9 Weeks Pregnant - Your 9th Week Of Pregnancy

welcome to your week by week pregnancy

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maternity ultrasound center hi I'm

Monica Healy welcome to pregnancy chart

this is week nine of your pregnancy the

embryonic tail is starting to disappear

so your baby looks a little more human

and a little less like a tadpole this is

your baby at week nine about one inch


baby has started to form internal solid

organs the pancreas is there the

gallbladder is there the intestines are

starting to lengthen an important

milestone this week for your baby is

that the heart has formed its four

chambers and the valves are starting to

form also the nervous system is forming

two and a half million neurons per

minute are formed the baby's nostrils

mouth and earlobes are present the

baby's eyelids are fused shut now and we

won't see baby open the eyes again until

about week 24 there are fingerprints

present there underneath the skin baby

who's the only ultrasound that the baby

twitches these spasming movements are

involuntary you can see the little limbs

the little arm buds and the little leg

buds moving this this is important

because it stimulates muscle and joint

strength also the placenta is pretty

well taking over all the job of making

hormones your body is changing too and

probably morning sickness is in full

force this nausea and mood swings are

all caused by these hormones of

pregnancy you probably are fraught with

worry about becoming a new parent try

not to worry too much you may be

experiencing things that your friends

are not or also different from the

things that I described on in our videos

please post any thoughts below and

lots of questions and I hope that you

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