Opening for Army-Navy Game 2017

from the very beginning it's always

started the same way for every one of

them across generations across eras

across history over more than a century

they've all waited to get the same word

to get word that they've been chosen

chosen to sacrifice to dedicate to serve

dear mr. Elliott dear mr. dear mr.

Holden you've been selected for a

mission authorized to report to the

United States leave like a knighted

States Military Academy at the July 1960

4412 in like 2001 New York

sure about this only they know what it

feels like to be a different kind of kid

the kind of kid willing to risk life for

country so many people ask why would he

ever commit to going to this type of an

institution it's scary as a parent it's

something I think every parent thinks

about it you're proud of it on the other

hand you know is there actually giving

up a lot of themselves to support and

protect everyone else how many people

can say that that's what their kid

decides to do it's in his heart and it

has to be in your heart to defend the

country you can expect to be challenged

academically physically moral your

summers basically don't exist you miss

out on the kids holidays it's not gonna

be an easy journey

you have your academics you have your

military duty and yes football yes it is

just a game but a game that epitomizes

everything they're here for it's the

only game that everyone's playing in it

they're willing to die for everyone

who's watching it

since 1890 the army-navy game has

embodied the timeless commitment of a

group of young men and women to the

nation and the ideals that both

academies serve war heroes presidents

and Heisman winners have all graced this

stage enemies for one day who know their

calling will unite them when they leave

the field just as their stories do

wherever in America they began to see

our son is Jackson Pittman James Madison

number 19

Johnny trainer Andrew wood number 61


never forget how it all starts for them

never forget what it takes to decide as

a kid that your life is going to be

about more than just yourself you're a

mother you're always gonna worry that's

her first one she carried him around so

from 40 weeks they would do whatever it

took to protect our country

it's tough once he decided and thought

that this was right for him I supported

him 100% he knew it was a place for him

so I really just tried to embrace that

I'm not gonna be selfish

that's the unselfish thing for your kids

you let them go God let him go from the

very beginning it's always started the

same way across generations across eras

they've gotten word that they've been

chosen to sacrifice to dedicate

to serve

and they've headed off to West Point and

Annapolis it takes a certain kind of kid

to commit to these institutions now

today in a football game celebrate the

courage of every man and woman to ever

make that commitment for the hundred and

eighteenth time

this is Army Navy