problem with the

spine or muscles in your back but it

could also result from kidney stones or

some other kidney disorder so it's

important to identify the type of pain

you feel its location and other specific

symptoms you're experiencing kidney pain

often starts with a constant dull ache

deep in the so called flank area on

either or both sides just below the rib

cage but the pain can also come on


and be severe this is often the case

with kidney stones the following

symptoms of kidney problems sometimes

accompany or proceed the pain stinging

or burning when you urinate blood in

your urine frequent urination fever and

chills nausea and vomiting discomfort

that spreads to your abdomen and groin

these symptoms are also similar to a

urinary tract infection but severe flank

pain isn't typical for an infection in

the lower urinary tract that has not

spread to the kidneys the purpose of

this video has been to provide quick

basic answers to the question where do

you feel kidney pain in the back for

additional information see links to

related resources below the video screen

but remember you should always rely only

on a doctor to diagnose any symptoms you

may be experiencing

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