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what's going on world we have a very

very special episode of road key there

on your screen

today I am in West Point's at our me

with my man Adam Braun who is the head

football equipment manager what's going

on at MIT they're doing good to see you

yeah good to see you too now today I'm

your recruit man

I'm not recruit so I want to know

everything army has to offer as far as a

football player so where do we start

all right we'll bring you inside right

here but first yeah shave that off your

face get clean like me I need a pass cuz

I'm not shaving this man it took me too

long to get it might be able to get you

some clearance I'll see what I can pick

cool cool let's check it out all right

all right Adam you have to do whatever

you can to make me look like this guy by

the end of the episode it's pretty clean

right very you got the custom gold

helmet it's a custom gold paint the

stripe of the helmet is actually the

battle map of the Battle of the Bulge

same pattern theirs is in the numbers in

the base layer on the uniform and in the

glove then inside the cleats you can't

see them right now the same thing battle

mat Battle of the Bulge so this was our

Battle of the Bulge themed uniform for

the 2012 Army Navy game right and I'm

sure you guys have all kind of theme you

know cleats jerseys everything uh and I

can take scare you guys all right yes

sir thank you definitely that's gonna

see all right so in this aisle we got

everything you need play football

we got gloves any bicep bands sweat

bands wrist bands any sleeves shivers

anything you want to wear to be swagged

out okay we got it in here what's the

favorite of the players glove wire I

think the vapor net right the vapor net

with the lockup shield on it right there

a lot of our recruits they'll come in

and they'll get a photo shoot done for

them so whatever they need we treat them

as if they're one of our own already

Adam I'm saying beat Navy everywhere

yeah everywhere everywhere it's a little

bit of a theme some people when we greet

each other just beat Navy it's all over

the locker room it's in the elevator

it's in the bathroom since where we eat

it's where we sleep because that's what

you wake up you think about beaten maybe

describe that atmosphere a navy army

game it's cliche to say but it's

indescribable there's nothing like that

atmosphere to me I worked a national

championship game as a student and this

blows that have the water everyone on

the field are literally brothers they're

gonna be brothers eventually but for

that for those three hours seem to have

ours they're enemies so what we hit it

makes oh we're gonna take you to the

jersey room all right Adam I want to

know the meaning behind each one this is

our normal traditional home jersey or

the black knights or black and gold or

our colors on the back the first thing

I'll point out is armies on the back

where the army team so we fight as one

we play as one one team the three stars

on the collar depict many different

things duty honor country which is the

Creed the three national championships

the three Heisman Trophy winners and on

the front you got our stencil font Nike

kind of rebranded us we went to this new

cut of Jersey and the new font and then

normally a player's name will be as the

name tape is on the traditional combat

uniform in the anthracite Jersey which

is the alternate we've worn in the past

it's a homage to the long gray line so

it's an anthracite gray with the gold

number is stencil again army on the back

and then ultimately on all of them the

flag on the uniform this was last year's

Army Navy says the 10th mountain there's

a lot of things that went into this

Jersey took a lot of time a lot of

people you got the name on the front

again then this flag is a little

different right so it's facing the

opposite way it's a different color

there's only 48 stars on there so this

flag is accurate to the era that this

uniform would have been in which was

World War two so we paid homage to the

tent found in World War two and this

flag was oversized and it was facing the

opposite way so the wrong way I guess

you could have called it so everything

on this was you know trying to be

accurate to the era and then you got the

10th mountain on the other sleeve so

there are eight different patches we had

for the game and they all represent a

different regiment okay

within the 10th mountain so and that

correspondent to a helmet which had the

same regiment number on it that's the

biggest thing that we try to do with our

uniforms is is to you know celebrate our

past and celebrate people have paved the

way for us so Bill Bowerman served in

the 10th Mountain co-founder of Nike so

he was I think one of the reasons that

we went with the 10th Mountain

so this 82nd airborne uniform we wore in

2016 again it's paying homage to another

unit right so or division so 82nd

airborne crest on the left sleeve and

then the number has shaped a little

different right so each of these numbers

were hand drawn by a designer from Nike

to kind of mimic the A's and in the 82nd

so you see how it's kind of a little

boat out this is you know the the ACU

pattern last year we wore this was

probably 2014 it's got the United States

Military Academy crest on it so the West

Point crest on the sleeve the flag we

had ACU pants we had a helmet we had a

black jersey ACU numbers so we did a lot

a lot of stuff with this this pattern

what has been a favorite amongst the

fans over the years probably 90% of

people who come in say their favorite

helmet has been the ACU helmet okay so

the helmet with this kind of same

pattern and then the 10th mountain is

probably the second it makes it easier

for us from a recruiting standpoint

because we get to wear a uniform every

single year we're definitely gonna do

something special that's unlike what any

other school is gonna put out there how

is that how is it working with Nike and

and do they do they blow you away

sometimes with what they come to the

table with you don't think that they can

get better and it just keeps getting

better and better and yeah it's not just

me it's not just Nike there are tons of

people who have their hand in the

project and and that adds stuff to it so

our Director of Marketing Steph many OHS

involved our director of equipment Nick

Determan you know our associate 84

Football Gaylord green our history

department is involved and then tons of

people from Nike our rep Matt garl just

tons of different people are involved in

the process in the uniform I'm assuming

this is our next thing history of the

army football helmet you see the top

left this is kind of a suspension helmet

probably the first hard helmet that army

football wore no

on it yet until about 3:00 in and you

can just see how the helmet has

progressed and how the design has

changed this is I think everyone's favor

and ever they see it yeah I love this

one and then going further on you just

seen other helmets that we've worn two

years ago 82nd airborne you got the kind

of textured look if you feel it it's

kind of rough and then you see it's kind

of shadow to shadow net so all these

were custom painted to get the shadow

netting and then each of these insignia

is correspondent with another patch on

the uniform you got the faux leather

back bumper front bumper chin strap and

then your last helmet which is the 2017

Army Navy game so this was the 10th

Mountain helmet again it's got that kind

of textured feel to it so the cross skis

just this was a 600 4th regiment

correspondent with a patch on the

uniform again you got the leather front

and back again kind of the white

textured face mask to go with it then

the back is the follow me stripe so this

is a stripe that officers were paint on

their helmets the back of their helmets

so in the heat of battle if you know

you're a private or your you don't know

who to follow who's gonna lead you this

was the follow me stripes so you would

always follow this and this is for like

an officer to wear so this is our helmet

room we spent a lot of hours in here

throughout the season before the season

getting all the helmets in our stock we

probably have over 750 helmets each guy

will get a practice gold helmet a game

gold helmet a black game helmet and then

we're gonna do something special for

Army Navy as well we got them customized

their helmet the most that they possibly

can at the end of the day it's my job to

make sure that they're the safest

athlete in the game so it's our goal

when they leave this room it's not have

a helmet it's gonna fit them better in

the history of them playing football

we're trying to be at the forefront of

technology and safety shoes we got we

got right here our a custom Air Force

one made by Nike so there are only 100

pairs of these total in existence it's

called the Air Force one mid hand oh and

so you got the Air Force one the straps

climb to glory Pando commando explain

this in Memphis on the Panda

so the Panda commando this logo was

unofficially adopted by the 10th

mountain originally it was fort Vale in

Colorado panda bear on skis with a gun

on his back just something about this

logos iconic in my opinion alright um

everyone knows the footwear has to be on

point yeah everything this has been a

point so what does the lineup here

looking like we carry pretty much every

style of shoe that nike makes vapor in

touch with leat three so this is the the

new cleat that Nike you just dropped

this year it's a skill cleat but it's

also got the high top for more support

this is the vapor untouchable pro 3 so

this is not the same kind of length up

top so guys who kind of like the shorter

the shorter feel but the Sox still adds

that stability the vapor untouchable

speed three yeah again it's another

speed cleat the lowest of the low guys

really like the low cut cleats going

further off of that the Alpha Menace Pro

mid and low for you guys who are inside

the box mm-hmm and the bigger boys the

four savage elite so this is for guys

who are the linemen your bureau lineman

and then some D lineman will wear this

all right what about the historical ease

as well start with a couple army navy

cleats we've worn this was kind of like

boots on the ground was the theme of

this so the insides got the flag in

there on the tongue you got the a on the

front or old speed a and the British

khaki kind of what the combat boot

looked like right and then you got I

think one of the flashiest things that

army football has ever done this was our

whatever grade uniform so we were away

we had a white top gray pants and then

with the gold accent and then this cleat

is great with the gold accent with a

gold-plated bottom and then your

favorite uniforms pleats were these gold

ones there right so this was the Battle

of the Bulge if you see the inside of

the cleat that's my same battle map you

have the gold that matched the gold in

the battle map West Point on the side

the crest on the front now my personal

favorite the 10th Mountain cleat so you

got the all-white look like the uniform

with the olive accents that we wore on

the Jersey

right you got the Panda commando logo on

the tongue

you got the cotton to Glory on the back

which is the call-out for the 10th

mountain and then the best part of the

whole shoe is the inside there's not a

lot of people saw but the inside is like

wood right so it's meant to be like your

feet are on skis so these travel shoes

were from the whyever great so your

favorite cleats right there the

gold-plated bottom so you got kind of

the same gray with the gold accent look

inside go army it's a big game the guys

love the swag so we try to we try to

help them out as much as we and Nikes

you know a huge part of that

another thing that's different from your

job compared to a lot of high major d1

football programs is you have what two

or three times the amount of players

that a regular football team but it

feels like that sometimes part of that

is due to the fact that every person

that comes here has to play a sport it's

mandatory yes sir

whether it's a Division one sport or

it's a club sport or like some of our

cadet managers this is considered their

physical activity so this is the sport

they play as football right helping us

out and helping the team out and you

know without them we wouldn't be able to

get half the stuff that we get done

without our managers so up here is the

Earl red Blake gallery this is where we

keep all of our trophies and different

awards and honors throughout the history

of army football so this is the big one

right here the commander-in-chief's

trophy 21 years since it had been back

but we brought her home with us the

Secretary's trophy so this is a trophy

between army and navy so this is our I

guess rivalry trophy between just the

two of us further into the gallery you

just got tons of different pieces of

memorabilia about army football Earl red

Blake was a historic coach of the team

was awarded the Presidential Medal of

Freedom three Heisman trophies Pete

Dawkins Glenn Davis and Felix Doc

Blanchard all these guys numbers are

retired and there's been tons of

different people that have coached here

Vince Lombardi was an assistant here you

got all different types of people who

came through the halls and kind of put

their mark on army football all right

Adam am I ready now think you're ready

I look good I'm ready

am i watch on we can slide I'm letting

you slide with the facial hair I think

would be good so we're we know this is

Mikey Stadium our home field and this is

a field that we come out here and defend

every week we're here I'm actually one

last question your most memorable moment

in this stadium so far so in this

stadium there's been a couple but I

think last year Duke came here we played

him at home it was on Veterans Day and

we beat him to finish the season

undefeated at home which was a feat that

we haven't done in quite a while and

it's something that was really special

to me to be a part of it definitely


well Adam thank you for letting us come

out check you out man the attention to

detail is amazing preciate it

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