What the German Autobahn is REALLY LIKE! - Americans’ First Impressions (Autobahn Guide)


good morning adventurous we are

continuing the next day of our awesome

German roadtrip we are in we're leaving

Dresden right now we're going to head

over to a town called das it's some

little tiny town we just I did an Airbnb

search and there was a home available

there if it was affordable and then the

town ended up looking adorable so it's

all working out yeah part of our goal

with this trip is to just explore more

of the countryside and the small town so

we're trying to stay away from the big

towns we're actually staying like way

outside of Dresden in this place anyway

so we're not really into the city center

no but we are about to go to the city

centre I found a place for breakfast I

think it's called the California

California kitchen or something

California Breakfast Club yeah and you

guys know we're from California and

these people are from I think pretty

close to where we're from in San

Francisco but they started these

restaurants here so the food looks

pretty amazing so we're gonna see if

it's anything like home


we're in this really cool part of town

that has a bunch of interesting street

art and a bunch of little shops it seems

really hip it's called a house ear

Neustadt I think but it's pretty cool if

we had more time we would definitely

spend some more time around here but the

restaurant should be right over here


our breakfast has arrived it looks

amazing I got the eggs florentine so

we've got some poached eggs on there and

then some hollandaise sauce all over the

top a couple big old hunks of salmon

which is going to be delicious and all

on top of some looks like some toasted

white bread oh yeah pretty excited about


I huevos rancheros it was all in German

so I don't know exactly what I'm getting

but the photos online looks like a bunch

of like vegetables maybe hashbrowns yeah

there's a bunch of peppers down in there

and then to deliciously cooked eggs on

top some avocado this is so uh fluffy ya


freshly fried I believe


so California Breakfast Club is actually

a pop-up restaurant every Saturday and

Sunday from like 9:00 to 2:00 I think

it's actually in a burger joint yeah but

so definitely check it out on the

weekend because it was very good have a

little stroll around down here yeah

so we are currently on a 100-mile

stretch of the Autobahn growing up in

the US the Autobahn was always this like

mythical magical Road I always thought

it was a single road and I just imagined

it was something like Mad Max we're like

no rules applied people were freaking

flying drag racing I don't know doing

whatever they want and nobody cared we

didn't grow up brilli in the age of the

internet all right we grew up in the 90s

so it's not like we could just research

this so it was just something we kind of

heard so in our minds that Auto bomb was

just like one stretchy Road you go as

fast as you wanted to but in reality the

Autobahn is just the German motorway so

it's this expansive network that goes

all over the country that spans I think

like 13,000 kilometers or so so it's

this huge network that apparently really

well maintained and over the last few

days we've been driving on the Autobahn

so we've got the taste of what it's

actually like we've also just done a

little bit of research trying to figure

out well first off we like to do

research on the different rules of the

road in any country that we drive a very

important thing to do yeah highly

recommend always doing that because the

speed limit signs are different they

have signs that you just won't even

understand something like half the signs

on the road I've never seen before so

you don't research you just don't know

flashes or exes different colors things

that you wouldn't see in your country

probably so from what we understand the

way it works is that there are certain

classes and vehicles that have no

federally mandated speed limit I think

it's just you know regular small cars

like ours and then as the vehicles get

bigger they have specific speeds that

they're supposed to drive there are

posted speed limits on a lot of the auto

that you have to abide by and a lot of a

lot of the speed limits are in obviously

construction zone so those will change

and you know built-up areas or areas

where you're going through a town you're

gonna see a speed limit signs of you and

everyone it just immediately slowed down

when they when they get to that sign

from what we understand there is still I

think I read it was like still 50% of

the autobahn is just um unregulated

speed speed and those speed limits what

we also learned is that there's what's

called an advisory speed limit and it's

1 130 kilometers per hour so that's what

you I think it's what the government

recommends you shouldn't go over it's

like a I've been really nice if you guys

could do that but there are no rules so

you can do whatever you want yeah but

that's a little over 80 miles per hour

so for us in the u.s. that's very fast

because a lot of our roads are like 60

miles per hour I think the only stretch

we've come across is in maybe in Utah

and Texas and other states they'll be at

80 miles an hour plus we also are

getting the impression from what we've

read online that the advice are the

posted speed limits are taken very

seriously and that you can get stopped

or pulled over for just going a little

bit over them so when we see a spin

speed limit sign we are immediately

slowing down to that exact speed because

we don't want to take any chances we've

sadly gotten tickets in other countries

I don't think either of us we're driving

but we've been with people and they're

sometimes very expensive so you don't

gonna deal with that Plus through a

rental company it's just all confusing

trying to get the ticket set to the

right place they're better off just to

obeying the rules of the road and

driving as safe as possible

we've been pretty much staying below 130

in the right lane but what we're going

to try to do is when one of these fast

people whips past us we're gonna get

behind them and try to try to match

their speed so we can get a sense of how

fast they're actually go

this car oh wow 175 this guy is good

all right all right that's fast enough

about it you guys how fast do you

normally go on the Autobahn when there

aren't any restrictions just let us lose

it usually speaking around 130 140 so we

got up to like 180 just and couldn't

even come close to catch it up for that

guy so he was definitely going over 200

Wow that was that was scary fast we're

gonna we're gonna keep it

130 and below from metal and I think fun

experiment but I feel like I saw my life

flash before my


another thing that's important to

mention is that while the speed limits

are or there's unrestricted speeds in

certain areas on the Autobahn the roads

are very very well maintained

there aren't any potholes all the

surfaces are nice and smooth we have

seen a lot of areas of construction so

you know they're constantly keeping up

the roads so that's one of the keys to

the Autobahn is that they keep it so

well maintained that it makes it much

safer to drive at those speeds so that's

pretty much how we understand the

Autobahn to any Germans watching if

we've missed anything or if we've gotten

anything wrong just leave us a comment

and let us know this is our first time

driving on the Autobahn we've always

wanted to do it because like we said

it's something we've just heard about

all our lives I don't know if it's like

that for people in other countries if

they thought Obama was like this

mysterious thing but for us that's how

we're in other countries do you guys

have stretches where the the speed limit

is unregulated does that be interesting

to know I always only thought it was in

Germany one interesting thing that we

notice is that we've been on stretches

where everyone's going very very fast

and then all of a sudden there will be a

sign that there's construction coming

and immediately everyone turned on their

flashing lights there are warning lights

and started to slow down and we were

wondering why is everyone got their

flashers on and I think that the reason

is that they just want to warn you that

they're gonna be slowing down very fast

yeah I think it might have been around a

curve or something but it's such a cool

way to indicate that because in the

state see everyone just slammed on their

brakes yeah and maybe that contributes

to a lot of wrecks I think the hazard

lights are great for when there's -

shirts are coming out they're very

noticeable it's almost like a flashing

Construction sign so the minute you see

it you know -

to be prepared nicking your brains so

the speed limit signs here are white

signs with kind of a red circle around

the number which indicates the km/h that

you should be going there's also a blue

sign with a white number that we haven't

really seen many of them but we read

that that is a minimum speed so in some

places there's a minimum speed that

you're not allowed to go below also one

sign that we were very confused about

when we first saw it was it's a white

sign with a bunch of black slashes going

through it so we looked at this sign up

and what it means is that it clears out

any previous speed limits so from what

we understand if you see a speed limit

sign you have to slow down to that speed

limit and then if you see the white sign

with the slashes through it that cancels

out all the other speed limit signs have

you've seen and some of those some of

those white signs actually have a number

on it slashed out so it tells you the

exact speed that's been kind of canceled

out which is a really interesting

mechanic because we've never seen that

they don't have that in our country so

we found that really unique yeah so we

went around a curb the other day and it

was 80 km/h and then I immediately

dropped to 50 and then after the curb

the 50 was slashed out so then I guess

it might to go back up to 80 which is

nice because sometimes you have to take

it slower on a curb then you don't know

what to go back to but you know it's

just the previous sign you saw one of

the scariest things when we first got on

the autobahn was that we're driving in

the right lane so you know the slow lane

and then some people would just go

flying past us and we clocked some of

them at like 100

in 50 or 60 km/h now they were fast no

maybe the gas it was definitely I think

it was over a hundred miles per hour

which you know we we know miles per hour

more than kilometers per hour so for us

that's very very fantastic I think maybe

twice in my life I've I've ever driven

over a hundred miles per hour but it's

pretty intimidating when they come

whipping past you like that but we do

get the impression that most people are

very mindful they drive very safe

because the ability to drive very fast

comes everyone knows that it comes with

responsibility so you have to be as safe

as possible you have to always be

courteous of other people on the road

and using the flashers as a good example

that I think but anyways we have a

couple hours on this stretch we are

going to get back to the road

and pop on some post Malone we've been



he has another thing that I actually

read when I was researching the Autobahn

was that Germans when they get their

license they have to go through like

specific testing for how to handle a car

when it goes over a certain miles per

hour like 90 miles per hour or something

like that because the aerodynamics of

the car change and I guess the weight

shifts around the car and you can lose

control so they apparently have some

pretty strict testing just to make sure

that they're safe and they know how to

drive at these speeds meanwhile in the

u.s. we're learning how to stop at stop

signs in parallel park and freaking

Germany they're learning how to like be

an airplane on the highway geez we've

arrived at our Airbnb here in the town

of gossler we ended up just kind of

unloading all of our stuffing and

sitting and getting work done yeah or

the town and it's so cute we are so

excited to show you guys it but it is

really happy I'm hoping it will not be

as hot tomorrow it was a lot of fun we

have more roadtrip shenanigans but we're

gonna hunker down here tomorrow and go

explore the city it should be pretty

beautiful it's a charming charming town

yeah make sure you guys keep your eyes

out for that video as well yeah all

right good night adventurous we'll see

on the road