The Ark Encounter - Kentucky


good morning patrick kanewski i'm the

director of operations at the arkan


this arc that you see here is a direct


of the biblical account of noah and the


so what we've done here is we've taken

the true dimensions of the bible in


and we've replicated a full-sized ark

but in 2004 even

the first thoughts about doing an ark


was thought about and it just kept

moving up on the to-do list

and then eventually broke ground in the


of 2014 and then we opened the arkan


in july of 2016. since that time we've


hundreds of thousands of people come

through here it's got rave reviews

people are very excited about this and

the first deck is really

an introduction to the ark it's our


deck is just to get people oriented to

the ark itself

how big the wood is and things of that

nature and some animal cages and some

information about

some of the animals the second deck is

really where the story starts

and the first exhibit that everyone sees


an exhibit called the pre-flood world

pre-flood society

which really sets up for the the guest

why was the ark built in the first place

it starts with

creation in this particular exhibit

and it goes through sin and the fall of

man and then how

society really degraded from there

and how it was so bad that god said hey

have a do-over basically and then noah

and his family are seen

in working scenes on deck 2 as well

feeding the animals

and also noah in his study

there's a library that's set up in there

there's a a wood shop a blacksmith shop

and then you know just different

exhibits like that and one of our main

features on deck 2

is the door and you may see the ramp


behind me here that ramp goes to the


on deck 2 and there's a gospel

presentation there

we also every day on deck 2 have live

animals that we bring in from our zoo

bring those up on the elevator and get

them right into deck 2 so people can

actually see live animals on the ark

we have kangaroos and right now a couple

of the female kangaroos have joey's

in their pouch which is pretty neat we

have camels and donkeys and the

camels and donkeys we actually have

rides on those that

that people can take we also have uh

some uh farm animals like goats and

and smaller animals in a petting area

and those animals uh

various different combinations of those

animals come onto the ark

every day so that's really deck 2 and

then once the folks go up to deck 3

again that's another large it's a tall


deck 2 being the tallest but deck 3 is a

large deck as well

and there's a lot of excellent museum

quality exhibits on deck three

the first thing that the guests will see

is noah's living quarters

so we've set up a living quarters for

noah and his wife

and then noah's sons and their wives so

the eight people their living quarters

there's a garden there's a kitchen a

dining area

an aviary things of that nature in a

living area

i also want to mention there's two two

movie areas two film areas

where uh on deck two in the stern

there's a noah's interview back in

noah's time there's a

uh an atheist lady from a newspaper a

local newspaper

there in noah's time and she interviews

noah and then that

the sequel to that movie is on deck

three where the same actors

are actually in modern day and they're

uh they're interviewing a guy named noah

who works here

at the ark encounter so that's uh it's

really a powerful presentation

on deck 2 and deck 3 in our theaters and

then continuing around on deck 3

again the museum quality uh exhibits on

deck 3 are just

amazing there's a an exhibit about

the flood geology what the earth would

have looked like before and after the


how dramatically the earth was changed

by the flood there's an exhibit on

the ice age there's an exhibit on

ancient man the tower of babel

and then finally we get to an exhibit


discusses and presents the the rainbow

it's called the rainbow covenant

which is really the promise that the god

made that the earth would not be

destroyed again

by by water by a flood and it talks

about the rainbow

and then another thing that we're very

proud of is that mr greene

and the hobby lobby group

has displayed a lot of their bible


in a in an area that's called museum of

the bible

the museum of the bible is going to is

being constructed right now

in washington dc and that museum

has let us borrow some of their

artifacts and i the artifacts are going

to stay here

in 11 different display areas on deck

three it's really an awesome

awesome display of of the bible and then

finally the last exhibit that

folks will see on deck 3 is an exhibit

we call why the bible is true

and it's actually a walk through a

uh a storybook of three college students

and their travails uh they're in a class

about uh the bible and world religions

and just what exactly does their


espouse in this class and they kind of

wrestle with what the professor's saying

and there's a whole story about these

three college students

as you wind through this uh this


and it's a very good bible gospel

presentation at the end

so that's really good and again we have

the zoo that's out back

we have a restaurant here also a 1500


which is quite good and if you read

everything if the guests would read

all the all the exhibits

and if they would have something to eat

and if they would go to the zoo

it probably takes a good three four five

hours to go through the whole

park encounter as it is right now the

best way to

to get in touch with us is we have a lot

of websites

the answers in genesis website will also

take you to the creation museum

website and the ark encounter website

and you can get your tickets online if

you want on those websites

the website also has our phone numbers

that are available here in kentucky

you can call folks to make reservations

if you want to actually talk to a person

instead of doing it online again uh we


you all uh watching this about the ark


and uh we'd like to see you here again

you'd be one of hundreds of thousands of

people that have come

and i just i think you'll be amazed when

you get here


another feature that we have here that

is very popular

is we have overnights here on the ark so

youth groups

uh other groups can come here and and

sleep over on the ark instead of staying

out in town in a hotel or something

youth groups come here actually at night

right after we close

they bring their bedding into those

theaters i was telling you about

on deck two and three and they they bed


they put their things down there they go

on a scavenger hunt

that night when they get here they also

see a movie and have a snack

and then we usually bed them down around

11 30 or so at night

the next morning they get up they have

their own program

at the zoo their own private program at

the zoo they have breakfast at

mzar's kitchen at the restaurant and

then they stay on the ark

all day and that is quite reasonable

it's a regular ticket plus only 19

so if folks come here with a large group

uh youth group obviously you need to

have chaperones and things of that

nature but

they come with a group high school

junior high youth groups etc

school groups or church groups then they

can stay here on the ark overnight

instead of

staying out in a in a hotel good


right now i'm documenting some of the

terrible things that happened before the


i need to warn my children

and their children after them what can


if they do not follow the creators