Federer, Kyrgios & more star in Rally for Relief | Australian Open 2020


good evening and welcome to the

Australian Open rally for relief where

the biggest names in world tennis come

together for a cause close to all of our

hearts and when we say the biggest names

we mean it they're based here at Rod

Laver Arena I can tell you there's been

plenty of banter coming from down that

hallway behind me they are ready to go

and these players along with the rest of

the tennis family have been touched by

the ongoing bushfire crisis here in

Australia the bushfire disaster in

Australia has escalated to a level never

seen before

a fire now the size of Belgium with no

relief in sight we lived here for 38

years now and it's it's I suppose but

anyway we'll be will build again and

with believer then you know it's been a

pretty tough time for a lot of you know

the major states in our country and you

know especially at this time of the year

and everything you know leading into

Christmas in the new year should be a

happy time for these families and a lot

of these people are doing a pretty tough

out there you know we've got the ability

in the platform to do something like

that and obviously you know my hometowns

camber we've got the most toxic air in

the world one that sounds pretty sad so

yeah it's just

that's heartbreaking for all the strands

has been going on for for over two

months now I think it's all across our

country there are so many people and so

many lives so much wildlife been

affected by the fires and I think you

know what how the countries come

together and trying to trying to help as

much as I can that's been amazing it

shows it that Aussies you know this end

of each other they stick by each other

Australia's such an amazing country and

it's just clearly it's very sad to see

that I really hold the best for for the

whole nation right now I've been playing

Australia for over 20 years

and it's been really hard for me to

watch all the news and everything that

has been happening the super sad

situation and I'm here to help to raise

important money for for the disaster as

all these we're all about helping each

other and together we can make a huge







I will come for you at nighttime I will

raise you from your sleep

I will kiss you in full play music

I'll go running


I'll squeeze alive

you will make the

make me cry


and I shouted to lose


so shed your skin and let's get started


whatever world you come from whatever

town you speak

you can ride

my bus anytime

I'll stick my und feet

we know we don't we


never done


but you won't make me call your name

shout it to you


sir shake your Skinit let's get started


they never meet again

so [ __ ] you're skinny let's get started

you are





your arms


mark Seymour ladies and gentlemen throw

your arms around me couldn't think of a

better song to sum up the spirit of

tonight well it was hot and humid in

Melbourne today but then as if right on

cue the heavens opened and yes ladies

and gentlemen that is rain indeed we

haven't seen it for quite some time but

what it is a sight to see well good

evening everybody and thank you for

being part of what is going to be a

really really special tonight tonight

really for relief and you know what we

are off to a great start because the

inside Rod Laver Arena it is a full

house slaves and gentlemen thank you so

much for your support

James crazy it's great to have you here

tonight inside Rod Laver Arena and what

an atmosphere already oh so good just

great to be here packed out before the

Australian opens even started and people

around the country who have done so much

for what is a special cause and tonight

it's a chance to reflect on what's

happened what's ahead and also have a

bit of fun too with some tennis right

here Rod Laver Arena fast ball tennis

we've grown to love it it's a great

concept some of the biggest stars in the

game out here on the court a little

later on tonight and then a singles

match up it will be one set there'll be

a tiebreaker if required but it is two

huge stars going head-to-head will

reveal some more details about that a

little later on tonight well everywhere

you look tonight there are superstars

Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Novak

Djokovic Serena Williams and they are

all Naomi Osaka and all donating their

time tonight so isn't the family the

tennis family just superb it's unreal

and speaking of donating we have two

things that we'd like you to do tonight

just the first ones really easy and that

sit back relax and enjoy the tennis but

number two is to donate and we've made

it really easy for you

it's oz open dot-com / Isis so we'll

take two dollars we'll take two dollars

fifty two hundred and fifty two hundred

thousand we'll take whatever tonight so

make sure you get online and donate as

soon as you can absolutely and don't

forget - that's so far throughout the

summer of tennis a 100 dollars from

tennis astray from every ace that has

been served and up to this point we've

got over four thousand aces that have

been hit

that means over four hundred thousand

dollars we've already got the bushfire

Relief Fund so well done to all those

tennis players so far and tonight every

ace that's struck and for the remainder

of the summer the tennis right up to the

final of the Australian Open they will

count as well and go straight into the

kitty another treat tonight back is the

fact we've got some VIP guests some

firefighters from around Australia

who've been out there saving lives and

saving homes and tonight they're here to

enjoy some tennis and Hannah died on


they deserve it they deserve it indeed

almost a standing ovation for our

firefighters here tonight inside Rod

Laver Arena there well done to you all

and later tonight we'll hear some of the

great stories that they have got to tell

and boy are there some stories they need

to tell and share with the in Australian

public beautiful reception here ladies

and gentlemens people do stand out run

around the crowd here growl firefighters

some here tonight and of course so many

out there at the moment fighting fires

saving lives everyone is up on their

feet Jones crazy that's what it means to

we say thank you and we salute you

simply remarkable here at world live

arena water and atmosphere big it is

tremendous indeed I can't wait to get

things started it's great to have

everyone here great to have everyone in

the spirit so we want them to be in

we're here to have some fun tonight and

we'll share so many of these great

stories this evening as well one man who

will be finding out some of those tales

to tell is our very own Tony Jones

evening TJ yes good evening James good

evening everyone tell you what as if

we're not surrounded by enough in the

way of tennis royalty what about this

man folks

the nine-time of Grand Slam champion

Dillon all car Thank You TJ thank you

everybody my I've got goose bumps is

such an honor to be here and it's been

such a tough time for so many

Australians you know right across the

country for a few months but tonight's

all about making money and having fun as

well and it's going to be incredible a

fast four doubles max with ten of the

world's best tennis players split in


two teams of five and then a singles

match that you do not want to miss it's

gonna be amazing

it is we're going to get to that very

shortly but I just want to ask you a few

questions here are you ready to raise

some money spirits


ready to welcome the teams on to Santa

chord the captain of team Wozniacki

please welcome to shrine open champion

Caroline Wozniacki






Caroline Wozniacki welcome back to

Australia we absolutely love you in

Australia I know you love Australia as

well what does it mean to be a part of

such an awesome event it means so much

I'm so happy all of you came out today

and supporting this obviously a show

that's going through a lot as you know

and that we can all be here together

today and raise a lot of money is really

really great so I hope we all have fun

today and raise a ton of money now

you're hanging together you know pretty

quickly are you proud with the way that

the tennis family came together to try

and help the bushfire crisis I really am

you know to have all these great players

and all these great fans here today and

a few days notice it's amazing how

everyone got together and we all loved

Australia we all have that in common and

we all want to help as much as we can

awesome now I've seen your team list Wow

it is very good now let's check out

who's on your team let's bring our team

was knee a key her first player a rising

star of the sport please welcome Coco



Jordan tables yaki Maki welcome


the Greek sensation Stefan are 65

and the champion Navy Osaka

okay a very very formidable team that

one that I reckon we've got their

measure as we make welcome their captain

of Team Williams but one the only the

immortal Serena Williams

Syrena welcome back to melbourne welcome

back to Australia 20 years and obviously

that's why you're so touched by what

you've been seeing yes 20 years it's

been my home and had so many great

matches on this court and in this

country and so that's why we're all here

tonight to support and to help out and

you must have been very touched when

yourself and your little girl went to

actually meet the firefighters yesterday

yes my daughter had a chance to meet the

firefighters and you know it's just it

was just a really cool moment not only

for her but for me we're in for a

terrific night tonight it is for a very

good cause great to see you Sarita

thanks for being part of it Serena

Williams ladies gentlemen and this is

team Williams

let's welcome team Williams under the

cordon first up what a world's best

dominic team

please welcome about the big heating

Petra Kvitova

seven-time Australian Open champion

Novak Djokovic

slam champion Rafael Nadal


okay you guys need to warm up because

right now we're heading up upstairs to

our commentary position headed up by the

great chocolate ranch

thanks TJ we are looking forward to it

here got Casey Dellacqua here with Sam

Groth I think one of the things I'm most

looking forward to is that we've got the

players Mike so we're going to hear a

lot from them they're going to be having

fun and it's not that serious stuff that

we're going to see next week when the

Australian Open gets underway

I'm gonna start with you here Sam I mean

you're a country boy and you know how

devastating these fires have been for

everybody out there yeah certainly do

for me growing up in country New South

Wales and just recently I was up on the

board of New South Wales and Victoria up

near Mount Hotham and dinner plains

where I know the fires went through

four-wheel driving I spend a lot of time

this year in Gippsland traveling out for

work going to these places in these

communities that have been affected so

to be here tonight and to be a part of

this it's great for me to be here but

it's great for everyone that we're doing

this and just to support those those

groups of people we're talking about

support KC how good is it that we've got

all of these top players these champions

like Rafa and Novak's arena or putting

their time up well I think it just shows

what tennis is about we are a tight

community we all love to get together

when we all need to and that's what

rally for relief is tonight but even

over the last couple of weeks just

seeing all the athletes their pledges

being donated also time and then here

tonight I'm really looking forward to

this one well looking forward to getting

it all underway so I'm going to pass it

back down to Becky and James

thank you very much Todd and team where

we're gonna have a lot of fun tonight

with fast for tennis to come but here's

a little reminder of why we are

determined tonight to raise as much

money as we possibly can





















those stories James Bracy hello and

welcome thank you very much for being

part of our really special night tonight

that is rally for relief as you can see

our fast for tennis is not far away

James but before we get into that we

need you we're asking you to do one

special thing tonight and that is donate

absolutely get behind the cause I was

open calm forward-slash tonight we are

adding to that total already with over

$400,000 in the kitty we saw that

fittingly beautiful reception here at

rot labor arena earlier for our

firefighters our VIP guests who are here

at rod laver arena tonight for what is

going to be a special night of tennis

and entertainment and Tony Jones their

man on the scene together to know a

couple of them receive

yeah and it's a couple representing so

many isn't it James Ellis till welcome

along to Melbourne Park

hey thanks Tony thank you how did you

feel when you were welcomed and the

audience stood as one and that ovation

that just seemed to last forever that's

just incredible absolutely incredible

and we're only you know one out of many

and it's just incredible to see what

people are doing I guess you'd love all

your mates to be here tonight and enjoy

what you'll be enjoying but I'll tell

you what you deserve it I think our city

folk only get a snapshot of what you

actually go through thank you I think it

takes everybody to pitch in and do their

own bit and it's it's terrific to savor

on any helping what do you think when

the rain came it's terrific

where were you two weeks ago exactly

right exactly right good on you mate

all right well can I also have a very

quick chat to Chris Chris how are you

man you've earned it you mowed your

stripes for a left hand and here you are

as an honorary member of the team I

don't think you are mate and water is

the key isn't it what would you like to

say to everyone

oh just thanks for everyone and feel

free to donate much appreciated and

everyone needs that support oh good

stuff give him a big round of applause

again as we head up to the commentary

position where their common sign is

by Todd Woodbridge well good evening


what a starts of the evening some

emotional pictures and we're about to

get into the fun part of it with our

greats Caroline Wozniacki

out there there at the coin toss now

with John Blum the umpire but before we

get to that this just happened and this

was a hit two targets to try and raise

extra cash guys and there was a little

bit of work but then they got go they

certainly did it took a little bit of

time there for the players to get into

it but some firepower especially Novak

Djokovic I saw him really rifling some

four hands he's had a lot of success on

this court over the years though he has

but I'm gonna I think Serena Williams

team took the cake there they all hit

inspiron song they were definitely

something champion versus the challenges

that we've got going on in teams tonight


about to get underway Serena to serve

fast loosen loose gentlemen first sets

team Bosnia key to sir it's definitely

City Pass here we go



oh my gosh hey your big guy man you know



like to see when Caroline was gonna get

involved haven't had a bowl yet before

that point had she well if you've got

the chance you know always a good option


I think that's exhausting will rule

innovation there from anything anything

to make a few extra way out

I can see that football going buddy tees

wide open right here wide open


let's put that that would go to an oasis

type girls the mind games don't work

with certainly does not $100 a bushfire

relief fun there oh my god happy but no

back to leave it open the more money we

can raise tonight the better first can

let's throw it down to Dylan all caught

on court

Novak Djokovic let's go I'm looking what

you let the team yeah a little bit

I'm sorry carefully I'm sorry I'm you

know it's you know it's it's a big stage

it's you know I got some bad news for

you both as well after that first game

he paints up down already new players

coming on is that Alright

so it'll be Rafa it's not a bad sup with

Petra Kvitova

Wimbledon champion 19 grand slams from


and the other end there's a sub - yes

alexander's burov in osaka so only one

game for our opening four players it's

tough to get some rhythm with that isn't


I'd say this is the first time I've seen

no me a soccer on a doubles court


Arkadiy should cost the place a hundred

dollars to challenge tonight especially

if they're wrong

we'll send him an invoice all of you

guys at least hit some balls I didn't

all I did was this oh my god okay

yeah you just can't turn the competitive

nature off Getty be can't that's for


what about the pressure that Petra's

feeling though well she got instructions

of it he didn't deliver the show the

thing is she literally just told me if I

miss one my body stops to bring me out

Bobo Foley's close yeah

just couldn't court intruder that I

stayed that don't Morpher



well you're not





so we're all time doc Agra

I think we're getting another subbing

but he had been ladies doubles I saw

loose here even us in the combo not sure

what's going ok running laps should be

three and six now

just give me a sir all right double

fault and of course I double fall I told

you she's out I get a 30 sir I'm the

youngest out here

Oh outside now this is my best side

she's just gotta go the new kurios

underarm sir yeah there he go

Coco Goff the rising stars of the WTA to

it youngest player in the WTA top 100

Todd some of our viewers may not have

seen it before qualified at woman beat

Venus Williams first round went on to

the round and 61 double partly correct

that was a breakthrough I can do this

all day out on the baseline

see how buddy shows you the gold on the

right baseline


we actually got a I didn't think we were

gonna find a review why are you letting

a ball get challenged





hey crazy lady everybody loved us happy


cutter drinks we play let's play let's

play let's yes oh no this is a tough-ass

coco youngest player on the court

everyone's abandoned earth she's on her

own side of the net although team

sitting on team was in the Aki's bench

raus I would ask you to go on a drink

with me I'll just stay here yeah I got

it I got it


ask you out on it and out for a drink

but I'm too young Sue's choice okay fast

for got a change of partner


we're off to a good start we're going to

go down to teach a culture well as we

said we've got a number of VIPs here at

Melbourne Park tonight and I just want

to introduce another couple of those

VIPs for you this is Zach now Zach

you're 15 oh yeah 15 and this is your

mate Matt 16 years of age now you're

from melaku - where do you work

the pub okay then there you've both been

put through the wringer I mean you were

both forced out as were your families

where's all your family now man I

bounced out my mum's have bounced out my

little brother and sister stuff Oh

Mama's watching this from hospital is

she yeah now she's in a bus now with

their parents did she suffer an injury

you were telling me earlier yeah she

broke her collarbone right so how did

you get to Melbourne because you both

had sort of varying methods to get down

here didn't you yeah I flew the plane my

um Arnie order to charter your Rd order

to charter to Johnny's counter I didn't

she and how'd you do Danny

hitchhiker maybe bye did your auntie

order that one this one so I guess the

thing is you know is that a lot of these

country towns which have been ravaged by

the fires and you were showing with some

video before of the height of it just

horrible stuff is that you eventually

want people to actually come back to

mallacoota when it's time to come back

yeah it's just such a beautiful place

and like it's just like really sad to

say just like all destroyed yeah sorry I

might I cut you off there mid-sentence

there now you're telling me you're 15

you're 16 but here you are I mean

through horrendous circumstances

front-row seats

Melbourne Park watching these stars in

action and you got your drinks here

are you sure you're 50 my voice is a

little dodgy tonight I reckon that's

like just helping that is rocket fuel my

friends anyway you sit back and enjoy

the rest of it and is there anything

you'd like to say on behalf of no wood

is there anything you'd like to say on

behalf of everyone in mallacoota I mean

people have been supporting yes everyone

go donate like it's just destroyed and

ya need some help

good work Mike well done give him a

round of applause everyone two brave

young men well done fellas well that's

one of the things that we need to

remember too is that we need to get

these towns back up and running and if

we can all get down to some of the

places that have had some of this

distress and you know by going to them

we get them back up and running just to

put some dollars back into the

communities absolutely it's the first

thing that I'll be doing when I can with

my family's perfect are [ __ ] scooters

and bikes and go to these communities

and really give back to the communities

because going worldwide - and it's one

of those things we've got to tell the

world that Australia's still open for

business there's so many beautiful

places around Australia and we need

those tours to be coming down here and


different places along our coastlines we

certainly do it there's still so much to

see do and they're gonna come bounce

back all right we're gonna get back into


Dominic team to serve are you backing in

here case this is a interesting matchup

isn't it men versus the women the women

don't game recent says Todd Woodbridge

did say more very sorry

yeah I go I go Bob it's fine




Cosby is he in double she played doubles

with Serena Williams her best friend in

Auckland last week yeah this she sucked

herself out wasn't that bad a

performance early

you get double points



video-review only a teacup for the

doesn't work here you might have seen

last week an account for the first time



what we're doing well well we need this

point it's your say come on

oh you guys are so

oh that's very nice from Naomi I was so

much pressure it's a little - all in

this opening set and we're gonna have

another sub in here what about Serena

last week in Auckland winning for the

first time in what four years so

impressive titles in four decades

amazing and truly one of the favorites

come straight open next week it's coming

out so we've picked up a bit about

another picture and runner up here at

the Australian Open last year - Naomi

Osaka and a last grand slam let's not

forget that she's about to serve she's

and she is the foremost reigning

champion champion for a long time in our


thank you for that sir



some serious star patter on this court

right now Coco golf how do you think she

feels by the way she did


look at this tweener

Oh might have been an illegal one it

definitely been some one more time but

it's supposed to we're not gonna tell

anybody though



I don't know how she does 50% of the

thing these stresses you know when this

loan is Serena made some good doubles




receive a choice we got doesn't matter

where you serve just a see okay

go KITT pick out why I why I picked that

white hair for him kick out why's this

hit at age okay so much I don't know

pressure was the Yankee remember it's

fast for one game to take this verse it

will be back with more from rally for















welcome back to the rally before relief

we are here for the fires and make sure

you donate right now with the link that

is on your screen we are joined by Deb

ball from the Stuart Mill fire brigade

we get a round of course a Deb everybody

there you were fighting fires up until

Monday this week yes I was up at the

chorion fairies what was the scenes like

up there it's very black very smoky very

black and yeah you get to see lots of

dead animals and lots of houses that are

destroyed but we're there trying to make

all the farmers feel safe well they go

about their business awesome now it's

such an important night to donate for

such an important cause however during

the outbreak he pulled me over and said

Dylan I'm a really good tennis player

and I said did are you a tennis player

so you play a bit of tennis

I play for sanad Lawn Tennis Club in the

in the mid week ladies composition is a

lot Saturday afternoon come very now Deb

who's your favorite tennis player out

here everybody playing Rafa team up with

Rafa for a couple of points what are you




has somebody go to spare racket she did

with somebody gonna wreck it okay

Deb good luck get out there

can you imagine she sister that she gets

it he's gonna fighting fires up in

quarry on Monday to playing doubles

alongside the world number one on Rod

Laver Arena in depth just talked about

all the animals it's a good

ATP in their donation

after spending double dollars to the

World Wildlife Fund was a great pledge

yet certainly is


just came down a little too steep on

that bully good buddy if you'd just

snatching at it slightly what a moment I




mean it's really amazing know isn't it

refers her favorite player she plays

tennis everything they do is put no

recognition really

didn't I get a convincing together the

hug [ __ ] she had the opportunity take

the hug when you can get it hey all your

opportunities in life

oh gee oh okay

come on you got this


just a bit levels it up for team



tiebreak what an incredible experience

own honestly it's such a small something

that she's able to come out as a

recognition for everything the

firefighters are doing it's quite

amazing after all you've done for this

country everybody affected that is what

you deserve round of applause for dead


five point Iraq will be played to decide

the match first to five okay say final

states of us to serve to service come on

that's on a trio fire point right I

don't care I don't care you don't care I

don't care - yeah doesn't matter

no I got it

they look alike right yeah yeah I go

wherever you go here yeah that's my

back-end hey come on guys I just just

what I write on here you guys worried

about Blizzard enough

what is the one said you think we want

to place a flower

yeah exactly phone that's why I'm

already on my SATs are allegedly chemo


no wait guys you got one more servicing

why are one more stir fast for nicer

okay no problem

okay see you soon I like my return

that's fine

rockin it so fast for tie Rakhi to


six-two six-three so you were stealing

your nappies


come on all the states with the young

guns and breakfast started to zero even

there's lots of banter going on this is

confusing now was a joke was a joke it

was a joke

the boat I accidentally hit it with the


yeah that that is really a joke you are

weary playing that point as well or yeah

yeah also I go here back off you go

forget every you want it on the big


yeah guys please camera can you show

Rafa's finger where he told me that I

should go all right ready to old changes

change hands please change


see next-gen yeah how slow they are look

at these guys 60 plus years here like

applying your legends event on nothing

good they qualified well anyway yeah yes


maybe too much Williams amazing tactics

Rafa not like down the line blisters yes

all day long

okay team Williams

we got a couple of match points Syrena

match for Team Williams all is well okay

thank you we're trying our best for you


cameraman can we please see Novak's much

better lift it in the middle you make a


okay FICA nice there you go

no problem


so there you have it

take William walk the chicken guillotine

when is this contest here so we're gonna

go to a break and we're gonna come back

and we've got some very special guests

it's gonna be very exciting so stay with

us here on rally for really





















welcome back to centre court here and

Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park joined

by the two captains now because it ain't

over yet ladies we got something very

special coming up now it is the Battle

of the singles now I don't want you to

tell me who your players are but do want

you to give everyone at home everyone

here everyone around the world just a

little bit of a hint as to who you've

chosen Caroline well we have a little

ace of our sleeve

he serves a lot of aces he is Australian

he is young tall and sometimes gets in a

little bit of trouble but

so that's who's on our team well who do

you need that might be folks are you

thinking who I think it is tell us who

it is ladies and gentlemen welcome on

the card Nick



okay so our friendly foes they are all

right Serena that's the man that you

need to conquer you're gonna have to

draw on someone with vast experience

vast Ellen who could that be

give us a clue I mean I didn't I wasn't

expecting you to bring out Nick that's

totally not fair so I don't know how I

can beat that but you know how about the

goat whoa look at that 30 bucks that it

is tells you it is sure

the 20 time

now this is a pretty historic occasion

so all you guys can please move over

there just for a group photo we need a

nice happy snaps oh there's the

photographer's over there and if you

could all turn around in some sort of an

order there there we go now rapper

rapper can I have a chat to you for a

moment please

now as if Nick and Roger wasn't a

surprise enough

I think rappers got another surprise for

us ever oh well yeah yeah talking with

Roger a couple of hours ago we we

decided to give 250,000 Australian

dollars to the barn fires real lives


hopefully that's keep inspiring the

people to support this terrible disaster

that we were going through and helps to

recover all the all the things that we

need well you need to go and get a photo

but saying you've got my microphone can

you throw back to James and Rebecca to

you James and Rebecca thank you very

much Rafa and what about that an extra

two hundred and fifty thousand dollars

in the kicker for tonight put your hands

to get a gain what an extraordinary

gesture for our bushfire alone of course

you can do your part tonight as well

also open calm forward slash aces to get

involved to donate to what is a very

worthwhile cause what about this veteran

kurios not far away and we already know

nick has done so much to those in them


what's going on of motors it's

devastating you know people losing their

homes their lives you know my hometown

is you know on the brink of being

practically on fire so you know it's not

it's not easy talking about it but yeah

I guess I'm happy that you know we're

doing something about it

you know every time I stepped up to the

line and hit an ace the crowd was you

know more more lively than they usually

would be they were happy every time I

hit it nice and it was a good feeling

you know the first my first service

gaming had an ace and you know I pointed

up to the crowd and everyone kind of

knew you know it's bigger it's bigger

than any of this you know even if I'd

lost today you know it would be in the

same situation I'm still helping trying

to you know raise some funds you know

get get get these families these you

know all these firefighters just

resources to help it's just bigger than

tennis I think it's giving us the

platform to help well there is no doubt

about it

Nicky Rios is won over a few tennis fan

from the last few weeks great job Andy

curiosity's been out and about railing

defense and he really got the ball

rolling didn't he he certainly did look

making that announcement that $200 from

his own pocket was going to the cause

and in the end of fish with 69 aces from

Nick himself at the ATP Cup so brilliant

stuff from Nick and he's about to be out

here on court against Roger Federer bet

this is going to be a sensational match

one singles match could be a tiebreaker

at the end of this set if required

between these two and Dillon you're out

there and it's a warm up between these

two players with a bit of a difference

tonight yeah it is thanks so much James

we're out on the court and to get warmed

up we're gonna raise a little bit of

extra money so we've got some targets

set up at the end of the court

and what's going to happen is Nicky Rios

is gonna start by acting his coach and

he's gonna feed the ball to Roger

Federer and rod he's gonna heat as many

targets as he can he gets a hundred

bucks each target and then $1,000 in the

bonus round all going towards helping

Australians affected by the bush fires

you haven't already donated please do

because it's going towards such a great


we're taking a couple of photos with the

far is but first before we get down

there talk to Nicky Rios Nick mate you

ever coached or feta ball in before what

was that if a coach still fed a ball in

before yeah of our feta call balls not

not to Roger but I'm gonna make him

tough because I want to beat him full-on

so Mike can I say as a friend of yours

but I'm really proud of you this was

your idea to come up with this what does

it feel like

what did we like to be opening tonight

and to see you know some of the CFA

firefighters here 290 join yeah it's an

emotional one for sure you know when I

was playing hate to wake up this is all

I was thinking about I just wanted to

get this to this stage with all these

you know brilliant players Steph Novak

all these guys showing their support to

see all the firefighters and all these

guys out here it's just it's emotional

it's tough so I just I just want to have

a lot of fun tonight and hopefully we

can overcome all this can own unique

heroes please everyone a big thank you

to all the players who played in the


they're gonna close the fitting room

cool Rocha a hundred bucks per target a

thousand in the book mystery are quickly

fading Nick as many as you can

that's it

some horrible fades name



come out cold








nice watch shot all right

second bonus rounds each one of these

targets are worth $1,000 you got 30 more

seconds no job you stay yeah you got 30

more seconds bonus round

yes they're the girls a target





last one thank you to the bonus round

all right now you smoke now Roger your

friends and Nick

Nick's got a minute hundred bucks in the

first minute thousand bucks in the bonus

round get it kids ready ready I'm ready

here we go


yeah nice nice why we got the rhythm now

here we go we got the rhythm try not to

hit Roger


ha ha that's it

ten seconds Nick


I lost one



thirty more seconds 1,000 bucks 1,000

bucks at Target you ready well he's

getting second he's gonna be pumped I

like it you want to go backhand for

hands go all right here we go all right

time starts now




five three two


gentlemen well done that was the most

profitable warm-up in every time to do

this rise $35,000 for the bush

Tony over to you in the crowd well

really came for you to meet this couple

they are a nice couple if we can say

that Luke and Heidi welcome where are

you from what part of the world

Rochester Rochester up near the border

there and you've been fighting fires

together yeah we went away last weekend

to Wodonga yeah and it was pretty busy

that weekend I'm sure it was so are you

fighting alongside each other or I mean

if you're not you would obviously have

genuine concerns for each other's

welfare wouldn't you look we do a lot of

fighting against each other but we yeah

last weekend was certainly together and

then most the time with a young son so

Heidi stays at home and I'm out 45

so I was saying before that you're not

only saving life you're putting your own

lives on hold to do this and as you say

you've got a young boy so how often are

your way from home I mean how many

nights in a row would you be doing that

it depending summer it's it's a lot more

obviously so there are some times where

it's five nights a week sort of thing

during winter it's a lot less stress so

much all right now when you are on the

front line there who's calling the shots

and at home definitely a mo now this is

a very very special night for Heidi and

Luke and we are celebrating it as well

because it is your anniversary yeah nine

years well I'm glad we get at least make

it a little special well given the

amount of service that you've done so on

the count of three let's wish them a

very big Melbourne Park a very big happy

anniversary one two three


great stuff Thank You TJ Luke and hearty

congratulations nine years and going

very strong great to have them here to

enjoy a night of entertainment we've had

the fast four earlier and not far away

it's veteran curiosity R Rod Laver Arena

and you can do your bid for people like

Luke and Heidi as well Australian Open

comm /a TSA's and please do your bit and

donate tonight with us

yeah and I'm hearing that the donations

are rolling in thick and fast but you

know that we can always improve on that

James Bracy well so many big stars right

across the world have got involved in

our bushfire appeal and here is a

message from two huge Ozzy stars hey

everyone its Kylie here so sorry I can't

be with you tonight I just wanted to say

that I'm so I'm so touched and in or and

how friends have rallied together

those in need right now your support and

your donations mean so so so so much hi

guys I so wish we could be there with

you tonight we've just been so touched

by the way Australians have just rallied

to this cause and shown this what thank

you so much for your donations and

everything raised is going to go to

helping communities all over Australia

so we know that the strains are great

rally is that we really need your

support so thank you all the proceeds

from tonight will go towards helping

communities recover so well done

everyone and lots and lots of other
















welcome back everybody to rally for

relief from what a superstar night I've

had so far but you know what I think

it's gonna kick up a gear even more

those players behind me I can just feel

the tempo change a little bit in here

you reckon

absolutely their curiosity Federer this

will be a beauty one set between these

two and the talk is cuz Roger hasn't

played in Australia just yet

he's looking for some serious action out

there tonight right here at Rod Laver

Arena he knows his place all too well so

let's head to the commentary box

Casey Sam and Todd that take you through

all the action well we've had our fun

they're out here on Rod Laver Arena and

we're about to get serious as we heard

James say that Roger we haven't seen his

form so this is our first opportunity to

see what he looks like in the new year

in the new year



have the firefighters here just a little

bit of yes

I'd like you to be lost for words oh

sorry I thought we were pausing for a

moment there no it's it's been great to

have the firefighters hidden I just

small recognition for what they've done

for everyone throughout Australia well

and as they come back to get started and

had a bit of all of Casey we saw some

great stuff from Nick at the ATP

tournament Roger Federer won the toss

looked nice to receive billion that

doubles match against the GB yes here

ready to play so looking forward to this


when we heard in the laid out didn't we

both players then he put some match play

here don't get as close to torment

conditions is he gonna get a packed

house on Rod Laver Arena and Roger was

out the roof was blows a veneer sort of

playing had has he finished the session

he had the kids all came out onto the

court and as a funny little moment

happened as he left the court went out

into the hallway one of his young

fellows of the twins Leo and Lenny says

a pupper he didn't win this tournament

last year and he says no no I did do my

best this was just all the natural

conversation that I was walking behind

it was great stuff

just feeling each other a little feel

each other out a little bit early in

this one

oh yes

good stuff this one he got away with

Roger didn't dispatch it got a deep

great pickup from Nick so there was

didn't hit the drop shot well enough but

able to pick that one up off his toes

follows it up with a nice hundred

dollars the ACE is Telly it's always a

few nerves when you step out on this

arena for the first time of the year

especially normally when you're doing it

playing your practice set you wouldn't

have this many people it's always like

that anyway but this is this is perfect

for him you wouldn't get this

opportunity you know what I mean just

sitting tomorrow is who he's gonna be

the goat lot to talk about the goat well

I can tell he he wants to he wants that

title he doesn't want to well you still

out here right absolutely apart from the

loving to play but he's got the other

two guys sitting on the sidelines

chomping at his heels this is great for

us we haven't seen Roger so far this

song we've seen the other guys

we'll wait and output in the lead up and

now to see Roger it's only gonna be a

first set also but in this sort of

environment we get a real look at him

before he steps on the courts here next


well he hasn't played a lot of Tour

tennis for a while the back end of the

year went to South America and played a

series of exhibitions with Alexander's

Vera ten different cities I think it was

actually got the vs. crowd ever in

Mexico City at 42,000 coming in to watch

the exhibition match it's extraordinary

42,000 I played in Mexico City in front

of about 15 people once not quite the



tweener that wasn't a key hit this man

can play some pretty good twist this

takes a lot of talent and it actually

takes a bit of practice just makes it

look so easy feta rack so we'll turn up

at 1 or let's say I go down to Dylan at

courtside yeah Todd the intensity is

definitely changed in the building you

can hear a pin drop down here when the

points are getting played these guys are

taking this really serious it's such a

great opportunity to get a really good

look at both gentlemen before these

Trent open after such a fun doubles

match it's got a bit serious down here

I'm real enjoying it

and it's so great to see Roger in a

relaxed environment too competitive but

he's showing is that personality he's so

captivating is it definitely an aura

that he carries everywhere he goes don't

you see how they surged down here in

Melbourne in city of really kindred

conditions in the semi-final of the ATP

can get as many free points as we're

used to seeing on he serve such a big

part of his game isn't that he's serving

well the rest of his name in ways I

don't know the roofs close but that bit

of rain around tonight it's gonna be a

real test to see how heavy the

conditions will play here now we're not

expecting super hot weather to start the

tournament next week and a pretty good

service game for Mickey Russ we're on

serve special match at rally for relief

it's kurios




time well that's a much better view of

Melbourne we've struggled a little bit

with smoke over the last couple of days

and with a big storm here tonight we've

had a bit of a flush out we've had a lot

of rain it's just passing by now so it's

becoming a much better evening and what

a match we've got here for rally full

relief Nick kurios on served 2 1

roger federer out here to serve


just a reminder that's a all the Aces

serve tonight all the money donated goes

to the bushfire Relief Fund and you can

still get in and donate doughnut holes

open comm aces some great packages there

for some very special opportunities

there's a doubles match with you Todd

and with Casey well yeah well I wasn't

pumping up my own say that's what it

sounded like

but go and have a look some really good

things to get involved in an auction

there is the doubles there yourself and

Mark Philippoussis jump one with

yourself Casey and Alicia Molik I think

it's the least we can do hey Todd I need

to get back on course coming to


veteran certainly plenty of pace left in

the 30-year old 38 year old legs of

ready to felt like to be 30 he's moving

like it he just doesn't seem to age even

as the years go by its looked after his

body still moves so well fearfully now

it is a little bit heavy out there the

servant Nick cross is not showing it to

18 kilometers an hour back to back

hundred dollar donations from Nicky's

also donating two hundred dollars for

each ace he hits himself throughout the

summer we've seen a lot of players jump

on board with that as well yeah that's

me Sam it's been seeing all the players

stepping up like we mentioned giving

their time giving pledges


it's another clean service game from the

Australian and of is Nick kurios stays a

history too




I mean we've Andrew and roommate it's

been such a tough time for fires across

the country

how is your summer been where were you

I've had a few trips away

Armidale Batemans Bay and just got back

from eat Slainte

now what were some of the scenes up

there that you saw sorry what were some

of the scenes up there that you saw yeah

it's it's pretty hard to describe it's

the things that you end up seeing you

don't want to see but

yeah just devastation now what's it like

being three meters away from a very


Nick girls you mean are you enjoying

your seats it's been a fantastic

experience get back out there boys back

up for the commentators Tod take it away

Thank You Dylan and thank you dealing

we're very lucky with what our

firefighters have done all around the

country and we thank them all very much

and some of them with that opportunity

there to be here this evening in some

reward back for all of the hours and

effort that they've put into things for

us so it'll be Roger to surf it's on

surf two three in this special set

from ar-fifteens mallacoota and just

want to remind people you know we've got

to get back in get to these communities

your holiday destinations and they've

got to be rebuilt we're still they're

still going to be beautiful the

Australian bush bounces back like you

know twelve months time they'll be you

if we get a bit of rain there'll be

greenery there'll be everything back

because we're a lot to do with our

animals as well though I've seen a great

thing on social media great boy from

Roger but owed you people to go out with

empty s keys and empty cars and take

their kids and go out to these

communities that you might normally not

go to these regional areas you know stay

in their hotels and either their

restaurants and visit they don't

obviously everything we do here and

everything helps but they need people to

go back to those areas for the long-term

sustainability and yeah I mean I grew up

in regional stress so I can relate what

to what it's like coming from a small

town and how much you need that influx

of people

she does

just there's little bit of pressure on

the federal serve here playing normal


I've an interior there's a couple loose

errors Casey from Roger yeah I think you

can just see as we've spoken about

getting caught time getting competitive

match practice at this time he is so

crucial some of those errors may just be

from lack of competitive play see that

very often doing three unforced errors

from Roger Federer kurios gets the break

which is the difference maybe Nick's had

all those matches coming in Roger as we

said first time of the year that he's

gonna play so he seems pretty relaxed

about it though yeah it's not worrying

is he I'm just looking at their

head-to-head and Nick only bidding him

on the one occasion that was the first

time they met that was it the the

Mafia's making 2015 but they've had some

close battles too over the matches I

played went to seven six in the third

made a ripper two at the Labor Cup in

2017 that was in Prague Roger was in all

sorts of trouble there and went into his

bag of magic tricks and got out of it

we did the same at the Miami Masters a

few years ago that was one that stood

out for me epic match or it was almost

match of the year in 2017 that was seven

six in the third

3015 there's no coming back


talking about Rogers bag of tricks it's

a pretty deep and big bag isn't it it's

a bit Harry Potter like Santa Claus



last game before All Balls curious

finding harder to get those free points

on his serve


miss the curiosity leader na'kal on the

ride baseline it's not that far surely

that's a good call sir Rocha gets the

right back we're back on serve the kiosk

sees ahead for three curiously





so welcome back everybody to rally for

relief relief rather here in Melbourne

and it's been a brilliant evening so

many of the stars have come out to

support it we've had a lot of fun in our

fast for doubles matches and then we've

got Nicky Ross coming out and coming on

to play Roger Federer here just a

reminder to everybody to donate for us

if you can head to our open comm slash

aces and you'll be directed to be able

to donate and go into an auction for

some special packages as well


and there's something that you I took

about you something that some of these

monies will go to that's a bush fire

emergency wildlife fund yeah if you're

coming to the Australian Open over the

next couple of weeks

head under cut three zoos Victoria

they're gonna set up a stall it's gonna

sell Australian animal soft toys and all

profits and donations will go to push

for emergency wildlife fund which i

think is really important because only

us Australians but all around the world

has really made a huge impact

we're gonna see during this train open

they always bring the native animals out

and the photos all the players just what

hip novak djokovic so much - so who

between him and Rafa got together got

the ATP and the players all got behind

it seven hundred and twenty five

thousand dollar donation to WWF the

World Wildlife Fund




with the challenge yeah where's the

curiosity over to the goal on the left

far side

and just why it was good it could reach

I took it early game



ar-15 a little giggle from Roger Mick

said he's in my head it's not a safe

place to be sometimes nick curiosity

fifteen all it's been an interesting

month though I'll start of the year

other affiliate we've actually seen a

different side of him so it's it's been

nice for everybody to see that part of


I certainly has that person

I think he's looked really good I think

on the court I think we've seen a great

side to him off the court was integrate

solder on the core but not just me

tennis that's the way he's approached

everything in be 19 team us in that team

environment here in Australia where

there's a lot of pressure for him coming

to start the year but having that group

of people around him he really thrived

and it's gonna really use that to propel

himself forward himself and into the

remainder of the year hopefully

4050 so hard to pick that serve these

women great returners worker that's what

he does so I'll get record on the ball

but he's not reading it at all where

tonight we just it's every serve off the

same ball toss there's another one

so another Ice Center donation it spaces

for bushfire relief it is Nikki Rose who

is ahead five games to four








right please


waveless well that's the view Melbourne

Park Rod Laver Arena a cut iron roof is

closed what a night this has been full

house helping to raise funds rally for




so it's a big day tomorrow isn't it Todd

with the drawl coming out you have a

good a draw shot

that's enough in the evening yeah that's

what everybody sort of waits for fingers

crossed that they get a a good section

or an opportunity to go deep and certain

players stay away from you in the in the



odd games on that's a talent to do that

to some people have can do it easily

yeah I could I'd find it hard to me


a really good view there on the kurios

surfing when that ball toss goes up and

he makes impact you just see the

pronation and he's able to change just

by that little angle the racket face

which direction he goes and you

mentioned it's always off that same toss

which is why so hard to pick at the last

moment as a returner you're trying to

pick up little cues aren't you but it's

so hard when it's so finite it's so

small the differences some players will

throw the ball toss further to the right

to hit the slice serve he just does that

Nick he's heap hitting them because

everyone's worth a dollar he's making

some money and there's another one he's

got the rhythm on serve Nick kurios he's

only a game away from taking this set at

six five





well there's some of the heroes that

have been fighting the fires for us here

in Australia an opportunity to sit

courtside to watch the biggest names in

our game and they've had a great evening

as everybody here at Rod Laver Arena has

and a reminder if you can if you can

we'd love here to donate holes open

comms slash aces if you want to find a

different way to track your donation you

can actually go we know the players are

donating every time they hit nice we

know turns Australia and the tournament

Sidonie every time I play it's a nice

but you can actually go and follow a

player and every time they hit nice

donate along with them whatever that

amount is that you want to do so it

gives you something to follow maybe

along the way as well throughout the

Australian Open

so Roger surf you just stay in it


oh just die and all the curio stand down

the line


that was a marriage proposal

but CV




comfortable whole so it'll be a

tie-break to decide on time ring who are

we going with really the crowd to get

gonna get behind Nick don't we yeah we

spent hitting aces always like legal I

we can get the free points not the Roger

car get free points on sir but Nick's

been doing it a little bit easier for me

here tonight


I'm a little biased with that though

well there's this skill of Ventura to

take it early change it up Casey out of

the bag of tricks that he's able to do

pete sampras play that one

an evening with Roger and a cooperative

in a couple of nights ago we talked

about playing Sampras oh yes gets round

and uses the forehand that was his big

breakthrough match 2001 round of 16 at

Wimbledon came out and beat the

defending champion and all of a sudden

he's mindset changed and is it and I

knew I could win Grand Slams it took him

an extra two years 2003 was the first

one that he won and once he broke

through it's been unstoppable




shopping area

see how they're really getting into this

Matt time I am pretty sure off to these

sitstone they gonna want to see more

don't get it next week it's plenty to

come that's for sure all of these

excitement no part of the lead-up real

change after six points when we had the

fastball earlier in the doubles we

played a tie-break there that was first

to five wind that tie break this is a

conventional tie break first to seven

and win by two if we get to sit at all


that's the variety like that kept Roger

Federer in this game for so long the

ability to shorten points that shortens

matches for him talk about a sixer

volley it was I'm sure




so fit with the mini break

these guys won't want this to end a

crowd that is packed house isn't it

let's and I'm not being biased but it

certainly is one of the the most amazing

courts to play on isn't it Rod Laver

Arena here with the roof closed the



well that was special

and it'll be Roger Federer

after showing off with the half-volley

drive for n hen has set points that

become match points


some of the firefighters in the front

row that without I think he asked them

where should sir yeah where should I

save right there well he's been looking

for a coach for a while make sure us

maybe he found it maybe you can just

pluck one of those out from the crowd

was so funny the tall man he won in

Washington City Open last year he did

the exact same thing match points

through so many of these time matches

zosky now for a little extra help from

the virus they've been through enough


so from here you ever can win by two


five and six veteran these two guys I

mentioned they played some epic


eight seven Rogers won five of those

seven and he wins this one as well that

was a treat to have Roger Federer here

tonight and Nick kurios going on a

wonderful display

so it's been a great evening and I'm

going to throw you down to courtside

again to James in bet

thank you very much Todd

what a great reception roger federer and

they're carrying on some great

entertainment on the court but do not go

anywhere coming up we catch up with them

off the court in one last but the most

important special announcement this is

the Australian Open rally for relief

live at Rod Laver Arena






















what absolutely incredible night we have

had here at Melbourne Park inside Rod

Laver Arena

there are fireese there are heroes yes

thank you so much for your efforts at

the past weeks and months and what about

this to round out tonight

alongside two champions of the game

Roger Federer and Nikki Rios thank you

so much for being a part of this Nick I

want to start with you because you

really got the ball rolling in terms of

donations this is something that really

resonated with you so well done and


yeah I mean in an emotional couple of

weeks obviously you know in 308 speak up

it's practically while I was playing so

hard you know I just wanted to you know

send a message you know I was just at

dinner and I wrote the tweet and I said

that was opportunity for me to I think

he used my platform and then the whole

Ozzy team got behind it obviously Alex

Damon are jumpy is John with all those

guys and then I woke up the next day and

it kind of exploded and it was I was it

was so emotional you know back home when

I was in Canberra I couldn't even go

outside you know was it was emotional

and I'm just so happy that we had a


you know Novak RAF or some of the

Great's to get behind it and everyone

around the world at the moment you know

it's the awareness has grown and I think

we're doing everything we possibly can

to overcome this together you've done a

great job Nick and getting that ball

rolling the big season they love you

here 14 15 thousand of them and many at

home as well Roger for you you consider

Australia very much a second home you

spend that much time here how hard was

it for you over the last few months

watching from afar and seeing these

harrowing images coming from Australia

as the bush fires burn well I think like

for anybody else who's been here in the

past and I think that's why also

everybody's happy to help that the

players are willing to do something

that's always very clear especially it's

happened right around this time I hope

it would have been no different would it

have been at a different time in

Australian Open would have not been on

but it's been it's been hard to watch

you know and as you did get it through

the news you never know how bad it

really is but then you hear more and

more about it and you get the sense that

it's really really bad and then you get

down here and you get it really speak to

the people as well who have been

affected and it's been difficult you

know you wish that this doesn't happen

in your country and in Switzerland we

were quite lucky we don't have these

kind of extreme situations so always

happy to help always happy to lend my

time or my money for that matter and it

was a absolute pleasure to be here

tonight with Nick and all the other

legends of the game and at least through

my fair share

really John for you and you can't haul

it's out there on the courts and not

like the match up Whitney was that they

hid out here after ahead of Monday when

it all starts is that what she wanted no

what I wanted to do is is to raise

awareness raise money and tell the

people to still come and travel to

Australia because probably around the

world people think that you can't travel

to Australia right now

so that was the idea right and having

fun and have a good hit with with Nick

we get along very well we've had some

epic matches over the years so this was

this was fun tonight this was not about

winning or losing

what did you think in Nick's form okay


reply me what did you think of Rogers

for careful and he proved pretty good

before the match he said he hadn't an

all-star lineup out there tonight some

generosity for the players is Vic

mentioned that $200 for every ace you've

been serving there 69 of them at the ATP

Cup and here tonight Rafa with another

huge donation all these players digging

deep as well must feel nice to know that

what this is this is happening now

but of course we've still got the

Australian Open two and a half weeks of

tennis to go yeah for sure

I'm playing Kooyong tomorrow and I'm

gonna do that there as well but

nothing's going to happen for as long as

I can do it honestly maybe maybe further

you know when I'm on tour traveling if

it's still going on if I'm outside

Australia as well so I just want to go I

just want to get over this but that

doesn't mean you can finish donating the

call to action please continue donating

tonight and right through the Australian

Open the details are on your screen as

open comm forward slash aces so give

whatever you can very pleased to

announce tonight's as you see some of

these images that remind us why it is so

important to donate as open dot org

forward slash aces we came in tonight

knowing from the aces so far in the

summer of tennis that we've got just

over four hundred thousand dollars I'm

pleased to announce on the back of

tonight's effort from these two and


evolved from you at home donating and

from everyone buying a ticket here at

Rod Laver Arena the total now stands at

four million eight hundred and twenty

six thousand and fourteen dollars

just a quick reaction for me Roger and

Nick on that total nearly 5 million

dollars I'm an incredible number so much

needed I hope it keeps going like you

guys said the Australian Open it's just

around the corner now and I hope much

more money we'll get together and come

together but this was definitely an

incredible kickoff if we need an event

we hope do not do this every year but if

we have to the players will be here I

know that tennis Australia and the

Australian Open will be here and the

players too so it's and you guys too

because of your coming to the stadium

tonight that has also helped and you

guys a country everybody can look

forward to in donating at you guys are

the way to do it you all come together

for other people and I think that's a

true inspiration for many many other

countries around the world watching this

right now huge yeah it's amazing I got

goosebumps when arm when you said that

number and when everyone you know came

together tonight it's just an amazing

feeling and Roger said it you know I'm

just glad that we have your support I'd

really appreciate it and I'm sure

everyone in this everyone involved you

know everyone that's losing their homes

losing losing their loved ones you know

they can appreciate that and you know

absolute champion so I appreciate it

well not Nick Roger congratulations on

what your efforts keep the importance

going ladies and gentlemen Nick kurios

Roger Federer

Tonie at over to you Dan thanks James

wound on center court now by the the

firefighting fraternity the

representatives eyes because so many is

still out there on the front line at the

moment Alistair to see almost five

million dollars raised must be so

overwhelming it's incredible it really

is it's a mammoth effort and while we're

here I just like to acknowledge fellow

from forest fire management who lost his

life on the weekend bill Slade I'd like

everyone to just send your thoughts and

wishes out to his wife and two children

absolutely will certainly be doing that

so to Bill's wife and two children from

everyone here at Melbourne Park and

Bill's colleagues on the frontline

health thoughts are certainly with you

and Chris nearly five million dollars

that's a lot of money how's it gonna

help at the concentration that's a lot

of bicky's five million dollars well

that'll certainly help build the

families and communities rebuild and I

think that's important exactly right now

Corey please get one loss we're out of

applause for every single fire funny

heats or not and Ron across Australia

for the incredible work they've been

doing for our country

what an atmosphere here in here tonight

I've been seeing 15,000 people on their

feet for such a good reason as well

almost five billion dollars raised up to

this point back and it's not over yet

James I don't know about you but I think

every single person in Rod Laver Arena

tonight is getting goosebumps it has

been incredible the support from people

inside Rod Laver Arena and everybody

donating from the bottom of our hearts

we say thank you thank you so much

couldn't agree more we certainly do it

of course oz opened on org forward slash

aces if you would like to commit anybody

over the next few weeks it's the

Australian Open rolls on deck because

there's some tennis just around the

corner oh you've had so much fun tonight

we hope you've enjoyed watching we've

had a great doubles match and a great

singles match between Roger Federer and

Nikki Rios the Australian Open just days

away thank you very much everybody take

care good night from Melbourne


let's get started


you know around


you will


your arms