Inside the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas!


hello everyone welcome to the Bahamas

I'm here with Air Canada vacations where

I am experiencing two of the

destinations that they fly to right now

I'm in Nassau ah stayin at the iconic

the legendary Atlantis Resort and I'm

gonna give you guys a look what it's

like to stay here

located on Paradise Island Atlantis is a

sprawling resort boasting five hotels

including the most recognizable royal

Towers each of the hotels fit into

different price points and offer various

amenities and room finishings the resort

itself is interconnected through each of

the hotels and outdoor walkways there's

a long list of activities and

experiences you can have here including

five miles of white sand beaches eleven

pools luxury shopping a casino and a

wide variety of dining options one of

the standout features are the many

aquariums and lagoons housing various

marine life found around its waters the

largest called the dig is modeled after

the lost city of Atlantis here you'll

make your way through a series of

tunnels where you'll come across nine

different exhibits showcasing a variety

of species including jellyfish moray

eels and even manta rays wander through

at your own pace and come back as many

times as you like but probably the best

and the most fun thing that you can do

while you're here is to enjoy the water






well that wraps up my time here in

Nassau and Atlantis have to admit this

Resort is next level there is a huge

variety of experiences things to do

there really is something for the whole

family here

Air Canada vacations is partnered with

all five hotels found at the resort and

they offer multiple flights throughout

the week so again lots of options when

it comes to your vacation here to NASA

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