14 Weeks Pregnant - Your 14th Week Of Pregnancy

welcome to your week by week pregnancy

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maternity ultrasound center hi I'm

Monica Healy and this is week 14 of your

pregnancy your baby can perform complex

movements now and baby's very busy in

there and I know that you're weeks away

from being able to feel this movement

but baby's very active can brown its

squints it makes basic facial

expressions the baby is bending and

stretching and kicking and using the

side of your womb as a springboard the

baby's kidneys are functioning and the

baby pees inside the womb now yes

babies do pee inside the womb and will

continue to do so until until baby's

born it's almost like they have their

own ecosystem inside the womb fine hair

is forming on the top of the lip

in fact fine peach like hair is forming

all over the outside of the baby's body

and this fine hair is called lanugo also

and the most dramatic change this week

for your baby is the reproductive organs

if your baby is a boy the prostate is

developing if the baby is a girl the

ovaries are moving down to their final

resting place in the pelvis this week

also baby is is producing hormones

hormones are produced by glands

endocrine glands and it releases this

substance into the bloodstream that is

sent to a specific tissue to create or

generate a certain response and this

regulates human functions so this week

your baby's thyroid gland which is

located in the neck and as the largest

endocrine gland is producing hormones

this is a life-size model of your baby

at week 14 this is exactly the size of

your baby and if baby legs were

stretched out baby would measure three

and a half inches long amazing

anatomical detail can be seen on your

baby at this stage of the pregnancy

things are going on with your body too

you may be feeling your baby down now

for a minute you're maybe feeling that

you've got a bit of a bump and this can

be a proud and confident time for moms

it can also be fraught with worry and

anxiety and both these feelings are

normal so if you have any questions or

any advice you want to give us please

just write on our forum and we'd be

happy to respond thank you for watching

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