Arctic | Exploring Oceans

gleaming starkly white the frozen Arctic

Ocean crowns the top of the world above

66 degrees north latitude in the Arctic

above the ice and below wildlife

prospers and what might seem to be in

the hospitable environment but it's

exactly what is required for polar bears

ringed seals and the snowy white beluga

whales the highly local Canaries of the


narwhals the legendary unicorns of the

sea and bowheads the great ice whale's

thrive there and nowhere else on earth

cold dark waters of the Arctic life

abounds as it has for millions of years

unknown unseen and still largely

unexplored under the ice and actually

within the ice itself life is

surprisingly rich and diverse

photosynthesizing organisms cast a green

glow across the sweep of the ice

our cupboards fulmars

kilowatts k wigs and ivory gulls

surviving endemic rich in Punta Cana

while meurs dive down as deep as a

hundred meters in search of fish and


well versus look elsewhere for meals

using their green tusks to plow into the

soft underwater terrain to extract

claims worms and other tasty morsels and

deep within the heart of the arctic

4,200 metres down is the North Pole

visited for the first time in August

2007 by six explorers and a pair of

Russian submarines near one

for hours they observed documented the

seafloor struggling to understand the

nature of power life or below the


the struggle to reach the North Pole of

the Arctic surface has lured Hardy

explorers for centuries Robert Peary and

Matthew Henson claimed the first

successful expedition in 1909

other explorers to the Arctic Ocean we

have sought the fabled Northwest Passage

direct shipping inherent to Asia across

the poor ice

today global warming is melting the ice

cap so fast that scientists expect the

passage to become a reliable summer

shipping route within a few decades

that's good news for shipping think the

bad news for polar bears Arctic seals

and the people of the Arctic it was

cultural heritages inextricably linked

to living in a realm dominated by ice

and snow

keen interest is now focused on the

Arctic and its nature particularly

because of the magnified importance for

the frozen northern waters in shaping

global climate in northern the

circulation of ocean currents ultimately

will be