Hey guy's! Dan here.

Welcome back to another video where today

we're gonna be conducting a little bit of an experiment with this bad boy. If you didn't see my office tour already,

this is my brand new DanTDM branded arcade machine. Now at the moment it just kind of runs

almost any game you could ever want!

For example, you can have the Game Boy Advance and play almost any Game Boy Advance game that you want.

We've got Neo Geo, a Nintendo 64

which is just CRAZY!

Sega CD, Dreamcast, which is one of my personal favorite consoles. My retro ones anyway.

But this is not what we're about today.

Today, I'll be trying to get Fortnite running on this arcade machine! (^o^) All of us love arcade machines!

All of us love Fortnite! Well, most of us. But, I thought it would be a cool experiment to see if we can get Fortnite running on this. Now,

I know you're thinking. How on earth am I gonna do that? Well, this whole cabinet is actually a PC which is running emulators

So, we should be able to back out of this.

Hit 'Yes', and there we go. We're back to like a traditional normal Windows screen.

So I should be able to download Fortnite,

install it, and then the most difficult bit is going to be mapping these joysticks and keys.

But I should be able to do it seeing as though this is a normal desktop computer.

So, let me spin you guys around. I should be capturing the screen, and let's see if we can do this.

So first thing we need to do is download the Epic Games launcher.

This is all wired into my super fast internet, so it shouldn't take long.

So let's go down to..-

Where is this again? 'Get Fortnite'. Let's go!

We're gonna be playing on PC, of course. Because it's almost on everything apart from arcade machines..

So we're gonna be, hopefully, the first in the world to play on an arcade machine. A Fortnite arcade machine.

It's going to be sick. Here we go. It's downloading.

Sweet. So now I need to install the Epic Installer and then just wait for Fortnite download which is probably gonna take a while

And then we get to play it should all just plug and play as I said because this is just a PC

Let's find out. Okay epic launcher is working. I should be able to just login as normal now. Yes

it worked. okay install and

I'm not sure how long this is going to take

Let's have a look because we're literally installing this from fresh, but it seems like it's gonna be okay nice

So I'm gonna go make a cup of tea and then hopefully by the time we're back this will be installed and ready to play

This is gonna be awesome. Just whatever quickly proves that this is all legit. Check it out. That's the screen in the background

No editing. No

Funky stuff. This is literally my arcade machine installing Fortnight right now because why not there should be enough buttons

So my plan is this is going to be movement. This one's gonna be aim, and then these ones can be building weapons selection

I should be able to map them to whatever I want might take a few little goes with a few programs and stuff

But we're 90% done on the downloads and I'm just gonna try it straight out the box and see what happens guys. We're done

It's 100% downloaded. I'm just gonna hit launch and see what happens. It should launch fine

I have no idea how it's gonna run how it's gonna capture but

This is all an experiment to hopefully get this working and I've just checked. I'm pretty sure this is the world's first

Fortnight gameplay on an arcade machine. I'm almost

99.9% sure

The what you're witnessing right now is a well its first and hopefully we can get it to work so you can play properly there

Here we go

Here we go. It's loading up. Oh

So you can start at least it runs. I mean, it has got a really good

It's got really good processor. Graphics card that's better than why I have my normal recording PC. So this should run fine

Oh, here's the tea that I made earlier. Do you want to automatically apply the best settings?

I do it seems to be working. Here we go is the sound working?

It is okay I'm gonna put the keyboard down for a second and I'm gonna use the joystick

Which don't seem to be working I might need to map them

I'm not a 100% sure. So that's our first obstacle the joystick and buttons aren't quite working

But I should be able to map them.

I think we can do 50 versus 50 as well just to make it a little bit easier, but it seems to be running. Absolutely

Fine. The only problem is.. oh

We do have some of the buttons working so good guys the mo button is working it's fine. What about this side

The joystick isn't working and none of the other buttons working. So currently all we have is in a mode button, which is fantastic

so I think I finally got it working is literally been like two hours and

It's been such a headache to try and do this. So first off. I tried to map this so this will work

Check it out

So all the controls work so I could play this like I'm playing on a normal PC because essentially that's what it is

But I couldn't get the keyboard to replicate this. So I've now been in map. So the right-hand side here is the mouse

so if I move this around

The mouse moves is a little bit weird, but it at least moves so I should be able to aim. So without further ado

Let's jump into a 50 versus 50 and see if we've actually got this set up properly

I am I don't think I have but it's worth the try, right?

So I've got the cam here so that I should be able to show you how the controls are working

And I think it's working pretty well and except for the map keeps popping up. I'm not sure why but the mouth should move

Oh, look at this dodgy works

It actually works

Yes, so right outside is mouse or aim and then left hand side. Is everything else?

and let's go for nights is

working on

This all this is actually great. So I'm playing 50 methods 15 outs. I don't want to die like straight away

I just want to try this. I don't know if I the map every key properly also, remember I am playing on

Technically pcs that everyone's gonna be way better than me. That's 150 versus 50

Oh, this is gonna be sweet and we're gonna do this. Is this working?

Yes, so I press this phone as basically a mouse click and then I've got stuff to pick things up


It's so slow though. I need to up my DPI. I

can search things

Alright so slow. Oh, it's so slow. I need to make sure that I can do this a lot better

Otherwise, I'm gonna die quickly. I can also run. Oh

Do this is working remember world's first four nights arcade machine. Give me this stuff. Let's go

Okay, so let's try putting the sensitivity up. Let's go to like

50 or something crazy. There we go. That'll do. Ah, that's better. That's much better

obviously this is going to be like

it's gonna be really hard to control but at least

I've got it working and I have to use the have to use the joysticks in a really weird way

I also don't have a map button to switch to building which is annoying if I do have

Ho geez I just scrolling but apparently that turns does view all kinds of crazy right now and I have no idea why

How do I use this?

There we go. I can't believe this is actually working

The only thing I can't do I've got a grenade launcher, so I didn't notice. Where's that shotgun go?

shotguns down here

grab this

Scroll. Oh

Okay, scroll up

And down myself scrolling up and down but up her knee that flips the view around as well slightly annoying, but that's fine

Okay got rid of that. That's fine, too

for the problem

I don't have anything maps to go back to I need something maps to number one

if we go to this harvesting tool

Let's put that as this and then we also need it's something to change to the building thing right now

switch quick bar is going to be

This one now. Let's see about one. So switching quick fire does work, but for some reason that's also map to something else

We can place down a building

And then go back


There we go. Our only problem is we are now majorly stuck in here. I'm also not using headphones

Of course, we've already just got this far. So let's calm down. Shall we? Oh, you know, what if I go - oh,

Wait, I can wait to pick these up. I didn't realize let's become a bush. I mean why not?

That's that's the way we're gonna win this game. That's at least I know it's in 50 versus 50 mode

Let's at least get a victory. Royale. We should be able to jump through here that also opens the map which is annoying

We could sprint we're good

Where do we need to go old? Jeez we need to go far

Okay, let's try and join our homies and get ourselves a sweet victory

Oh God believe this is actually working we did it fortnight on the arcade machine

world's first

And I've also just figured out how to fix the map thing so we can jump like this

And then we can also open the building menu like this as well

It's we sorted guys with sorted. We're a bush. We're ready to go. I've just remembered

I haven't actually added a crouch commands. That could be a problem. But hey, let's see how far we get

Our team is losing right now. Oh, no someone's dead up there

does that mean that there's

Does that mean that there's someone else called Jesus someone else? Okay, we're in trouble. We're in big trouble. We're gonna be taken down

we're a bush and

All we have is a little shotgun and two joysticks and I can't change weapons very well


Sarah I

Know you're up here

He's gone over there. Okay, that's good. I might even be able to pull a sneaky here

Let's see if we can we can burst rifle him

I don't know if I can

I know if I could do this apply the sniper I could get a kill. My dpi is too high now

Way too high. Oh wait, we're like this is it

We believe you miss well, there's someone helping me yes, let's go did someone order grenade I think they did

Let's go. We got someone I actually got in

Yes, let's go. I have no idea what's going on, but I think I'm about to die

Yep, I'm dying. I'm dying. I'm dying. No

This dude has no idea that I'm playing on a arcade machine right now

No save me save me, please please save me. Oh, no the noobs go down. Okay

Good first game guys good first game

We actually played four night

On an arcade machine. Is it the best nah, but

Did it work it certainly did okay where to jump this time? I think we should head


Tilted towers let's go. This is actually crazy. I didn't think this would work

Especially when I was looking into it and it was really really not looking good

There was no way I could emulate how to controller the gamepad

But now I put it like almost there running PC version on here what I could do when they finally bring out

fortnight on Android I can do it that way and then I'll have a little bit more of an even playing field because

I won't be playing against PC players

So I've just turned on also open doors and also pick up weapons

Which is very similar to the it's very similar to the mobile version of the game

Where you can go ahead and yeah do everything automatically which is perfect. What are you doing, sir?

Are you okay? Have you got a cape?

Do look at this cave. How did you get that? Is that from the new one legendary skin? That's sweet

I need to I need to do my challenges. Jeez. So far we running over this impress nothing. Yeah, it brings up the bandages

That's kind of cool. That's that's really cool. Actually boys extremely hard is trying to control one

Joystick with your little finger. I guess I don't have to move it that much, but man is difficult jerking

Someone will push me if I get in here, come on. Someone pushed me someone pushed me guys

Guys, can you can you come and push me please? I need some help. I don't think it's gonna happen. The dream is dead. Oh

Yeah, it should have done that. That was dumb. Yeah

At least you could use bandages. Geez. That was slow it up. I just wanted this tree. Okay, August weapon

Yeah, there are there wasn't even anything on it, dude

I want resources so I can build a tower and just sit in it and hopefully

The team can do the rest of the job. I mean if I can get one kill, that would be insane

I don't think that's gonna happen but

It's worth the try right? We have a an AR which which could work, but we have a control system

We definitely could not work another shooting

They're shooting but wait, they're up there. We're going to double-handed modes

Where are they?


Their explosions coming this way. Oh, dude

There's someone there guys I got my controls mixed up. I don't think anyone can see me right now

Come on yes, I got someone



Got him I got him I

Killed someone they're probably gonna get revived there was like six of them

But I got someone they would look him square in my face and I shot them down

So the problem there was the up on the right stick reloads the gun for some reason

So every time we shot and tried to aim upwards wasn't quite working

I want to put my mouse scope

Sensitivity all the way down so I can aim a little bit better and see if I can find I think it's our that's reloading

Yeah, there we go. We want it just on


And that should be it that should be the setup fully complete. Let's jump into another game right this time. I'm heading down here

I have no idea where the where the circle is gonna be cuz I can't open my map right now

But what the try so this should also pick up. There we go. I was about safety in a police chase

Yourself a sniper. That's cool

The only other thing that I can't figure out is why the view goes so weird

When I'm trying to aim and go through my weapons not quite sure where that's happening

So I'm not going to fix it to be honest

Though if I practiced or if I could get it to work as a game controller

I reckon you could actually be pretty good with the arcade machine

I reckon you actually kids so I've now changed it so that I can aim down the side and

Yeah, it's kind of like

It's a little bit better but not massively. So it means I can actually aim I guess right

Let's get to the circle and see if we can shoot someone else

I want to properly like get a kill on the

I want to get a kill on the feed as well because that was just a knockdown. I want an actual kill

Okay, there's a lot of towers over there. I think there's some fighting going on and you go with friends

I need friends to see you. Anyway, I can get through this. Oh right switch to my sniper. Oh

No, this is so bad then do this

Come on, I go good shot in this guy. No, we're in the thick of it. Now. I'm definitely gonna get sniped

Can I get this dude down here

Absolutely not I can change to my grenades

I guess if you get a cheeky killer like this

I'm doing a lot of them all and see if I get someone I think you just missed it my camera cuts out

So go no sound but I got this cheeky snipe. It was so good

I can't believe the camera cut out, but I got a six-night. That's two knockouts already

Playing on an arcade machine. I'm just gonna try it one more time and see what we can get

But this is this is a bit a lot of fun. Okay. There's someone right down there

I think they're pretty much dealt with not a sniper is actually really good here

I need them to kind of like run into my crosshair and I have no way to reload either which is worrying

Okay, let's go for the grenades. Let's see. What happens. Oh

God so close


Think he's down. He's that me down. Okay, that's an assist for me

Yes. Oh

That's another assist man. That was so close

Okay Now that I'm down here

There's no way I'm getting out of here that I ever die here or we win

And looks like we might be able to do as well. I need a um a sniper would be great. Bounce bad. Let's go

hello bounce that

That's more like OG someone shot me true. What's that? Oh, there's something gnarly going on down here. I think I'm gonna die

Who is this dude chasing?

No, no, no, no, no don't kill me. I'm just a lonely guy on a dog

It's so hard, it's so difficult

We got two assets then no that was pretty good. So we're gonna revive me

no, I

Want you in here not with both dead. Great. This is going to go well end me

Match stats, there you go. Look two assists. That's what I'm talking about

So I'm guys can you play for night on an arcade machine you sir Sam you can is it really difficult?

Yes, of course it is. But I hope you enjoyed the city video

Anyway, if you did, please do big fat

Like let me greatly appreciated subscribe if you are brand new and I'll see you guys next time

I mean it worked it actually worked. See you later guys. Good. Bye