2019 Arnold Classic, Arnold Strongman Finals, Mens Physique & Bikini International

hello everybody welcome to the Arnold

Classic we are back here once again

Columbus Ohio a yearly event an annual

event of course I'm here with Aaron

singer man no stranger of course to the

Arnold classics and of course the

Olympius as it would be but who's the

new guy

hey we got Nick Miller here everybody

how's it going well this is your debut

so we're gonna we're gonna kind of easy

into this whole thing Nick and I know

you've been seeing us from afar of

course you've got a great website that's

up on YouTube with Nick's strength and

power Barry got it right I know see how

I was and I almost did the power thing

he was been practicing it but this is

cool because we obviously got the old

veteran and by old I mean I'm old and of

course Nick now Nick you're a young guy

you're only what 27 25 25 I've got I've

got Darren's got shoes older than you

all right now I'm now I'm like the the

cagey veteran compared to Nick anyway

right that's right well hey all things

but this would be a great experience for

you if you ever been to an Arnold I've

been to ten of them ten okay so you're

certainly no string hold that microphone

up see I got a DJ already okay these

people want to hear what you've got to

say I got it now this will be a little

bit different experience for you because

going to an Arnold you know mostly as a

fan I assume that would be most of the

years it's different than when you're

behind the scenes and you're a part of

what's going on and these guys are

coming around offstage and we saw the

prejudging just a little while ago so

you saw some great physiques up close

what do you think a little bit different

than what you're normally used to it's

definitely cool being backstage here

something I've never got to do before

and you know it's really cool to see all

the guys and how everything works in the

Pump Room there's only got the pump room

passes a couple years back when it's at

Veterans Memorial right so it's a little

bit bigger over there so it's kind of

cool to see The Cramps Base back there

for the first time and you have to meet

Lee Haney just a few minutes retaining a

time mr. Olympia cool is that it was

awesome he gave me his business card so

that was it's got the wrong number on it

but don't worry about that

all right Aaron let's talk a little bit

of shop here man prejudging just held a

little bit a little while ago

earlier today I don't think there was a

whole lot of surprises there I mean as

we both saw Rudy Winkler now rouille had

a guest posing just a few weeks ago and

one of the critiques that came out of

that was he looks off like he looks like

he's behind

looks like he's four weeks out he's

really gonna have to hurry it up and you

never know what these guys cuz the big

guys Andrew is close to 300 pounds yeah

those big guys hold a lot of water yeah

so it's not unusual for them to be not

as sharp as the smaller guys yes but he

didn't he didn't really drawn in as much

as he needed to did he no so plus he was

into it that was the thing right he was

in Nepal who does it guess closing two

weeks before a show with the shirt Nepal

right in there with the Serpas so I

thought you know I gave him like a

little bit of the benefit of the doubt

thinking like well he's maybe he you

know you know how it goes with big guy

traveling on a flight I mean that's a

long flight I thought maybe he's holding

additional water and everything but

honestly after seeing that guest posing

I was like it's probably not gonna be

only order and I guess yeah earlier

today we saw that it wasn't and that he

really was not a hundred nor really

nowhere near 100% sure well we might see

a repeat of history now last year I'll

remind your day course you know this I

remember you do remember it was Bo net

and ruling yeah bo neck ended up in the

winner's circle now you're defending on

a classic champion rule II it was close

but it really was definitely little soft

need a little time shade to two weeks

forward to our good friend Tony don't

worry show in the Arnold Australia in a

flip flop ruling with that extra time

sharpen it up and man he looks

tremendous a lot of people saying that

might've been is all-time best

conditioning yeah at the at Australia so

interesting to see might we see that

again this year I don't think we're

gonna see it again this year I think in

Australia he had a much smaller much

tighter waist I think we didn't really

see the same thing at prejudging today I

think it hung out a little bit in the

back poses if you looked at it from the

side you could see a little bit of a

distension there I think it's not the

same as Australia

one thing you did see was William bow

neck who's got to be one of the most

consistent pros on the circuit this

guy's never out of shape I mean you get

various degrees he's 99% he's 98% but I

tell you what you don't miss the mark by

much at all no no Bobby I mean William

look like granite today I mean he really

was super hard you know obviously he

works with his coach Neal Hill he's a

family friend a boca resident now moved

from Wales about two years ago down to

Boca trainset flex his gym and he has

been telling me and showing me pictures

of Williams saying he's gonna be

bringing it and and as usual he did and

I mean I am not gonna be I'm picking him

as my as the winner this tonight but

we'll see how it goes

I'm not picking him as my water now I

know you're not I know there's no why

cuz Brandon Currie came out here on the

minute he lit that stage up and I tell

you what man he's made improvements

we've all seen him over the last couple

years you know he pretty much exiled

himself into Kuwait yeah that our good

friend Bonner beau dies oxygen gyms and

man that's paid off in dividends best

Brandon curry I've ever seen we always

talk about the the consummate apples and

oranges comparison but that's what you

had out there with William beau neck and

Brandon Currie bone axe just to follow a

muscle man you know it looks like

somebody took a big hammer like in the

cartoons you just hit him on the head

and he's you know he's just compacted

muscular and curries is pretty yeah he

just got that pretty physique so which

way they're gonna go well me and Aaron

got a we got a cheeseburger riding on

this one buddy but I got to go my man

Brandon curry

I'm gonna go with curry to see now you

worked this is a wise kid I'm alright

because he knows he knows the champ I

may not always be right

but I'm never wrong well look my opinion

on Brandon Currie is number one he's

made incredible incredible

transformation I mean from when he won

the Arnold Brasil yeah you remember that

one Cedric got disqualified and that was

that was my that was my first and only

trip to Brazil and watching Brandon up

there I was so happy for Brandon when he

won but I thought man if if Cedric was

there what would have happened right and

now you got Brandon Currie like probably

a guest 30 pounds heavier and in better

shape so Brandon Currie has made this

incredible transformation and basically

sacrificed the majority of his year away

from his I think what four kids and his

wife Brandi to sacrifice to make this

transformation so it is certainly a

feel-good story to see Brandon win if

that's what happened

whole bunch more guys there preview

gonna be back in just a few moments with

the rest of that lineup and what

happened this morning and how it's gonna

look out tonight keep tuned everybody we

got a lot more coming to you tonight

we'll be right back after these messages


hey cuz away my boys Anchors Aweigh well

College choice is wishing you a happy



from the halls of Montezuma to the

shores of Tripoli we will fight our

country's heart was in the air and

lenders see first to fight for right and

freedom and to keep we are proud to

claim the title of United States Maurice


off we go into the wild blue yonder

rhyming high into the Sun here they call

swing to meet boys Shiva the gone down

we toss nothing or flames from onder


down in flames

hey nothing stop the you


for us to fight for the right and build

the nation's might and the army goes

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please stand for our National Anthem









now please welcome to the stage the

president of the IFBB Pro League gym men

yin Thank You Clint welcome everybody

just want to say that the IPP

professional egan NPC

they're very proud to be working with

Jim larmor Bob lammoreaux Arnold of

course and the whole team over here

you've been around the last few days

they had over 700 competitors in the

amateur event it was the biggest amateur

event they've ever had here so we're

proud to be working with them as you

know we're now working worldwide and in

the IT professional we're in over 60

countries but when I come here to

Columbus which I've been coming for a

long time is German armor can attest to

I was here in 1970 when Arnold beat

Sergio for the first time was phenomenal

show I was a little bit younger than

anyway when we get to the Arnold we know

that our season has officially started

we have a great lineup tonight so once

you always sit back and enjoy it have a

good time thank you





Charles Dixon

roelly winklaar all right Bob chick we

are back in we are off and running here

at the 2019 Arnold Classic in caucus

Ohio I'm here flagged I'm a man Aaron

singer man and the new guy on the block

Nick Miller guys what we're seeing now

is the lineup for this year's event

house Tony Doherty introducing the guys

one by one just so the honors can get a

quick look at them and then of course

they'll come back with their individual

presentations you know Aaron D you look

at these guys tonight as opposed to this

morning and the judging is live I mean

this ain't like the old days where was

pretty much done after the prejudged I

Bob so the judges are looking at these

guys tonight and things can change

tonight so we could see a flip-flop

between a place or two some guys maybe

some surprises tonight it's always

exciting to see these guys judge and

what they can bring condition-wise the

difference between the prejudging and

the night show they got what Bob six or

seven hours to try out and look a little

bit harder for the night show I've seen

listen I've seen guys change in minutes

on stage so if you don't think you know

a few hours will make any difference

you're mistaken and a lot of the

athletes have been mistaken in that over

the years Nick where they think well I'm

gonna go eat a food say after prejudging

because I think it's pretty much done

and guess what it's not that could

rebound onion I've seen places change

them and I've had results in my hand

after night's show when I'm hosting

shows and I'll get the whole bomb signal

from the head judge and guess what guy

moves from second

this evenings master of ceremonies Tony

Doherty good evening ladies and

gentlemen welcome Tony nobodies my name

I'm from Melbourne Australia

they set the tone to say a little bit

about me so you get to know me I first

came here to Columbus Ohio in 1991 and I

thought two things one there in a good

friend Tony Doran you look at him like

take it home for a good friend Lonnie

keeper a longtime see here at the Arnold

though a really good guy an excellent MC

and excellent contest promoter I've been

to Australia to been actually to show

several times it is a first-rate show

and when he pardoned over with Arnold he

really even took it up a whole other

notch fan of the sport

Tony Doherty so this is a great

opportunity in Lansing Tony Amerinet all

too familiar spots up on the up on the

stage behind that podium with the

microphone but he'll definitely lend a

little bit to the section to this

competition here tonight

as you can see another great set design

here at the RLI mean listen you don't

need much more than the name of course

we have the his classic pose you know we

saw on some of the social media earlier

today I noticed Arnold had gotten out

back out by the statue and hit a shot

you know this is last year having Cedric

come out here before last night I said

to come out there and hit that shot was

really cool we talked about some of the

other guys in our preview and subject

being one of them now Cedric's a former

arm Classic winner and obviously you

know Cedric he's dangerous any time he

gets into that stage but what should is

Nick five can you sharpen up enough to

all things gonna be able to sharpen up

you know Cedric has that Hennessy shape

nobody is right about a statue asking

arnold s cos you get but I don't know I

don't know Bob all right well you're

seeing your very first competitor take

the stage and he might be the first

competitor in the winner's circle when

the end of the night comes in to smoke

clear this is Brandon Currie and as you

can see Brandon has just made tremendous

progress over the past couple of years

bringing himself in here is probably the

number one contender to the title and

let's just take it in here and then see

what Brandon's done with his posing of

his presentation

Aaron as you can see Brandon just was an

outstanding physique on the stage and in

all areas and he's got this great

muscularity symmetry proportion

conditioning presentation is spot-on

again a consummate professional looking

over all these years but you can really

see where he's got it looks like

somebody squeezed him in the middle he's

got their tiny tiny waist the broad

shoulders and he's brought his legs up

that was a weak point years ago

everybody it's not a weak point anymore

he is really he's in a great job of

keeping those classic proportions and

adding that size and honestly that's

really the issue that you see with some

of these guys as they get bigger and add

muscle especially 30 pounds plus a

muscle you get that blown out midsection

even we can see with William bone act

the one thing a critical thing that says

as he gains more muscle that is

something needs to be conscious of

you're seeing it right there I mean that

back lad spreading that back double

binding is second to none probably on

the stage here tonight if they're gonna

beat Brandon Currie that's we're gonna

have to beat him especially with that

small waist and that v-taper effect I

mean Brandon is one of the best in the

game when it come to the midsection


although our next athlete spent on the

pro scene for quite a while and done

quite a bit

this is his inaugural debut in Columbus


he's from Pompton Lakes New Jersey

ladies and gentlemen please welcome our

Kim Williams

all right big Akeem Williams taking the

stage and when you say big I don't think

there's anybody actually bigger on the

stage tonight then Akeem Williams this

guy's packing more muscle per inch than

anybody out there Aaron he is absolutely

huge I mean when he came out this

morning at prejudging I mean he'll not

only is he huge for Akeem William he's

also in really great shape so he came

out extremely around extremely full and

in excellent condition I was I was very

impressed with the qiam compared to

other other outings I've seen him out

Nik if there's a critique on Hakeem over

the past few years has said he's big

enough and he's got plenty of muscle to


and he's actually put together fairly

well for a big man it's that

conditioning it's getting that skin thin

there where you can see more striation

more separation right through the muscle

groups what are you seeing here tonight

I would say it almost looks like he has

a film of water over his entire physique

that kind of prevents you from really

seeing the muscle clarity as clearly as

some of the other guys it's something

that he's been you know fighting since

basically since he got to become a pro

he has what I would consider like it's

weird right Bob some people just have

thicker skin and it's like something

that they deal with and have to figure

out the solution to this and that's kind

of a team's always been a team's issue

certainly not size

oh no come on now isn't that your old

move Bob yeah big hands you know with

some moves and I was like in slow motion

and was like he was trying to teach how

to do it you may start breakdancing next

I know that this could be interesting

I think Hakeem will be the next

Melvin Anthony I think that's as much

fun cuz you're gonna see how I came here

tonight but listen big man stay with the

big stuff hit hit 15 most musculars and

get off the stage

Pro debut here last year

the first time in Columbus place in

their top 10 went out to it Australia

where he moved into the top five but

what we noticed about him to these

hardcore and the fans love him ladies

and gentlemen and I know you're out

there for him tonight from the UK

please welcome Luke Sandow all right one

of the newcomers on the scene in the

last couple of years big Luke Sandow

representing the United Kingdom and Luke

has really brought it up over the last

couple of years you can see the

improvements he's made especially in his

conditioning area that's where he was he

had the size last year but he just did

not have the conditioning now it looks

like he's got a great combination of the

two and he got some great call outs this

morning I looked like he was in I would

have probably had him in third place

this morning third fourth somewhere in

that position he looks in about equal

shape here tonight yeah full disclosure

he's a red common athlete so I am

absolutely partial yeah I would love to

I would love to say you know that that

he would even be first or second but I

think he is ecstatic to be his goal bob

was to be top six and it was kind of

almost in the ambitious goal because

last year he was out of the top ten you

know and he did great in Australia the

following two weeks but at this show it

was very disappointing for him he set

the goal of top six and then he couldn't

be any happier I mean he is just you

know over the moon with with how he did

Nik big loop looking like he starred in

300 out there with that beard I don't

know I've kind of gotten accustomed to

it I was never really a big fan of the

beard on stage being it nobody seems to

have won a show since Jessup will coach

back in 1983 or something around there

but I always said was like the kiss of

death but Luke seems to wear it well but

you know I the biggest difference I seen

between last year and this year nick is

polish yeah I think it's got a lot

better conditioning this year actually

one of the better conditioned guys in

the show yeah you know it's funny we had

a conversation about the beard and he

asked him I thought and I said you know

what five years ago I told you shave it

off for sure no question but now the

times have changed my band and he

absolutely pulls it off and by the way

Nick is right when he is from from the

back I mean they're not many guys other

than maybe William and Brandon who could

you know talk about condition the same

condition from the back the beard don't


the next athlete is no stranger here in

Columbus he's completed five times

before but always in the to 12 fast well

he got bigger and he's back ladies and

gentlemen in the open from Greenville

South Carolina please welcome Charles


alright there's a reason they call him

the tank

Charles Dixon is wide as he is tall

former 212 competitor who made the

transition to an open body blur because

well there's no true twelve-year right

now so he decided and make the jump and

he is certainly a big big big little man

oh here's the problem I see and I love

Charles Dixon we go way back he's always

in a good mood he's one of those guys

you just gotta like you know but what I

saw this morning was and I applaud his

decision because there is no 212 here

this year to go into the open however to

me what it showed was that there's a

reason that there's a 212 division as

big as Charles is in that division he

looked like a kid out there and actually

these guys I actually just talked to him

at the meet-and-greet he said he's just

happy to have the opportunity to still

be able to compete at the Arnold so he's

just happy to be here I like Charles

he's one hell of a good guy

and he is always happy that's something

you can always count on a smile from


well the nice thing is is these athletes

have the ability to go into any County

where they want you know he wants to go

to 212 he wants to go in the open so

again I applaud his decision to enter

the show I'm sure he's not gonna be

pleased with it he's eventually placing

however he's in a no-lose I mean at this

point listen you go in get a taste of

the Arnold stage mixed up with the big

boys and see what you got and the nice

thing is there and if he wants to go to

a 2:12 show next month on the calendar

or anywhere throughout the year for the

pro league he can do that yeah and he's

been very successful as a 212 Pro so

just because he won't place well here

tonight doesn't mean he doesn't have a

bright future in the 212 category make

no mistake this guy's a threatened 9212

show he enters and I'm guaranteeing you

right now he will qualify for the

Olympia again this year now Scott was

fourth year last year wanted to improve

on that

went out to Australia two weeks later

and won the whole thing

beating the winner from here and created

a little bit of a rivalry and he was

third in the Olympia is originally from

Charis au in the Caribbean ladies and

gentleman but lives in Holland they call

him the Beast please welcome to the

stage the one and only roelly winklaar

all right here comes the Beast rouille

Winkler taking the stage and this was a

guy obviously coming into with a lot of

hype as he was not only in the top three

at the Olympia but the People's Champ

this past year now that was pretty cool

to see because everybody thought was

really Winky talked about I got a great

personality but the people

overwhelmingly voting him as the

people's champ Nick what do you see in

tonight he looks a little bit improved

to me except from the prejudging looks a

little bit harder from the front there's

still definitely not as best showing

at the Olympia about a lot of people

were talking about rule II as not only

People's Champ people were saying he

maybe should have won even so you know

it's definitely this show was his to win

for sure if he was a hundred percent

I think ruly Winkler walks away with

this thing and unfortunately really

Winkler not at a hundred percent is

nowhere near I mean there's a big

difference between Rowley at ninety

percent and Rowley at 100 well really is

doing Australia in two weeks and you can

see from that pose right there he's just

that little bit of just that little hint

that little film of water and that's

enough at this level to take you down a

few notches but that will all be gone

within two weeks like guarantee a-- wasa

physique you see on the australia arnold

stage is compared here tonight and you

see do you see how important it is and

how fast that body can change

he literally bobby literally looks two

weeks out so at the arnold Australia he

could come in and really shock people

because he certainly has all the tools

and all the size he could possibly need

yeah there's a there's who's that guy

down in front hey buddy get out of the

way man Arnold snapchatting of course

Arnold is right on top of social media

man I think I'm impressed it at 70 years

old Arnold he's got the snapchat going

he's got the Instagram and he's right

down there in front of course he the

athletes love it when they see him down

under they just get in the camera you

know - you know signify that they see

that they see he's there

rule is freaky freaky most muscular

that's usually the showstopper Bob

know one thing Nick you can see what

these guys like rule right now I'm just

guessing he's probably got five six

pounds of drop maybe seven pounds

somewhere in that range he's a big dude

I mean you can really see in the lower

body there exactly you could spit it

makes them a little blockier looking you

can see his physique looks much more

streamlined when he's down at five six

pounds and my prediction you'll see it

in two weeks

yeah he's second time here in Columbus

Ohio the first time was in 2016 where he

placed third in his first ever Arnold

Classic went on to win the Tampa Pro

it's one of the biggest guys in the

sport he's big he's bad and he's back

ladies and gentlemen from Melbourne


Josh menara wits

alright well the king of the gym they

call him

Josh Lonardo whatz atonia might be a

little bit biased on that intro because

that's his boy he is from Australia so I

and we have seen Josh grow up in this

industry the last couple years and I

know you spend a lot of time with with

Josh and when Dallas you know was with

us and big shout out to Dallas up there

in that big gym in the sky but yes josh

has carried it on very well and you can

see where the improvements he's made he

he came in a little bit soft this

morning I thought he needed to trim it

up you know probably same thing is like

really maybe five six pounds and he

would've been in contention but man you

could see the muscle those kids put on

vascularity do he got to spend quite a

bit of time down in Boca ratone and I

actually live with Dallas for a few

months before before the Olympia and

he's a great guy

and certainly trains very very hard you

know him and Dallas for great training

partners because both of them are

pushing some crazy crazy weight and you

can see that looking at Luke's

Josh's physique at 280 pounds or so

listen I'd be remiss if I didn't bring

this up but listen I'm a Joe Cocker fan

like anybody alright but the love music

man these guys are killing me

they're killing me out listen here's a

guy he's he's 290 pounds on freaking

stage right looks like mr. clean right

bringing it out that did it

I gotta be hitting most musculars they

ECDC or some stomping on that stage like

freaking Godzilla I just I'm not a big

fan of the love music man people are

sleeping in the third row right now he's

trying to set the mood unfortunately

people I'm sure idiot out there's taking

a look at Josh and saying man if he

would have just been a little bit harder

a little bit drier he would have really

been up there I know earlier in the in

our preview I were saying Josh is gonna

take this thing and unfortunately he's

just nowhere near 100 where you see it

isn't a separation I'm not look at you

look at his legs in particular right

it's all there but it's obscured you're

not seeing that deep

separation like you are with some of the

veterans right now he is a young guy

obviously in the sport but that's got

more to do with the training the posing

practice and just bringing it down

enough but this guy's down five pounds

all those cuts are half an inch deeper

and you might be looking at your next

champ absolutely another guy who's gonna

be competing obviously in Australia so

it'll be interesting to see what he

looks like 5 or 10 pounds down

that's hometown for Josh I mean if you

got the best posing award is back the

Eddie corny posing award which will be

presented at the end of the yeah the

greatest poser ever and it's really made

the guys lift their game which is great

to see a next competitor one listo in

2007 he won the first Arnold Classic in

Spain in 2011 originally from the

Dominican Republic ladies and gentlemen

and now residing in New York New York

please welcome Victor Martinez all right

a Dominican dominator still and Victor

Martinez on stage with this guy Aaron he

turned pro - Sammy Rida - to winning the

2000 Nationals I had won the USA that

year we are 19 years later and he's

still doing it crazy

he's what Bobby's 45 46 46 you know the

fact you could still be doing this 19

years later after turning pro is awesome

can you imagine yourself up there Bob

I'm onstage all the time Aaron as you

know right I got a different suit on

these days know I can't imagine it this

is a testament to you know his ability

to focus to keep doing this and I tell

you what listen he still looks good I

mean you know he's lost a little bit you

know he's lost step along the way from

the Victor Martinez we remember when he

was battling it out for the the title of

mr. Olympia and a lot of people had him

winning the Olympia back in oh seven

against Jay Cutler but listen he's not

far behind I tell you that he's still

bringing it

you know when you as you know Bob as you

get older that we've noticed in the legs

right and that's the thing that we're

noticing with Victor now you know I know

he was probably unhappy with his call

out this morning he was in the last call

out and you know if it was if the legs

were back where they used to be who

knows where he would've ended up

I'll tell you this Nick the fans love

Victor Martinez he is always amongst the

favorites every year the fans simply

flocked to him you know Victor is

probably one of the most just you know

down-home just laid-back guys I've ever

met in my life

if he was any more mellow he'd be going

backwards I swear well don't forget Bob

he's a former Arnold Classic champion

2007 you can see the back is still

amongst the best even at his age and and

you know with all these years of

training and listen it's a miracle just

stay injury-free when you've been

training this long yeah and from the

front you know and he see him from the

upper body and from the front he is he

really hasn't lost much at all you know

anytime you're talking about the Pro

League and the level of body bullying

that the best in the world you don't

have to lose a lot to slip a whole bunch

of places I mean you got the new dogs

coming up and he's literally competing

against guys half his age here so we tip

our head you know to Victor Martinez for

still bringing it but you got to be

realistic also when that is placing

unfortunately he's not going to be what

he was looking for but that's the life

of any athlete

Victor Martinez


our next person on stage has only been a

pro for 18 months did three big shows

last year and made a great impression

he's a new kid on the block and

everyone's talking about him

the prejudging today people went crazy

over this guy so remember this name

ladies and gentlemen from Brazil

Raphael brand day oh well we go from the

old lion to the to the new cake Raphael

Brando this guy's from Brazil he's

relatively new on to the scene but he

kind of burst on last year this kid's

got a great future I love his physique

he needs a little bit of thickness um

you can see just right there the

difference between a Victor Martinez

who's been training probably longer than

this guy he's been on the earth and what

he's bringing but you know what what a

great start to his bodybuilding career

he's got to thicken up he's got to

mature a little bit but man he's

complete and he's bringing in Nick very

aesthetic and great lines as well and

he's a very young guy I think he's

mid-twenties like you next like my

that's what you should be looking like

underachiever he's on the Arnold stage

and you're sitting here with us idiots

what you'll see with Raphael is he's got

all the I'd almost want to see him in

classic physique yeah yeah you know like

you can make a case for this guy being

in classic because he's got all those

attributes he's got the small waist

he's got the thinner build even though

he's obviously tremendously muscular you

can see just by that pose right there

very Bob Paris kind of liken him to very

good comparison and when he hits back

shots she will in a moment you'll see

the kind of condition he's in great

condition at this show

it's just that lack of size that

separates him from the top guys I'll

tell you this some of the top guys were

off enough that he may overtake some of

those guys so you might be lacking a

little bit in size but you can see right

there to the thickness in the back is

not of the veterans of a rule II Winkler

or though there were Jocelyn are to its

but he brings other things at the table

he's got more separation than a lot of

those guys too so a smaller waist small

waist and it's you know Arnold's a big

fan of a small waist that's why he's out

there right now


great separation in the lower body Bob

his legs you can see are clearly ahead

of his upper body but you know what you

can bring it's hard to get legs if you

don't have legs by his age chances are

they ain't coming say oh but you can't

get upper body that comes to maturity

and time in the gym ball great posing he

got everyone moving I could see you all

kind of grooving in the seats I've got a

little bit going on I could see the

people backstage dancing around there

it's fantastic and execute better hardly

needs an introduction because he's been

here five or six times before last time

he won was in 2017

I don't went to interview him and he

interviewed Arnold it was probably one

of the most viewed things we've ever

seen their sport we love him ladies and


he's from Heath Springs South Carolina

cederick mcmillian all right Big Mac

says he macmillan no stranger to the

Arnold Classic say he's a former

champion from just a couple of years ago

he was one of those names thrown around

as one of the contenders at Covenant of

course Cedric's a contender in any show

he goes in but I don't think we saw the

Cedric we were hoping to see he's always

riding that fine line between coming

into big and listen when he's big he's

brown he's full we've got a lot of but

he lacks the separation of the

conditioning if he gets the conditioning

he seems a little bit stringy

yes he's lacking the fullness and

roundness that he needs to it so he's

got a very thin tight rope if he's got

to get on to achieve that I'm not so

sure which side of the line he's on this

show all I know is this is not the best

subject that we've seen yeah he's he's

fallen big for sure but it's almost like

with Cedric he got like a 50/50 shot

you're not 100% sure what you're gonna

get and as soon as he walked out at

prejudging just seeing his legs and the

lack of a lot of detail as he was

walking on to the stage I was like oh

the midsection to the midsection doesn't

have the deepest abs so you could

there's a little water you you missed

some stuff oh you know what's a good eye

Nick as you can see right there I mean

I've seen ABS on Cedric better than us

like we had one years ago his hands abs

were etched deep in there and you can

see but even in that pose right there

and he's got some classic pose let's not

mince words with you could see from the

picture of Cedric behind him yeah what

he's what he brings at a table and what

he can bring I'll Bob what does he got

here uh I have no idea - you know you

one thing I love about Cedric is you

never really know you know what's coming

next but the blind double bicep I mean

I'm sure what we're going here buddy

mr. Miyagi does it help to see as you

pose Bob I don't know I don't know if

that's an advantage or a disadvantage

it's not like you're shooting the

basketball I mean I'm not quite sure

what how they lie this is hard or tough

we painted it green to be one of the

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles it's

entertaining at least find it confusing

the judges turn a blind eye to this

because probably actually her against

the rules but you know as Tonight Show

Finals and it's not it is not to

retouching so hopefully they'll just

overlook it yeah I got that one Bob

I wonder what Arnold's thinking

now they're giving away $10,000 for the

past poser tonight do you think this is

Cedric's kind of ploy to get the $10,000

he wins we'll never see it coming bro

it could be Blind Luck surprised you

didn't put him on Arnold's head you know

Cedric he likes to have fun with the

Terminator cederick mcmillian ladies and

gentlemen the next guy is a very

experienced competitor he's been on this

stage many times but in 2014 became one

of the very few Arnold Classic winners

when he won in Brazil he's a firefighter

ladies and gentlemen from Dallas Texas

welcome steve coock low

all right big steve coock low they call

him the king snake and he always comes

with an entourage mom dad his beautiful

wife Amanda also on IFBB Pro in

attendance and you know Erin Steve's one

of those guys I've looked at for years

and I thought to myself he's got every

attribute to me a mr. Olympia yeah like

this guy should be up there now he

hasn't quite for field day yet I mean

he's used to getting better and better

but how many years do we give these guys

for you know for filling potential yeah

it's one of those things where Steve is

one of the many many guys when he came

in you're like this is the future this

is future mr. Olympia I think Bob after

about a about a decade right that starts

to wear away but I tell you what Steve

is absolutely one of the best Steve's

that I've seen here

fantastic conditioning

nick steve has one of those physiques

that literally changes hour-by-hour and

it's difficult for him and has been in

the past to kind of really just nailed

it conditioning on when he's nailed it I

mean he's one he actually won the Arnold

Brasil I think it was a couple years

back he just won the Indy Pro in 2018

that's right and the Indy Pro also but

it's it just seems to be a hit or miss

with with steam yeah definitely

you know those back poses that you know

you can see again here I'm and other

pictures but it that picture right

behind him you can see the conditioning

is a little more crisp you know the

separation is fantastic and here it's

just that little bit that little film

you know you just kind of wring it out

like just a hair I don't know what

Steve's schedules if he's going to

Australia I tell you what all these big

boys Australia's life you have to be a

hell of a show

yeah and Steve is definitely one of the

bigger bodybuilders you know he's he's

probably on stage in the 270 is high 262

70s and I know Bob Wright being one of

the bigger guys yourself it's tough to

see the scale move down you get smaller

and a lot of times with the wood to be

serving them the best is to lose an

extra few pounds there's no question

about Alison bodybuilding is all about

illusion I mean it doesn't you can be

290 pounds here but I tell you what I'd

rather be 270 and win

at least you like the music a little

better this time my BOB yes you know

Steve's got it see big boy out there you

know was that 280 pounder out there he's

got some rockin music he's you know

stomping around the stage and working

the crowd that's what I like to see out

of the big boys so don't try to be

graceful and all that stuff not like a

damn bulldozer out there yeah

big steve coock low thank you Steve

we have a tradition here in Columbus

that when somebody wins the amateur

overall and they get their pro card they

get invited to come and make their pro

debut here in Columbus Ohio so this guy

was their winner last year it's his

first time on a pro stage here he's all

the way from Russia ladies and gentlemen

so let's make him welcome

Mihal by lincoln backflip off the stage

Rob oh boy we listen we do have some

breakdancing going out there how about

that whoa that's not a mandatory pose

Bob that is not in the list of

mandatories you are correct there and

that's a that's a relatively newcomer

here with the kale I don't know a lot

about his background he won the Arnold

amateur last I was just gonna say Nick

you know it's usually my friend you were

on points it's also younger than me is

he yeah by a couple months you know this

is the cool thing is a young guy like

this I could say about your age Nick

what a great opportunity you know the

Arnold amateur winners come out here and

compete qualify for this competition

and again you could see the differences

amande you can see he doesn't have the

level of muscularity or the thickness

nor should he get your age I mean it's

listen it's you don't have enough years

of the gym just to get there into this


so these conditioning those yes

conditioning is good I mean that's one

thing about the smaller guys is they

can't get the conditioning but you could

see the difference between the amateurs

and the professionals right here Aaron

with with the level of density thickness

but what a great start to his career

definitely some gymnastics or something

in his background right yeah hard time

just tying my shoes in the morning

alright so this guy can do that stuff

all the power to him

you wanted to do something to get

noticed that kind of works out of

nowhere backflips and all kinds of

things our next and final competitor

ladies and gentlemen it's taking the

bodybuilding world by storm first second

and third places in every show he's done

in the last couple of years he won last

year so is our defending and current

champion ladies and gentlemen yeah the

Conqueror from the Netherlands welcome

William Banach all right the champ is

here he is your defending champion the

Conqueror William beau neck and one

thing you're gonna see about William is

he has every single pit of everything

that a veteran brings to the stage size

thickness muscularity conditioning

there's a reason that this guy who is up

and at the top two and three at the

Olympia now and he ain't the tallest guy

out there Aaron but I tell you what he

makes up for it and look at that dense

muscle right there started out as a 2:12

guy Bob so I mean it's crazy height was

he was able to put on all this muscle

and be so successful in the open

division and he talked about density

wait until he turns around and you can

see the density in his back well that

was a difference I saw this morning

between William beau neck and Brandon

Currie is and around now not to take you

away from Brandon Currie because I still

think that even though I got William

beating him from the back I can get by

contrast I have Brandon Currie beating

Elaine from the front yep and listen all

things are equal here I mean they're all

parts are considered all poses are

considered that's why we have mandatory

poses is to see the body and the

physique in different poses to establish

who's put together the basket

Bob if shows her one from the back I

don't know well that's the nice old

saying we'd like to use no man but

they're not one from the back you know

what the one from the back from the

front from the side from the the you

know the presentation from the

conditioning so that's a nice phrase to

use when somebody's actually beating

somebody from the back but he is

incredibly hard he's like itched from

granite well I'll tell you this it was

close enough between these two guys this

morning that I think you're gonna see it

come down to tonight the judges are

scoring tonight like I mentioned so I

think it's probably a one or a two point

decision coming out of prejudging just a

guess on that one but the difference I

think is the midsection and what lower

on is over William beau neck is you can

see when Williams does he tends to relax

too midsection just a little bit but

again he you he's short and stumpy right

has a whole lot of muscle over Brandon

but man brain has just got that tiny

tiny waist to me that's the difference

between these guys tonight the one scary

thing for William is as he continues to

improve when you're talking about

improving he can't get a lot harder you

know he's in such great shape

so adding muscle is almost a scary thing

for William because like you said

because that short midsection you don't

want to add too much there no actually

he almost used to taper off was training

a little bit and in particular with I

would not be doing powerlifting

movements I would not be doing deadlifts

things like that his lats go right into

his hip bones yummy that can be good or

that can be bad and as body bows get

older you tend to get a little bit

thicker in the middle so you can see it

when you smart with his training and you

know we'll see it as these guys will be

coming off there we go thank you wait a

minute just a few moments that concludes

round three round three was supposing

round and Arnold classics all over the

world the posing round is judged as we

said earlier there's opposing award

tonight which Arnold will tell us about

later and what that means to him but I

think the guys really lifted ladies and

gentlemen so let's put your hands

together for all those fantastic posing


we're gonna bring them all back out just

a second and then we go to what we call

the confirmation round now for those of

you that are new to bodybuilding at the

prejudging some of the guys might have

missed timed it a little bit some of the

judges may have been unsure between this

place and that place and they've got a

chance to see them pose and to see them

dry out or carve up a little bit more

and now the judges have one more chance

to compare the guys and see where

they're going to finish so this is being

judged live ladies and gentlemen and I

think you can be a part of it by

encouraging them and clapping and

cheering and all that kind of thing so

this let's hand it over to Steve

Weinberger a head judge now for the

confirmation round thank you Tony

in numerical order Brandon Luke Cedric

and William


so we're starting the comparison around

that chicken Williams switch please all

right now this is where you separate the

men from the boys and Bob this is a

surprise in this top floor here this

first call-out you thought that that

Cedric was not in the top really the top

five we were talking we were saying

earlier yeah well depending on how head

judge Steve Weinberger does he's

call-ups he will give guys an

opportunity to move up four down so yeah

we are seeing subject has been kind of

added into that top four or projected

top four call out and that would explain

the comparison we saw a prejudging

between Cedric and Luke exactly right

Nick because it was kind of tall and I

thought yeah it's head judge Steve

Weinberger called out a comparison

between Luke Sandow and Cedric and I

thought it was a little bit oddly placed

but now you see Cedric they could

clearly feel is getting a little bit


and Luke seems to be holding his own

here if I was a betting man I would say

this is what your your top for now what

they might do Aaron is leave a couple

guys and pull a couple of guys right

hypothetically if they go back William

and Brandon then you're looking at one

or two either way and what they do

sometimes they leave Cedric out there

Lou and then they'll bring somebody up

like a Jocelyn our nowit's or somebody

or a Rudy Winkler I'd be shocked if they

didn't add those two guys into the mix

as soon as they get done with this round

double bison

here's that matchup we were talking

about look at that back double by

between Brandon Currie and William beau

neck if you're looking at the condition

of these four gentlemen certainly Cedric

stands out in terms of condition

or lack thereof right I'll tell you this

loop actually it looks like he's getting

better yeah he looks a little sharper to

me tonight then he actually did this

morning and as he poses he he seems to

be getting a little bit sharper I don't

know if that's enough to move him up but

it might move him keep him in third

place I don't know if Cedric has enough

to catch Luke at this point the the you

could see that the conditioning is just

slightly different between Brandon

Brandon Currie kind of has that card

almost runs a grainy but you know that

thin-skinned conditioning Phonak is

obviously in great condition also but

you can see there is a different size to

guys what a tremendous improvement from

Brandon curry from three four years ago

one thing about Brandon's presentation

too is that he's always so

picture-perfect I mean if you look at

the his oil in his color I mean he he

really looks I mean certainly the best

in terms of presentation very polishes

Brandon's killing William in that front

AB shot right now yes so as much as

William was beating him from the back on

that back double by and this shots a

toss-up man I tell you hard to beat

William beau neck when he's got that

much muscle on that frame

I could tell you the happiest guy to be

up there is certainly Luke oh they're

bringing them all back we're bringing

them all back so Joshua all right so

he's just missing all four and so Bobby

nothing nothing is written in stone

right but that's a pretty good sign that

that's our top four right unless they're

bringing him back in a little bit and

you know you know what you never know

with big Steve man he likes to mix and

match and the one thing I liked among

Steve is he gives these guys an

opportunity to compete I would rather

see too many comparisons rather than a

lack of them because bodybuilding is all

about comparisons put it next to each

other the only thing I'd like to see

sometimes I like what I call crossover

comparisons I would have liked to see

under Luke or Cedric stay out there and

have one of these guys have an

opportunity to see if he's actually

better than the guy who's projected

before I'll tell you what this morning I

thought it took Steve had him really

worked quite a bit I mean he was yeah I

mean it was it was one after another

after another so a mistake I thought

make any mistake that the prejudging

does count more so to say into the

judging okay this is what they call a

thick foundation round of scoring okay

so one way it's changed for the judges

to get a look at the competitors and

make any changes that they see fit so it

does come into the scoring but the

prejudging is you know where you're

making your bones out there

steep couplet looking pretty good in

this lineup here another good you were

on the ball my friends deep kook low

looks like he's getting a little bit

sharper as he goes sharper than Roly for


look at the Rafael Briana he looks like

a like Steve's little brother okay yeah

that right look to your right Rafi

that's that's what you're gonna be

looking like it another couple years

buddy see Josh Josh is Satan's yeah he's

fading out a little bit spilling over

yeah he's still gonna have a respectable

finish here but he's gonna be a lot

sharper in Australia and brouilly

doesn't look much different to me Nick

than he did this morning he looks about

the same and Rafael Steve actually

looked a little bit sharper to me yeah

Steve definitely looks sharper to me

look at the vascularity and Steve's

lower body I know Steve this morning was

wasn't in the wasn't in the mix as much

as he is tonight so they're definitely

taking a better look at Steve tonight

it's those arms on relief there's any

one other guy with arms like that in the

pro league and that's Philly yeah so you

talk about Evan Samara boy those arms

are crazy and even even in not a hundred

percent his cross striations all over

his triceps the kind of striations you

generally don't see on basically anybody


I talked about making improvements

really his done a complete 180 on his

midsection over the last two years ago

Nick it wasn't that long ago that he was

getting a lot of flack from our for

being round in the middle you don't I

mean and you know I've got the gut hang

and it isn't it so those people that

attributed that to other factors you can

make improvements and bring that in you

know most of that comes from Nick what's

a food volume really yeah every again

they pointed everything you can probably

think of under this it's fing Diwali

these guys eat tremendous amounts of

food that can keep your stomach out

there even when you're in a lot of the

guys I mean obviously practice helps and

you know in controlling your abs but

spreading the meals out actually making

them smaller and having more throw off

today rather than big meals I've

actually seen photos of Roly wearing a

waist trainer to keep the size of his

waist down a lot of the guys are doing

that you know whatever doesn't hurt it

doesn't hurt yeah I mean it was if it if

it does five percent greater you know

the one big thing that the guys need to

keep conscious and obviously we saw

you're not the last Olympia how they're

really marking down the midsections now

is in the transitions you know because

it's easier to remember to keep your

midsection tight while you're hitting a

pose but in between poses if it slips

your mind for a minute that's a big


trust me I've been on that pro stage

with those comparisons getting called

out they start sucking wind after about

the third or fourth round of mandatories

out there and you better be in shape and

you know that yet again that's debts or

if you're gonna let it go that's where

it's gonna go especially in those back

poses when you think no one's looking

you let it hang out

Aran's exactly right it's in the

transitions that you really got to be a

paid punch with that look at the

physique on Akeem Williams now out of

these four guys are obviously four guys

in four different times of their career

but a Keith Williams has all the

attributes man he's got the muscle side

chest got the shape

he's just got to find a way to get that

skin thin and I tell you what there's

got to be one of some titles and beating

some people he's got something like that

hanging muscle you know that you rarely

see especially for the lats from the

front kind of Ronnie Coleman ask back

double bicep

it's a game of inches man he's not look

at that shot right there look at that

shot of a keen Williams that's up there

with anybody

yeah just has to bring it down but you

can also see those little folds in the

skin they're about halfway up that back

that's your difference

that's that film I was talking about I

don't think we've ever seen

Hakeem without the film no I've never

seen him like I said originally this is

about as it as good as pretty good in

was a Tampa last year I think it was

where he really brought it out there and

that's the only that's the closest I've

seen him coming 100% conditioning but

he's got to find a formula that works

the one thing you need in the pro league

is calmness and that's where a bow neck

really comes out head and shoulders

above the rest where you've never seen

bow neck out of shape

your favorite most muscular

thank you gentlemen back in line please

blue Rollie Cedric and Steve alright now

here's where the call I'll start to get

interesting is gonna come back around

alright so he went through the lineup

once and if you're gonna see any changes

this is where they're gonna be right

here so they're trying to round out the

top six here

well you'll notice that the only two

guys anything up there is out of the top

six is Bo neck and of course Brandon

Currie so this is four three four five

and six front lat spread now he mates

move some guys are dif these guys stay

like this what you're looking at is

probably Cedric third Luke fourth coupe

Lopez and release six

I'll tell you what if Steve ku clothes

got a chance to move herself up this is

it right here now he's right next to

Cedric he could make his mark right here

and it looks like he's getting a little

bit sharper as he goes and roll he seems

to be doing the opposite

yes he's definitely spilling over and

again you know hats off to Luke's and on

Bank I'd say his conditioning again was

started off good and it's only gotten

better as he's gone on so good for him

he's looking very crisp here in his back

double bicep certainly the best

condition of anybody up there in this

call out back safe under cederick

mcmillian I say you talk about god-given

talent you know you talk about and

that's not to take away from his work

ethic but man you talk about genetics

look at that physique on cetera yeah

well it speaks to the genetics and his

capabilities if he does place third here

in this lineup

side tricep

Domino's and thighs

Aaron Luke's one of your athletes how

pleased is he right now to be in this

position he's the happiest guy on the

stage there's no doubt about that you

know he will be thrilled with for the

throat was bitten in ecstatic with third

so no matter how he ends up here he's

gonna be happy your favorite most


well I went and saw him backstage Bob

the big thing he said is he had so much

fun that's what he said to me - I said

no looky he's a ballbuster man I mean he

loves to joke around I have on him he

he's never too serious you know it's not

but I think that's good I think it keeps

him loose you know he doesn't get too

content fired up and yeah Patrick is

much the same way and then subjects a

jokester man yeah he's having fun all

right here we go now you know what this

means I mean this is down to these two

guys both these guys make no mistake

both these guys know right now this is

for the title they know it fans and the

judges know it that's the difference

right there in that front wage Nick the

waist gets the first scene oh my eye is

drawn to is that Brandon Curry's waiting

that V paper

look at that shot right there look at

that beat a poor compared to William

yeah Brandon is a bigger guy a heavier

guy with a smaller waist yeah and I

think his conditioning might be slightly

better than bone axe here well again

another good observation you could see

just look at the legs it's a lower body

I use between these two guys don't look

at anything else just that that tells

everything I know about conditioning

the shots about even for these guys you

can see the thickness under will you can

see the thickness on Brandon but look at

the side of the thigh once again that's

that's your your margin Brandon Currie

is 10 percent sharper than William Bo

neck now this is what negates everything

you just said okay because you're gonna

get to this point and guess what Liam's

got one of the best backs in the world

he's like a minicar green yeah yeah the

thing about Williams back to is it

he has details that other people just

don't have I'm just thinking it's just

thick thick muscle a must at the end of

the day it's still resting he has those

lower light striations like the mini Kai

green has uh that's a pose right there

that Brandon Curry's worked very hard on

bringing up over the years and it is

paid off in dividends right here because

he's hanging and he's hanging with Yui


now you're gonna see a big difference

right here look at the waste lines yeah

I'd give this pose to Brandon Oh

all day yeah all day long and you're

gonna give this poster Brandon right

here now William knows he's basically

gonna get beaten this post guy don't get

out of that quick up there he goes he

yeah that is that's a veteran right

there get to the side show them your

serratus don't do not go go heads up

with Brandon Currie and Brandon right

there listen well Brandon give you

whatever he wants he needs listen that

waste because here the fans getting into

another package this is where it gets



gentlemen relax Brandon sure does look

sharp right now steps back another step

hit a front double bicep please fellas

close because big Steve this doesn't

keep going for no good reason as though

this isn't about just giving the fans a

good show I mean is that close between

this you guys face the statue and hit a

back double by itself

and this so close with these two guys is

two different physiques completely but

that to me solidifies it era I mean that

shot right there if you look at the

difference just in the taper in the

waist half and this is subtly grandma's

head up a whole lot of muscle here and I

think the small waist also creates the

illusion that Brandon's a little bit

wider than bone ACTU it does and they're

probably the same width it really bone

aches even a little wider but you're

right Nick it's all about illusion I

mean that's the only thing that matters

on stage smoke and mirrors favorite

actually count the shots and who's

winning what shot it does looks like

Brandon is ahead by two

he said he certainly had the ABS he and

overhead abdominal he certainly has even

on the on the side chest what do you

think here at the muscle wrecking here

in this angle of a William bone AK is



thank you gentlemen back to you Tony

Steve Steve you guys are doing an

amazing job with it what well call Tony

guys come forward because I think the

audience wants to see this everybody

come to the front of the stage mr. music

let's line it up because we're gonna

hose down all right Tony Doherty saying

the magic words gentlemen pulls down now

the judging at this point is done all

right the post down is a great

opportunity for the fans you know these

guys horse around a little bit have some

fun play it up

I'm sure aren't I'll be down there in

two seconds now no way but right now

they're telling the scores right now

you're handing down your score of who

you won and this comes down to

preponderance of the scoring okay highs

and lows are thrown out to ensure that

the the yet the judging is fairing all

right okay so you know so any any

outlier gets kicked out that's right I

only have the people in the middle base

yeah let's just say you know you just

didn't like William Bonin okay for

whatever good reason it you go I you

know what I'm gonna put him in sixth

place well listen you can do that as a

judge he probably gonna be a judge very

long you know it's clearly you're out of

your mind but but that stick is gonna

get thrown out because it's alone now

and vice versa now listen you could have

a whole bunch of ones on there let's say

half the panel one of those see to get

thrown out but it ensures integrity

across the judging panel and we do this

for a reason in the pro league and

that's to ensure that you can't do

anything funky can't do anything weird

now listen these are the best judges in

the world right here come on buddy Dan

Solomon down there there's dad

headlining things for the Olympia this

year so big shot out the van the guys

are all going down making this exciting

for all the people in the audience

always fun for the fans Nick in the past

you were actually down there with the

eyes come any years many years you know

the one thing that's cool for the

fantasy is how big these guys actually

are because I'm stage is one thing it's

an illusion there's lighting there's but

when somebody's right there in front of

you you can see how thick and how big

and massive that these guys are I can

still remember seeing Dennis wolf for

the first time in the pumpup room

backstage and just seeing how big he

wasn't pursed and it was just like you

don't realize how big they are when you

see them in the magazines you see Dennis

wolf in person he's crazy terminator

looking with the sunglasses you don't

have the leather jacket on uh come with

me if you want to live

all right well these guys gonna be

ramping up into the audience here

hopefully one of those to sneak off into

the food court q2 pretty hungry right

now but all right time for predictions

boys all right Aaron you had your

original prediction you've now seen the

night show you've seen the comparisons

you've seen the pose down and of course

the inevitable one-on-one between

between curry and Bonet he's still

sticking with your pick

are you coming to my side no I suppose

I'm coming to your side Aaron is wise my

friend yeah he solidified a breeding

curry solidified it for sure tonight and

where I was unsure this morning I think

tonight he was a pretty solid I think

he's going to get all ones and I think

he's gonna take it tonight

Nikki you still on Gordon you going to

the dark side I'm sticking with Brandon

I think Brandon's gonna take it our

predictions and what actually looks like

it's going to happen is Cedric a melon

surprising us he's a wild card I'll make

no mistake I mean any of those guys

could have moved up I think you could

kind of flip my coin between hoops and

oh cederick mcmillian probably for that

third and fourth slot but it's not going

to any other way but one and two between

between korean Phonak take your seat

because there's plenty much more to come

wretched Mick Hale who's about to walk


there is your champion in the 2007 auto

classic bodybuilding champion Victor


the second-year flasher by this much

he's about 6 to about 280 pounds

let's welcome cederick mcmillian


our final competitor is one of the

fastest rising stars in the industry

making his first appearance here in

Columbus from the Netherlands

let's welcome William bow neck


2018 Arnold Classic champion William

bond Act


Brian how did you get into strongman

competitions I got into him completely

for fun actually I played basketball

through college and went into being a

strength coach and that kind of led me

to strongman in a way and I needed

another competitive outlet for myself

something where I was big and strong and

I enjoyed training so it seemed like a

perfect fit and how did you get involved

in them this is my ninth year I keep it

in the winner's circle man but you got a

battle out there I feel confident about

what you know and I feel even that we

brought a better package the last year

big Steve certainly gave you guys an

opportunity I mean even put see any

mixed GOP spun you around about four

times on it I know you're dying out

there when that's going on but I tell

you what I'd rather get the comparisons

to not honestly give opinion you

understand so it's a good thing you know

to give each other the chance as you

know to to tell each each other you know

you and Brandon are competitors out to

you could tell us a very very well not

just the difference but I was gonna say

mutual respect

like you say you you guys are battling

but man you could see you're also having

some fun out there too it's warm state

you know but outside of that you know we

just humans you know we got the same

passion understand so we know what we

feel you know we know what we go through

you know so we respect each other for

that you know so it's not easy to come

in and stand on stage you know better

the best of the road understand so I

respect any athlete who comes here and

who you know better even if he said out

of the top 10 it doesn't matter you know

you the effort that you put into it for

two weeks prep you know it's tough man

you know any other point I was gonna

bring up you guys are apples and oranges

man I mean you don't have anything in

common I guess a you know you got

depict powerful muscular physique he's

got this more streamlined you know with

the tiny waist and all that but it makes

an interesting dilemma for the judges of

course because they got to kind of pick

one way or the other here you both bring

things at a table so it's interesting

cuz you can kind of go back and forth

between you guys but you got a gut

feeling Williams gonna go your way you

tonight the way I saw the pictures you

know and we are so you know you both

look you know I will pick myself up to

the judges you know we're at the

beginning of the season obviously at the

armor class are kicking things off for

the 2019 season and I you seem to like

to compete you seem to get better as you

go throughout what's the rest of the

schedule look at how you guys gonna be

in Australia in a couple of weeks

yes we're gonna go to a New Zealand got

a guest post over there and from there

we go to Melbourne I'm a classical three

yeah all right William best of luck here

later on tonight as we'll see who the

winner is we'll see if the champ repeats

and is a two-time on a classic champion

that's all right all right continuing

coverage here at the Arnold Classic


coming up next my favorite division so

you've seen the Beast now you're gonna

see the beauty huge followings and and

they work just as hard as any of the

other divisions these great smiles and

these great figures and it really has

taken the world by storm we've got the

best lineup we've ever had here in

Columbus Ohio ladies and gentlemen so

let's meet the ladies competing in their

final round of the competition first

from Brazil Alicia Puccini




















I need a miracle order I need one

Issa Hasini I need to actually caught


I need six Jennifer Dory I need seven

Janet liam8 Marcia conclaves and 12

Lorelai Shep Otto's

two and six to switch and I can't see

everybody's number so I need Marcia and

he said to switch

Hey ladies doing 180 face that back wall

and now you can do what we couldn't do

this morning walk halfway back and hold

it when you get there

now face forward and walk it back

ladies I need to Issa and Ashley to

switch Issa and Ashley switch one more

time do a 180 face that back wall

and face forward

okay ladies thank you very much you take

a step back to either side

I need for Ashley Janelle 11 Frieda

Paulson stir

ten Cristobal inna Tory's 13 Monica

Ellis 14 marina Martinez 17 Camille


okay Janelle and Camille switch

now do a 180 face that back wall

now while CAF way back and hold it when

you get there

face forward and walk it back

okay thank you very much ladies they can

step back to either side I need three

Kim Gutierrez five Rafaella

Milagros nine Sonia Luis 15 you like

Fernandez 16 Karina and 18 Jessica


P ladies doing 180 face a back wall

that walk half way back and hold it when

you get there

now face forward and walk it back

okay thank you very much lady and take a

step back to either side that concludes

our confirmation round back to you Tony

we're Dunham yes I said [ __ ] I think

Thank You sandy all right we'll ask all

of our bikini athletes to Wick's it on

that side of the stage and congratulate

every single one of them for being such

amazing shape for you tonight as you

know ladies and gentlemen the Arnold

sports festival here in Columbus

welcomes lots of new athletes every year

and we had a record-breaking amount of

athletes competing our NPC worldwide

amateur bodybuilding competitions for

the chance to win their pro cards 700

plus and they've all been judged and we

have our winners and their new pros

ladies and gentlemen so I'm going to

introduce them to you and remember their

names because someone will be up here

next year

our masters figure overall [ __ ] Joel

are our masters bikini overall paula

alene our men's bodybuilding overall

champion morgan esteem fitness overall

hailey liz n bar our bikini overall

crystal Medina men's physique winner

Erik lisboa and our women's physique

winner Katherine Maclaurin take a bow

guys and congratulations on your



that's it back to the gym

now we have our men's physique

competition and now this is a new way of

doing it it was new to the animal sports

festival in 2015 and it grew and grew

and grew to the point we had so many go

in it so we made a rule that you had to

be in the top ten in one of the pro

shows around the world to qualify to do

an Arnold Classic and they kept growing

more and more so we've got them here

tonight our top six after all the

judging over the weekend and our first

competitor is from Texas ladies and

gentlemen please welcome Logan Franklin


Pittsburgh welcome Raymond Evans


Thank You Raymond you're gonna love this

ladies and gentlemen cuz he's from

Columbus Ohio USA George Brown from

California San Diego welcome Chiron


welcome back to the physique division

from New York New York City

hence Erick




thank you setting from New York New York

Andre Ferguson

don't you on Draya then we're gonna hand

it over to the judges again for their

confirmation round over to you Steve

thank you Tony

Ramon George switch please

Andre coming the middle of them please

right there


logan enjoy switch please

gentlemen feet together face to judges

face the curtain

face front


Thank You gentleman if concludes our

confirmation round

back to you Tony that's their physique

to Division they're in great shape again

they keep getting better and better

of course the physique around is the

other round that's taken the world by

storm with that and the bikini it's

really made bodybuilding alive again

because these bodies are achievable

somebody could be working under Jim and

think well if I trained hard for a year

or two I could get the boardshorts of

the bikini and get up and compete and

show all the hard work I've done and

then we find they graduate from there

into the other divisions that the

classic physique which we had last night

was a great new division where the

height and weight limited so you can't

be so much bigger than the other guys

you don't get all the mass monsters

we'll keep that for the pro bodybuilding

so there's all these new categories it's

made it so much more achievable and

these these categories have all got

great new fan bases were to bring more

and more people into this sport and of

course into the Arnold Classic here in

Columbus so next thing we love the

Arnold Classic is strongman ladies and


our event check this out our event is

now the biggest money strongman show in

the world bar none

let's move the head of anything else

that was in the market we now have a

qualifying series right around the world

we're starting in two weeks in Melbourne

they can qualify to be here in Columbus

and every one of them has to do one of

the smaller shows or one of the other

Arnold's to qualify in fact Arnold

himself just hosted a fantastic event a

few weeks ago in Santa Monica and they

closed a whole pier off and set up all

this strongman equipment on Santa Monica

Pier the historical site and the home of

Muscle Beach

and the media came it was the most

incredible thing you've ever seen it was

packed and that put our strongman event

in front of thousands more new fans and

they loved it and here at the Arnold

Classic this weekend we've had the most

phenomenal strongman competition we're

gonna meet some of the previous winners

and we're gonna have an event on stage

today and we're going to light this

place up but I don't know how many of

you at the Expo that saw what we called

the wheel of pain anybody see the wheel

of pain well this is ridiculous it's

20,000 pounds of pressure to push that

thing around it's like a replica from

the first Conan movie and they spent

months and months making it really is

the most incredible piece of equipment

any of us has ever seen and of course

all the guys in our crew and everyone

tried to push it and you can move it

like about a meter or a yard and in the

sand in the barrel starts to roll

against you and then it pushes you back

so you think you're winning for just a

second then they're crushed and then the

strongmen come in and they were doing

laps with it like you wouldn't believe

so these guys really are huge and

they're strong now we're going to bring

on some of our former champions and to

introduce him please welcome our

strongman host Matt Iseman and Mark


well I'm coming out here first I'm Matt

Iseman on the host of American Ninja


what do you do it don't you want your

proper introduction I kind of spoiled it

so what we're doing this year this year

to honor the great Terry Todd we have

assembled every previous winner of the

Arnold sports classic she's strongman

championship we have the greatest

strongmen in history and you saw the

first one the man who won the inaugural

Arnold strongman back in 2002 he's been

my co-host all weekend he's the WWE Hall

of Fame twice he represented America

going to the Olympics as a US

weightlifter and he is on stage with me

all night long give it up for my man the

legendary Mark Henry next up I know you

belong out here next up this man didn't

win at once he didn't win it twice he

wanted eight times he is one of the

greatest strongmen in history said RunAs

civets Gus a legendary American you've

heard this name so long he sit with his

daughter and he's been having a

tremendous time let him hear it ladies

and gentlemen

Derek Poundstone talk about an

appropriate last name and then a man

who's won in three times this year that

is his tenth time competing for you

people he's one of the great champions

he's from my home state of Colorado

ladies and gentlemen Brian Shaw


now unfortunately there is one champion

who can't be with us he passed away but

we'd still love you all to honor his


ladies and gentlemen Mike Jenkins and

last night if you were here what I love

about these strongmen is the support

because the governor brought out Miles

Taylor a kid with cerebral palsy to do

some lifts

now helping him load the weights were

Mark Henry and this other champion the

toughest lawless truly embodying the

spirit of strongman and the final

champion here the man who in just a few

minutes will be competing for another

title he is one of the strongest men in

history he's known as the fountain from


welcome Hawthorn unis


these are the strongmen champions

throughout history two of them will be

competing tonight but we have a little

video that shows you just what this is

all about

please take a look


and we are looking forward to a show

present Hina didn't break a sweat there

nothing a strong first lift at a Bryan

Shaw a record-breaking lift on the line

for the mountain



alright ladies and gentlemen it's done

this is the Josaphat stone killer








well ladies and gentlemen hello there we

go so you've seen it we've had four

remarkable events these athletes mark

they've been putting their blood and

sweat and tears into it

these guys have been pouring everything

into these and I think one of the

highlights was the wheel of pain

just seeing the effort in there and

seeing Novikov this rookie who last year

was an amateur and now is competing with

the big boys have such a strong

performance normally the rookies tend to

kind of know the road kind of step back

and you know wait their turn but he

didn't get the memo so after four events

the man in the lead is the mountain Thor

Pearson is in first place with 30 7.5

points in second place Martines Lisa's

with thirty one point five and in third

place the oldest man of the competition

38 years old

the Siberian forest Mikhail Shipley akov

now we're getting ready for the stone to

shoulder you can see the man right there

handling it it's owed hog and he is a

legend in strongman this is known as

owed Hoggins tombstone and this thing

weighs 410 pounds the goal for these

athletes is to lift it up get it into

your lap from there get it onto your

shoulder and Mark you've done this it's

not enough to hold it on the shoulders

you have to remove it control it with

one hand so we need to see the left hand

out you'll watch the judges if the

judges don't give a down signal that

means the stone was not controlled they

won't get full credit and Mark with 410

pounds it's almost impossible to control

that stone well the really impossible

thing about it is it's an oblong shape

there's no handles on it so it's not

like you can get it really fixed grip

you got to find a position that's

comfortable for you and each guy's

different some guys like to really pull

it close to him and pull and then

there's other guy

that try to just throw it up on his

shoulder which is really hard to do and

you'll see that in a few minutes now one

of the cool things is one of our great

sponsors is from right here in Columbus

Ohio let's give them a round of applause

for rogue fitness they've been doing it

just about everything in this contest

but let me ask you folks do you guys

enjoy seeing history made let me ask you

again do you enjoy seeing history made

because Rock Fitness does they want

history to be - made tonight on this

stage and right now the record mark in

this event is four reps of the stowed -

the shoulder but it is if someone can do

five rogue's going big well at the last

Championships in California we have two

guys that ripped it out like it was

nobody's business so I'm looking forward

to seeing those two guys because they're

they're fresher they're fresh air they

did not have the year that everybody

else did

so let's see what happened so here's the

deal this stone is 410 pounds

if someone managed to get five reps in

two and a half minutes they have two and

a half minutes once they start

manipulating the stones five reps and

they will win $5,000 for making history

so are you ready no way we are not ready

I'm ready

Arnold's ready to work with that is the

rear end wait governor are you ready got

enough do you want to come lift the

stone governor the Terminator his

thought could be the history the history

stone do it now he said let me check

with our athletes our athletes ready get

to the chopper

did somebody actually give him a

microphone please turn that thing off

I'm just out here checking we're making

sure these athletes are ready and we

don't have referees out so we are not

ready to live

let's introduce sir oh and Hagen ladies

and gentlemen the man who came up with a

stone hog and one of our judges here he

did that on purpose

did you just drag me with the chair I've

been getting heckled by this man all

weekend just because he's a four-time

world strong man the man who introduced

most of us to this sport

ladies and gentlemen Magnus ver

Magnusson and my idol and our third

judge curl gillingham a legend in the

powerlifting community now Magnus is

going to let us know with his arm when

his arm drops that means it's a clean

rep if it doesn't go down that will not

be a full four points you get one point

getting the stone to your lap you get

two points if you can get the stone on

to your torso but you have to control it

back this has to have the arm down for

the full four points yeah I guess the

more points when you get it to shoulder

and once you get it to shoulder four

points supersedes everything else the

two point and the one point doesn't

count if you get it to your chest and

get the two point the one point isn't

negated all right ladies and gentlemen

this is the rookie I was talking about

last year he won the amateur contest and

he won the right to be here on this

stage he's been turning in phenomenal

performances taking second in the Husa

fell still carry taking second in the

wheel of pain he had to go to the

hospital to be evaluated clean bill of

health and he wanted to come back and

compete for you people here tonight are

you guys ready to see him

let me say it again these athletes feed

off your energy so ladies and gentlemen

let's make him energetic Alexei Novica

off as you can see he's kind of filling

it out seeing where he's gonna take a

handhold every guy's gonna beat his hand

hold it's gonna be different

he's putting a little tack on his hands

take the sweat off it makes it a little

bit sticky but it's not overly and goopy

like the Old South

all right he's ready to go he's asking

for you to back him you could see that's

one point

laughing the stone right there now comes

the struggle this catch is 300 pounds

miss stone 410 pounds fighting to get it

to his shoulder you want to see it get



so he got two points they're forgetting

it to the torso you cannot repeat that

doe that is two points the only way to

get more plates now to get it on to the

shoulder and to control it and this is

learning on the fly it's not like

driving where you have a manual this is

this is something that you have to

experience multiple times and him being

young and new is going to take a little

while for him to get this done and the

mouth guard is usually help in business

here we go alexei nova coffee


got it up bounce it

there you go

don't worry about the floor ladies and

gentleman is heavily constructed Rogen

makes the best equipment in the world

Steve Slater and his team have put this

together and we have not had it brought

out to the floor yet just under one

sailor with this 410 pound stone having

the workers still has 245 seconds left

and you can see the battle with this

stone the heft and the difficulty

controlling it

clock ticking down 30 seconds left for

Alexi Novikov this rookie from Ukraine

the man with the colorful socks called

for a big lift here

round of applause for Alexi that was a

rare form a phenomenal effort in his

rookie campaign one of the better

techniques of handling this stone is

that put it on his in at the highest

point and that was something that he'll

learn in the future and the guys were

not going to tell him tonight

well you can see the difficulty and

getting this stone up now last year only

a couple of the athletes are actually

able to get it to the shoulder and

control it that's how hard it is but

next up this guy from Slovenia two-time

Slovenia Strongest Man and he is ready

ladies and gentlemen let him hear it

multi-way see you get a load of him

Mattias Bell shocked going for this 410

pound old hog and tune show clock has


gaagh on the lab

that's up you can see I'm fighting it

off the shoulder got it that's a nice

line and belt shock is fired up how do

you guys feel about that that's four

points there for Bell shock he's gettin

fired up a minute 48 left this big guy

from Sylvania you see the strategy of

him putting the smooth side to the floor

which is a little bit unorthodox the

round side he wants to put on his

shoulder so he's trying to pull it to

him so he can get the round side on his

shoulder makes it easier roll to the

shoulder if you can say easy wrong

choice of words you think he's got

another left in him folks

bail shock he's real girls got one



is lifting more than a refrigerator here

410 pounds sliced 30 seconds left can

get points for laughing it he is going

to take every second leave every ounce

of strength on this floor for you people

there's a reason that you saved the

hardest things for last seconds


Marius Bell shark got the one rap for

points a tremendous effort

that is one strong human being the way

that he laughed the way that he got the

shoulder first lift talking to old oak

said he had never seen anybody lift it

that style we just had enough day one of

our previous champions and injured

himself he's out Brian Shaw so up next

the Polish powerhouse the man who holds

the record and they cement for touch to

the shoulder

Mateos Kalish kotsky my boy should be

looked at as somebody that does magic

because he makes it look so easy he was

the only one who got multiple reps look

at this that's one over two minutes left

you think we're gonna see history here

Kalish Karski this is his event

look at that how easily he lives

headstone oh we can feel the entire

floor moving when he drops that stone

two reps still a minute 30 left to go

you notice he puts the flat side to his

body so once he gets a handhold and he

easily pulls it to a lap position it the

stone tends to roll to his shoulder

three Oh Bennet left he still got a

minute left

are we sensing something great here you

are seeing something that is not average

even for the strong men this is a

superior strength and a level of detail

that we haven't seen in a long time

52 seconds left for two reps for history

looking to break his own record you want

to see it let him hear it

thirty seconds left they're gonna

reposition this go get on your feet

everybody this is normal city 20 seconds


days 50


Braunstein you'll see one of the

greatest lifting exhibitions that was

done he got there with one second ladies

and gentlemen you have to do with one

second left to spare oh we've been

saying it all weekend are you not



five reps he has the mark but keep in


couple more athletes get their shots

right now from Estonia

hallo hallo

man I know we're supposed to maintain a

level of professionalism but I fanned

out for just a second

let's see if hi the hesitated folks

kinda been so strong this competition

and you can save 410 pounds it looked

easy it is so hard

Oh dog and offering some advice

the spirit lift very difficult to live

away from the flat side

now if he doesn't get it up to his lap

in 60 seconds the time what we call

natural Magnus is looking a great effort

out of behind great effort so now we're

down to the top three competitors in the

standings right now up first out of


you'll recognize his trademark black

beret a beret here is a member of the

Special Forces this guy the oldest fan

of the competition 38 years of age but

he has been wowing us all weekend long

ladies and gentlemen Micaiah Shibley

Acuff old in a lot of sports means

you've done old and a strongman game

means your experience your season you

understand what needs to happen and how

it needs to happen and this guy

definitely knows how to get it done and

so mark right now they're put a little

tacky cloth on there for grab those

shirts provided by row got a little

extra grip as well

the time is not on the clock what do you

say why don't we make a rush and feel

welcome ladies and gentlemen give it up

for chef Kyle


Oh doggone offering tips 30 seconds left

to get this stone in the air

this is the fifth event sixty Seconds to


so what they're explaining too is you

have one minute to get the stone up into

the lab failing that your time is up

fortunate for shiplake off great effort

and now it's time for the band

Kalish coughs key has the record this

band matched up in Santa Monica

currently at second place notice the

dragon for the fire in his belly ladies

and gentlemen he has a shot to win this

entire thing

Marty's Lisa's Marty's has an

unbelievable energy level one of the few

guys that I've just become a real real

strong fan of also makes things look

really old by that's why now once again

in Santa Monica he won the Arlen

competition doing an atlas stone five

times that was 375 can enjoy it here

with this big stone


and look at that power lets you watch it

watch it okay okay Arnold oh no I told

you it was the first time that it had

never been done but it didn't mean that

it would not happen how they're gonna

get it back up here it's behind me

no I'm not helping so these guys are

working on it


I'm fortunate for him the clock is still


I'm sorry I just report the news a

minute you left

right sweet - it's time




give some energy folks Letterman so we

just got word there is more time on the

clock the governor called it

Lisa's dragon

you got more take your time you got

another minute my chance he said is

injured what an effort

Martines Lisa's I thought that Magnus

was gonna stop it like the matrix using

Arnold Arnold stay in your seat

the stone will get itself okay one mark

time for a head referee you narrowly

averted disaster Magnus ver Magnusson so

this is it there is one athlete left he

is the defending champion and he is

currently at first are you ready for the

mountain six feet nine inches foreign

imported goods from Iceland euros


Arnold I just want to let you know you

still got it you use real quick out

there quick as a cat

here we go look at this help this

contest let's give it up guys



dear son fighting for Greta


you can see that on his face that stone

try to control it got it and let's hear

for spotters


half-door knows that he's already placed

that he's got a substantial amount of

points give it up and it's in the bag

for the mountain have four beers soon


can I ask you a question so what were

you thinking running and trying to stop

that don't break don't break it so with

that we're gonna take a break we're

gonna turn it back over to Tony won't be

back with the results I think you guys

know what happened but I hope you

enjoyed watching that as much as we

enjoyed being up here even those in the

front row who are still safe one more

time for all the strong men this weekend

I'm Matt Iseman tony

tickity thank you Matt thank you Mark

now it's time to recognize a wonderful

tradition that we have here at the

Arnold Classic it's time to honor the

Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement

Award winner which is Jan and Terry Todd

please turn your attention to the video

screams to watch this very special

presentation thank you

this year's Lifetime Achievement winners

are doctors Terry and Jam Todd who

together and individually made enormous

contributions through the world of

fitness and strength they raise the

public's understanding of the value of

all forms of strength training through

their personal lifting accomplishments

their books numerous articles and

documentary films as well as all they

have done to preserve the history of

strength Sports dr. Terry Todd began as

a tennis player earning a college

scholarship to play for UT Austin in the

summer after his high school graduation

he began training and then kept lifting

in secret as he also played varsity

tennis at UT although he was ranked

number one on the team by the end of his

freshman year his tennis coach kept

telling Terry that lifting would make

him muscle-bound and so Terry quit the

team at his junior year and focused his

energy on competitive weightlifting

Terry won the junior national Olympic

weightlifting championship in 1963 and

then switched to the new sport of

powerlifting winning the first men's

national championships in 1964 and the

first senior nationals in 1965 over the

course of his career he would go on to

set 15 World Records and powerlifting

and was the first to officially swatch

700 pounds and the total 1600 1700 1800

and 1900 pounds

Terry was also one of the first people

to write about the sport of power lifted

and his insightful dramatic articles in

the muscle magazines and later Sports

Illustrated helped powerlifting develop

its unique identity as a sport in 1978

he also wrote the sports first foot

inside powerlifting and in its

introduction the great power lifter

Larry Pacifico described Terry as an

immortal in powerlifting who stands on

the elite plateau reserved for legends

he has been wrote Larry our guiding

light at inspiration since powerlifting

began after finishing his PhD in 1966

with a dissertation on the history of

training Terri began teaching as a

university professor while continuing to

work as a journalist and sports promoter

in addition to his work for Sports

Illustrated Terri served as a

broadcaster for both NBC and CBS was

involved in the early days of the world

strongest man contest created and

promoted the strongest man in football

contests for CBS for three years and

also opened the national strength

Research Center at Auburn University

Teri Meri Jan in 1973 after meeting her

at Mercer University in Macon Georgia

when Jan began weight training following

their marriage there were no women's

powerlifting contests no women's

weightlifting contest and no women's

bodybuilding however she was intrigued

by strength and with coaching from Terry

decided to see if she could get in the

Guinness Book of Records as those were

the only records that existed for women

at that time when Jan dead lifted three

hundred ninety four point five pounds in

1974 and made it into Guinness for the

first time she made that lift and the

next several records that followed it

only after getting permission to do

exhibitions at Men's meets exhibitions

that inspired other women to ask for the

right to compete she remained in the

Guinness Book for the next 12 years

having set more than 60 world or

American records in five body weight

classes by the time she retired to begin

her PhD studies she was the first woman

to total more than 1,000 1,100 and 1,200

pounds and her highest record set back

in 1981 were 480 pounds in the deadlift

540 5.5 pounds in the squat and 1,200 29

pounds in the total often called the

world's strongest woman in newspapers

and magazines like Sports Illustrated in

people Jan also appeared on dozens of

television shows during her lifting

career including Johnny Carson's Tonight


please Jam Todd


powerlifting is a relatively new sport

there's only been Menace competitions

for about the last 15 years no women's

competitions are just getting started

Jim also made significant contributions

to the early development of women's

powerlifting writing the first draft of

its rules serving as head of both the

American and international women's

committees and twice serving as national

coach she was also twice chosen as coach

of the US PF men's team making her the

first woman to coach a men's team at a

World Championship in any strength sport

in 1978 Jen also became the first woman

to lift the famous Denny stones in

Scotland a feat no other woman would

master for 40 years in 1983 the Todd's

moved to Austin Texas where they began

teaching at the University of Texas and

began focusing more on encouraging

academic interests on the history the

iron game their work has allowed the

study of strong men weightlifting body

building strength coaching and other

related fitness fields to become part of

the academic Canon for kinesiology

departments and the field of sport

history they began publishing the highly

influential academic journal iron game

history the Journal of Physical Culture

in 1990 and together they've written

more than 600 articles and seven books

on strength training and/or strength

history Jan Todd now a full professor at

UT Austin is recognized as one of the

most important sports historians in the

world and runs a doctoral program

focusing on the history of fitness and

strength training that she created the

Todd's encyclopedic knowledge of history

of the iron game also led them to begin

making documentary films with road

Fitness about early legends like huge

and Sandow and George Hackenschmidt and

longer critically successful films like

Stone land and false liquor which can

now be seen on Netflix and other media


perhaps the Todd's greatest achievement

however has been establishing the Starks

Center for physical culture and sports

to hold their vast collection of weight

training materials and to make it

available to the public

located at a 30,000 square foot facility

in the UT football stadium the center

contains more than 40,000 books nearly

every muscle magazine published in the

English language thousands of

photographs rare strongman posters from

the turn of the 20th century antique

dumbbells and barbells and artifacts and

personal papers from dozens of important

figures in our field such as Lewis sire

Warren Lincoln Travis Jo and Betty

wieder Peggy Stockton Eugen Sandow Bob


Tommy kono George Jowett chris dickerson

dr. Bob Goldman Milo Steen born George

Hackenschmidt and many others and last

but certainly not least in 2002 when

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer

asked Terry to create a strongman

contest for the Arnold sports festival

no one could have foreseen that he would

come up with ideas that would totally

transform the sport the Arnold strongman

classic Terry envision is the best test

of true strength in the world of

strongmen and is widely regarded as the

most important contest in the sport Jan

co-directed the event was Terry until

his death this past summer and she took

over the reins this year to make sure

that the show continues as a fitting

legacy to Terry and his mission we

congratulate doctors Terry and Jen Todd

on the lifetime dedicated to success in

the world of fitness and strength we are

proud to honor both as the lifetime

achievement award recipients of 2019 and

join me in congratulating the recipient

of this year's Lifetime Achievement

Award Jan Todd and the award to be

presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger

well every year we hand out this arnold

schwarzenegger lifetime achievement what

and we are so happy and so proud to hand

it this year the Chan and to Terry Todd

because as you have seen in that video

there is no one that has done more to

promote the sport of powerlifting

weightlifting bodybuilding and strongman

competitions than this couple did and it

was absolutely extraordinary the kind of

work that they've done to publicize the

promoted around the world and so you

have been really welcome to our family

of the Arnold achievement of what okay

so congratulations the great work


thank you


you're actually gonna hold that for me

that is awfully nice thank you thank you

everybody thank you for the kind welcome

thank you obviously to Arnold and Jim

and Bob Lorrimer for doing this for us

this is obviously what I would have to

say a somewhat bittersweet moment for me

the honor and pride that I feel tonight

is of course you know tempered by the

fact that Terry is not here to stand

beside me he should be I think he would

not be wrong to say that the I think in

many ways kind of to me an extraordinary

life that we lived together and the

various things that we accomplished

these were almost all inspired by the

fact that Terry had what I would always

refer to as a rather overactive

imagination Jim Larmour and I used to

talk about the fact that Terry was a

visionary and we would actually sort of

joke about that and as Jim knows my job

Terry would think up the big ideas and

then my job was generally to come along

behind him and kind of figure out how

can we make these things work and this

was sometimes not always easy for me

because Terry had no shortage of visions

and a lot of time those visions came one

after the other after another sort of

like somebody else I know who's kind of

standing right behind me here and all of

a sudden we're practically apply Mille

taneous Lee somehow however we were

lucky in being able to make many of

those dreams many of his dreams which of

course became my dreams somehow became

real and as those of you know who knew

him personally he was really quite

extraordinary funny and witty and bright

and compassionate and there was nothing

that he loved more than thinking about

strength and talking about strength and

being around the strongest people in the

world when I married Terry Todd 45 years


I could never have imagined a future at

that time this was 1973 in which I would

one day be standing on a stage think

about this I'm standing on a stage with

the former mr. Olympia who has also

become the Governor of California and

now he has become the champion for the

environment for voting rights and for


our world has changed in our lifetimes

and nor could I have imagined that I

would live in a world in which women

would be able to lift a hundred and

sixty five pound dumbbell over their

head not just once but twice and we

didn't have one woman do that today on

the stage of the expo hall we had to and

I certainly could not at the age of 21

having grown up in the era before title

nine when weight training was largely

shunned by everybody not just women and

when women like myself went to high

schools and universities where we didn't

play women's sports pretty much at all

let alone do weight lifting or

bodybuilding nor could I have imagined

coming out of that early part of my life

that I would one day count among my

closest friends those noble Giants who

just competed on this stage men whose

strength and courage inspires me to come

back here year after year even though as

you might imagine most of my academic

friends at the University of Texas don't

really understand why I do this but

Terry did Terry loved the fact that Jim

Lorimer and Arnold had faith in his

judgment and that they had given him a

truly rare opportunity to create this

unique contest which we all know as the

Arnold Classic it is probably better to

let others say whether this event has

truly changed the world of strength but

I would note that if the social media is

any indication of things this weekend

and no doubts snapchatting is helping a

little bit with this it has at least it

has at least can created considerable

excitement and interest in the sport of

strongmen and based on what I'm reading

online a lot of people have been very

inspired by what happened here in

Columbus when this part of our life

began and meet at our first Arnold

Classic in

2-8 obviously and it wasn't a perfect

success but over the years we tried to

live up to the model that Jim and Arnold

embraced for themselves and every year

we tried to find ways to make it better

my aim as I took on the task of

directing the show this year was to once

again try to make the show unique and

special and I've been very lucky to have

had working with me not only steve

slater as my co director and his of

course incredible stage group but all of

the judges who have been so loyal to us

through the years and of course most

importantly a truly incredible couple

billandkatie henagar of rogue fitness

whose dedication to making our strongman

events special and most importantly for

being my sounding board for ideas and

events has literally known no limits

this year I think if you saw it today

the building of the incredible wallet

wheel of pain the recreation of the Husa

fell stone did you realize that they

actually flew basalt all the way from

Iceland so we could carve it and make an

exact replica no one else that I can

imagine would have possibly done

something so extraordinary for a simple

strongman contest except Rogan Hennig

errs and I want to just say how very

very grateful I am to them because they

have allowed us to do something I think

quite wonderful and so in closing let me

just simply say how grateful I am to all

of you for this great honor to Arnold

and to Jim and to Bob and I want to once

again or maybe I should say one less

time give Terry a chance to have the

last words and when I close with

something that he used to say to me

sometimes at the end of a long day or

when we had something that maybe wasn't

going quite right and you're sort of

looking at each other as you're getting

ready to go to bed and you're wondering

you know why do we do this and he would

sometimes say to me you know it's a good

life if you don't weaken and he never

did and neither should you

and so I thank you again I am deeply

honored and I hope to see you all again

next year

Thank You Jen can we ask you an Arnold

to move out into the center with your

ward and we're going to ask all of our

former champions to join in for a

photograph if you go to the middle of

the stage now and welcome back all of

our former champions Mark Henry

Mark Henry said Sir John esophagus

Derrick Poundstone Brian Shaw by Tara

solace and hope for Julius B onsen and

this award and photograph is in honor of

Terry Todd and respect to Jan and Terry

put your hands together ladies and

gentlemen for all of our former

champions with Arnold and gent on thank

you gentlemen thank you thank you thank


now mark mark Henry I need you back over

here mark back to work

let's welcome back Mark Henry and Matt

Iseman for our strong man Awards Thank

You Man how about that contest we saw

with the strongmen tonight ladies and

gentlemen that was the final event and

what a way to finish it so now it's time

to acknowledge all of our competitors

and we're gonna go in reverse sir - so

in 10th place receiving a check for

$2,000 from rule one proteins rival as'

and Chris chromic will be presenting

that check if Chris will come out tenth

place finisher jean-francois come on

and in ninth place the check for $3,000

from Protein robbing Fusco and the

winner is Jerry Bridget


in eighth place receiving a check for

$4,000 from metrics Taylor Creed will be

presenting it the eighth place finisher

the three-time former champion Brian



and the seventh place check for $6,000

from Blackstone labs Phillip Braun the

winner is Alexey Novikov


sixth place receiving a check for $7,000

from Europa presented by Justin weeks

the winner is our on oh hi love


and a 5th place check for $10,000 from

Jan Tana

and the winner is Matthias bill shock



fourth place receiving a check for

$12,000 from optimum nutrition presented

by Sarah Teeter the winner

McKell Shibley a cough



and the third-place check for $17,000

from the Columbus Dispatch urban Wang

Yang and the winner is Mateos kilis



and in second place receiving a check

for $22,000 from Monster Energy muscle

monster presented by Nathalie Eva Marie

and the winner is the man who almost

killed the governor with the stone

Martis the dragon leases


and the first place check for $72,000

from Midway laughs USA curl the whiskey

and the winner is half-door julius baer





and with the trophy the Governor Arnold



and you're Arnold strongman winner half


Julius young son


after were tell me now what was the

toughest of the disciplines the day or

the last two days was it the wheel of

pain or was it the stone lifting out

here or the deadlift of what was it

before I answer that guys I would like

to start by saying this sorry Arnold I

want to dedicate this my title - I

cannot believe me when I didn't the

great I taught and the my memory of

Terry Todd okay so to answer your


take it easy what was probably hardest

during this competition was definitely a

501 kilo that I tried with filled

failings never never never good thing

but I gave it my all caught up to a nice

but I wasn't able to fill his lift but

yeah that was probably you know the

toughest lift of the weekend but yes the

wheel of pain was a hell of a pain now

you know what I went through when I did


but anyway the other question that I had

is how do you balance between the

strongman competition the training void

and so on and your acting career it's

all about just you know you have to have

a great schedule and plan ahead what I

do you just have to stay consistent you

know for example with my mules

I always have meals ready you know with

me whenever I travel you know and also

make sure when I travel for acting that

I have a training facility that they can

train at and so on so on so on how make

sure that the sleep with my seat pub had

sleep of the sheep sheep up because I'm

so big big that I have a hard time

breathing in asleep because my chest is

so big so these small things you know

these small things you know making sure

I get at least six to eight hours of

sleep every single night and making sure

that I finished my six meals every day

are very important not only the training

and how many calories do you eat every

day a lot

so you don't want to say a number is it

ten thousand it's it's roughly ten

thousand calories I ate a lot every day

a lot of steak and rice some sweet

potatoes potatoes you know me twice

mostly steak very nice right there down

okay guys and then what are you gonna

have for dinner tonight when this is all

finished steak and a potato

very nice all right let's give half a

big big hand for being a pig Stannis

screen the pigs down a stage okay hold

on a second here hold this




thank you I don't think you saw now

we're going to bring out our top six

bikini finalists and present their


there they are ladies and gentlemen

presenting our sixth place award check

for $1,000 in the trophy representing

Blackstone labs PJ brawn and for meadow

ex Taylor Creed and that goes to Laura

Lee chapattis



thank you and congratulations presenting

our next award for fifth place check for

$1,000 flowers and a trophy from wicked

automotive Rick Rick heart and from VPX

Phil Williams and that goes to Marcia

con Galvez

thank you and congratulations our next

award is $1,000 from animal we have

Kendall C right and from the Columbus

Dispatch Edwin Yangon and that goes to

jennifer dory

thank you and congratulations we have

from optimum nutrition Sarah Teeter and

from Jan toner of course Jan Tana with a

check for $2,000 of the trophy for third

place and that goes to pause we're back

and that goes to Ashleigh cold water


congratulations Ashley thank you and in

second place check for $3,000 from

Europa we have Justin weeks from all Max

Sarah Fowler the winner of our second

place award is Alicia Puccini



thank you and congratulations Alicia and

a check for $7,000 for Midway labs we

have Carol Sal would ski and from rogue

fitness Steve Slater and our first place

winner an Arnold champion tonight is

Janet Lee ugh



or Janet congratulations how does it

feel winning incredible this moment

means so much to me this with my pro

debut in 2014 and my sixth year

competing consecutively here so terrific

now let me ask you something come over


don't run away how many calories do you

eat every day

not as many as I want to how many like a

thousand you know I don't really count

calories that much but if I had to guess

more like 15 mm but depending on you

know how hard you work you may need more

so I like I like to work hard so will

you say basic is that all of your girls

together eat as many calories as half

toured as a day that's wild if you think

about it so that's how you stay so lean

do you exercise with weights never be

afraid to lift weights women muscles are

succeed definitely it sure does thank

you very much and congratulations

pleasure the big hand for Janet

can we have all of our finalists come to

the center stage for a group picture

please girls can you all come to the



all right Bob chick backstage we were

here at the now two-time champ at the

Arnold Classic strong man half Thor

congratulations thank you so much my

friend thank you someone tell me about

this stone man I mean this thing just

looks impossible to pick up now

obviously you were heading the point so

you didn't have to go crazy out there

but you know one time I'm not sure about

how awkward is that I sway over this

it's the powers you know you have to

have you crave out a very one right

position you know if you don't hold it

correctly the the stone will will make

it very hard for you to lap it so what's

made its way there the second row of the

audience after stage and then one guy

yeah it's also interest on you know

almost almost kill people you know it's

uh it's a tough stone I was leading with

six points going into that event the

last event I knew I only had to lap it

but I put it up to the shoulders for the

full of people for those who weren't

watching they recreated that the wheel

in the Conan movie how tough was that

that they like brutal the wheel of pain

event that that was that was I was real

pain you know for a whole minute you

have to push push the chutes implement

and it's just you know it burn it burns

burns the thighs burns everything you

know just don't fire it's a real killer

how heavy was there it's 20,000 pounds

it's incredible 20,000 pounds usually I

mean you guys have averaged 10 truck

poles and tracked it you know and all

that kind of a crazy stuff but that's a

little bit different than this wasn't it

it's different you know we never dawna

even like that before we have I mean

we've pushed some slats and stuff like

that but this is different you know

they're inside a black big barrels but

it's sent inside it so when you push it

it actually wants to push you back you

sent this moving inside so it's moving

like this you know like like like a wave

so wants to like is attacking you you

know so it's like a constant pressure

brutal I mean the obvious you guys the

strongest guys in the world but records

here to be broken my friend two years in

a row now yeah that was good you know


super pleased with with the elephant

world records I made this weekend

I tried 500 one kilogram

made it up to my knees then just you

know I didn't have enough power actually

my left foot slipped a little bit I

think that might have you know cause

something but but you know I'm happy

overall you know a pair of World Records

I want to comment on this you know why

am i complaining you know I should be

smiling and you're smiling big the

mountain once again to time

Arnold Strongest Man Cavendish the

World's Strongest Man graduations

half-door tonight our third place being

presented by Phil Williams from VPX and

Rick art

Rick Rick hard from Rick out automotive

and the winner of the third place award

tonight is Chiron Holden


presenting the award for our second

place winner tonight from optimum

nutrition Sarah Teeter

from pure protein Robbie Fusco the check

for $2,000 and our second place winner

is Raymond Edwards



congratulations Raymond and from Midway


Carroll's to one ski and from rogue

fitness Steve Slater a check for $5,000

and our winner and physique champion

tonight is Andre Ferguson


so after what's this was the tricky at

the windows composition

I had to balance back my last showing

wasn't greater so I had to really really

work for this one did you practice your

posing or what did you do better dyed it

harder didn't end up getting surgery so

stay away from surgery stared at the

hospital okay it's a good lesson for me

thank you thank you you look fantastic

you look ripped I mean let's see a good

app shots come on look at that

look at the guy all of you look

fantastic I mean this is one of my

favorite categories

you look fantastic congratulations to

all of you congratulations do you keep

up the great work

okay look great thank you very much

let's get all of our winners together in

the middle for your photograph for all

the media around the world

congratulations to all of you well done

all right continuing coverage here at

the Arnold Classic we're here with the

big man of a so big Brian Shaw Brian

what's up how we doing I'm doing alright

man you're doing alright but man we were

everybody was looking for the big you

know the the big moment where it's gonna

come down with you and the mountain and

this and that but unfortunately that

didn't happen yeah that was that was

what was supposed to happen

that was what all my training was get my

numbers and tore my hamstring pretty bad

so it's tried to battle through what I

do but unfortunately it was it was I

just couldn't overcome it you know Brian

is the redcon one athlete and we've been

talking the whole time and as I was

walking into the expo one of your

training partners came up to me and he

said I mean every single thing is on

this time every time

Brian competes there's always something

there like a lagging a problem or an

issue this time Brian is a hundred

percent it was it was really crazy how

well the training was going I mean I was

texted you I posted several different

things kind of on on either YouTube or

Instagram or whatever and and the lists

were crazy man I mean I was I was really

strong coming in here and it just like I

said it's it's just that one instant you

know tear that hamstring and it all the

hard work you know it you can't put it

on display and that's for me that's the

most frustrating part is not being able

to perform to the standard that I know I

can that's the thing right but Bob and

me are commentating on bodybuilding and

there's never really a moment in

bodybuilding where you're like oh he

didn't hit whatever right but for you

one small instance changes the

trajectory of everything I mean people

don't you know because of the nature of

the beast it was obvious listen

ridiculously huge objects and things so

I don't you know people that don't know

any better don't know it's such a

precise sport you know we're just

talking a little off-camera Brian about

the death and about the bar you know

that the bar if it's got any bounce to


as you're picking it up the bounce

brings its bring in the wink though you

got a thousand pounds in a bar it makes

a difference sure yeah I mean it at

those yeah those kind of weight you need

you everything needs to be dead-on and

especially this bar at the Arnold is

very unique because it has more play in

it it really comes alive a lot more than

even a normal deadlift bar and you know

there's there's not only myself I mean

there was a couple other guys that got

hurt on that event you know so it's who

knows what will happen it's a very


unforgiving talk to us talk to me and

Aaron about the the wheel of pain yeah

that Tom that was a unique event it was

a spectacle you know they put a lot into

building that you know it's a new event

at the Arnold for us we've never done

anything like that at all and you know

it it was intense man I mean it there it

looked brutal yeah well that's what it

is it's like a truck full for 60 seconds

that never gets easier it's different

looking back I would I would probably

you know obviously besides not being

hurt I'd probably prep a little bit

different for that one but it's very out

of the wheelhouse you know yeah yeah it

was crazy it was crazy a couple guys

really went down there how proud of you

were this guy I mean you had the vision

to bring Brian and I know traditionally

most supplement companies in our

industry they go what the body builders

the body butts represent listen there's

some great ones out there you've had

some great ones on board but talk to me

about about bringing Brian out of how

they kind of change the scope of redcon

one so firfer when I look at an athlete

or determine it will they fit right it's

always a difficult decision because you

have to not only if you're if you know

what you're doing in sports supplements

or really anything in general and you

find an ambassador or a representative

it doesn't just need to be something

popular needs to be someone who fits the

brand infrared con one it's difficult

because we have blue-collar work ethics

we're like we have a real brand image

and so define somebody perfect actually

Brian reached out to me and when we got

on the phone I was like man there

couldn't be anybody better and today you

know he had a an incident that was you

know it wasn't what was planned but man

couldn't be a better guy I would you

could put them all together every other

guy competed against put them all

together and they're not one Brian Shaw

yeah you got that Bob that that's for

sure they broke the mold on this way

Brian congratulations on everything and

we know you're gonna heal up real quick

and we'll get you back out there as fast

as we can man that sounds good I

appreciate it guys

very much all right thank you right I

got it yeah that's another one of my

favorite look at it look how long he can

hold the pose look at that

he really trains congratulations

wonderful the house together give me a

big hand here most muscular man in the


thank your with him Thank You Arnold and

now the Arnold Classic awards that

you've all been waiting for ladies and

gentlemen it's the last part of the show

so let's bring out our top six let's see

who they are

because only a six place metal Rick

ricard from Ricardo automotive and

Natalie Eva Marie from muscle monster

and the winner of their $10,000 check in

sixth place steve coock low


thank you well done Steve from reel one

proteins Chris chromic and from pure

protein Robbie Fusco with a check for

$15,000 for fifth place and the winner

of that tonight is roelly winklaar



congratulations Rowley from Olmecs Sarah

Fowler from Blackstone Lebs PJ Braun

fourth place a check for $30,000 in our

fourth-place winner tonight is cederick



well done Cedric presenting the third

place medal from Europa just in weeks

and from animal Kendall see right

$50,000 there's a new kid in town ladies

and gentlemen lewd sand Oh


gratulations Luke our second place metal

from VPX sports Phil Williams from Jan


we have Jan Tana $75,000 in second place

tonight ladies and gentlemen

William Banach


Thank You William presenting our

first-place award medal for $130,000

Midway Labs Carol Sawatzky and our

winner and new Arnold Classic champion

ladies and gentlemen yeah Brandon Currie



so let's see it what made you so perfect

well my god is good good genetics man

good coaching coach Abdullah oxygen gym

batter who died my wife supported me my

kids being here supported me I got the

best team in the world I got the best

team in the world that's that's that's

what you see but what did you do

physically okay they a lot of those

competitors have their wives here they

have their kids here if the coaches here

but what is the difference between your

training and their training what did you

train more did you train more intensely

or what was it or did opposed more what

when I speak of my team it's like those

who you don't know but my wife is

totally cool with me going away for

weeks months at a time training in

Kuwait at oxygen gym with my coach

Abdullah and and just being pushed to

the limit focus on all body building

100% I'd have not have to worry about

anything just those guys take care of me

my coaches with me every day cardio

weight training he's all in looking at

me everyday and how much how much

training did you do everyday when you

say everyday I mean pretty much we have

one day arrest but pretty much every day

we're in the gym at least a couple hours

and then we don't that's not even

counting cardio so depending on how many

call much cardio we're doing it of

course we do more to start less to

finish because we once we're in shape we

don't want to baby the body a little bit

you know and how much practicing didn't

do the posing or the practicing we posed

every day I'm gonna every day we

literally pose but two times a week he

really wants to look at me

I came i posing right makes up hidden

all my shots right and then when it

comes to the routine it's a lot of

visualization it's a lot of feeling of

music and it's a lot of just making sure

you can see yourself in hitting those

shots and then when you go to practice

everything makes me it makes it easier

you know what's the percentage or that

has to do with diet versus training

that's it that's an even ballgame I mean

we're in this book because we like to

Train right that's why we're in this

sport right so most of that is easy but

when it comes to the discipline of diet

and and that

fine tune adjustments your coach looking

over everything seeing on your body

response to this and that that makes the

probably the biggest difference when it

comes to all all those all those types

I'd like to Train like to work out like

to be in the gym so that separates the

gym rats from the body boarders well

thank you very much you're a great

champion and this is the second our

classic they did one and one third we

wanted in Australia Oh Priscilla that's

right yeah well I wasn't Brazil last

time I was in the hospital in 2013 yeah

but no that last year okay well


you look fantastic and we see you very

soon in Australia okay good

see you bye bye give him a big hand come

on now let me do a quick selfie here and

then a snapchat hold on a second


court ladies and gentlemen let's light

it up for winner Brandon Currie and

thank you I don't suppose they go we're

gonna bring the guys forward for you

through Friday you know ladies and

gentlemen I just got a message from back

home to say that the Arnold Classic live

stream right now is the number one

viewed thing on youtube in the world

number one more people watching this

right now than anything else in the

world amazing we've had a great night

ladies and gentlemen on behalf of

everyone at the Arnold Classic thank you

and good night all right here he is the

man himself Arnold great to be back in

Columbus once again this is my young boy

Nick he's the next generation coming in

here so it's a great honor once again

congratulations on a great weekend

what a fantastic show and Brandon Currie

and what a representative of the Arnold

Classic winner well I tell you I was

really impressed this time you know we

have talked now several times when we

did our Q&A at the antastic and we have

another one tomorrow

the quality of posing and you know how

long the holder poses they've felt like

they wanted in shape and they couldn't

pull in the stomach and all the stuff I

was complaining about but all of that is

now getting eliminated you know Sudhir

you've seen this time fantastic posing

routines very thoughtful everyone has

their own kind of interesting music to

keep their waste in there when we

started the stomach out so I think it

really registered and I think that the

very fact that we're giving money also

for best poser and most muscular so guys

are concentrating on those things also

and you know this is what it's all about

is you know the concentrate of being the

most muscular to be the best poser if

the best body symmetry that's how you

win the competition end of story yeah so

this is the second year at the Arnold

Classic that you had the classic

physique division I wanted to ask you if

you were still competing today

would you compete in classic or men's

open I would open competition but I mean

I think they'd be half the classic

competition because today that the bar

is looks so different and if also what

people are taking is so different so

it's like a different kind of a almost a

different kind of a competition so the

idea of the v-shaped body they're really

lean waist the abdominals and kind of

the wide shoulders small waist that kind

of a look and the symmetrical look and

the kind of look that when you walk on

the beach people look at that and say oh

man I would love to have a body like

that you know that kind of error is gone

so this is why we didn't want to make it

gone we wanted to bring it back and to

have people have a choice that the day

we have a double we have two monsters if

the really ripped big guys that are very

muscular that weigh 300 pounds and we

also have the symmetrical guy the

classical physics guys so people really

enjoyed it unless you could see the

difference I mean the guys yesterday in

the classical physics I mean the Okkadu

you're a major major vacuum I mean did

you see that the difference is because

of what they take so I think it's really

great to see this classical physique and

so I think that the people that they

respected it's are enriched to have both

are oh I'm so glad you're still here

with us that the whole place got a

collective gasp but a 400-pound stone

rolling off the front the stage right by

where you were sitting and the whole

place went oh my god how did that look

coming at you well it was wild and

obvious Edward because there's so much

attention to the safety of the stage and

you know we have to recognize that this

whole thing where they're lifting is a

stage that's built that is six feet tall

and that's vulnerable and as especially

to that much weight in one place so even

though we have big platforms there but

then it starts rolling towards you and

it's hitting the ground and coming

towards you you know it's really wild

but that's all part of show business you

know I think it is really created a

little bit extra suspense today than it

did yeah absolutely but that strong man

is so impressive it's it's it's

literally I mean even though I'm from a

bodybuilding background it's one of my

favorite parts of the entire weekend but

that wheel of pain was absolutely

incredible to watch what is it's really

amazing because so many times people you

know say that well you know some of

those bodybuilding champions are not

getting the big applause that in the old

days bodybuilders God but it doesn't

mean that the audience is really kind of

like lame because as you could see

yesterday when miles was doing the

deadlift the guy kids with the cerebral

palsy right so the people were standing

on their feet and the day again when

they big I was doing the record in stone

lifting people were on their feet I mean

they were like screaming and it was like

unbelievable the kind of energy is so

any audience so the audience just love

stuff like that and this is why we are

doing the last discipline of the World's

Strongest Man competition on stage in

front of the people because most people

don't get to see the whole thing so

thousands of people get to see it but

the people who come here in the evening

maybe don't see the whole thing

so Brandon Curry who won tonight had a

really small waist what do you think how

important is it to still have a small

waist day in bodybuilding I think it's

extremely important because they

remember the smaller the waist is the

bigger the chest looks the bigger the

back looks the bigger the Delta it's

look so this is kind of like when you

when you when you make a you take a

piece of paper to make a cross you know

the middle with crosses that is then the

narrowest and then it goes out this is

where the Delta that suddenly then the

bottom is where the calves are so the

calves have to

big Delta's have to be big but the

center has to be as skinny as possible

and as ripped as possible because your

eye goes through the center it doesn't

go outward it goes to the center and

this is what you see so if you want to

look good on the beach the apps are the

most important part when you want to

look good on the stage when you pose

when you want to win the more your waist

is defined the way if the intercostals

the abs the obliques and the whole thing

and the slimmer you are the better you

off governor once again I appreciate you

taking the time out to talk to our

worldwide audience viewing on the

webcast and I'll see you tomorrow at the

seminar the hidden jewel of the entire

weekend it's gonna be a good one we're

thinking you know we have been

snapchatting the whole weekend and you

know we do myself isn't order stuff

because social media today is very

important and this way so many millions

of people can watch it and of life of

what's going on here and you know we're

very proud that we have this time for

the first time 22,000 participants here

in 80 different sports from 80 different

countries so this has been the biggest

honor classic sports and fitness

festival ever and we are growing and


not just in columbus but in all the

other continents we'll see you back

again next year

absolutely I'll be back

do that one again