Restore from iCloud Backup - iPhone Set Up Guide | iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7


hey guys onto this video we're gonna be

setting up your new iPhone 8 right here

the same thing if you guys have a 7 or

even a 6s saxing instructions so right

here we're gonna start with basics your

SIM card so your SIM cards gonna go

right on the side you guys do get this

tool within your box you just look for

it's gonna be like this in one of these

things alright so we're just gonna leave

that on the side we're gonna take out

our SIM tray so this is your SIM card

and don't get that confused on an SD

card by the way this is not for your

memory is for your phone to work as a

phone so we're gonna insert that very

first thing right here no it's not

completely necessary that you started

before we begin the whole thing but it's

better if you do that way we're ready to

go next power it up so that power

buttons right here on the side later on

we will take this out and I always like

to take this out and whenever I'm gonna

put in the screen protector something

the reason I haven't taken this out just

yet so here's your power button we're

just gonna hold on to it and then we

should see an apple logo all right so

that's very first thing now if you guys

had an iPhone before yes so on see has

made an iCloud backup we can just load

up your backup right here everything's

gonna be good or you guys could sync it

up with your computer using iTunes which

is free iTunes is compatible with Mac

and PC however today we're just gonna do

iCloud way so let's get started just

press the home button that's right here

and then we're just gonna go into

English from there choose wherever you

guys are from then you can set up

manually right here tech and design

that's my Wi-Fi your Wi-Fi will

obviously be different once it connects

it should say something like this it may

take a few minutes to activate your

phone so yes you do need Wi-Fi in order

to activate your phone so go somewhere

that there's decent Wi-Fi that's not to

be the best Wi-Fi but as long as it

works so let's just tap and continue

then set up touch ID for this part I do

recommend taking this out

in this case we can just avoid this but

I do want to show you how this is so I'm

gonna go on into it so continue then

adjust your grip press Continue and go

on and continue on create a passcode you

guys can always always not use a

passcode so yeah for that you guys can

just go to passcode options and then

just not use one if you don't want one

in this case we do want to setup one up

so we're just gonna type it something in

and it's gonna ask us to retype that

passcode once you do that it's gonna say

exactly this so like I told you guys you

could do it for my tunes that means from

your computer all right or from iCloud

or you can move your data from Android

or don't transfer apps and data that

means you're starting from fresh okay in

this case we're just gonna do it from

iCloud backup for those of you who are

brand new into this you wouldn't go

there you would do this last option so

I'm just on top there so you guys can

see and from here all you guys have to

do is create an app or ID so you would

choose this option if you are new into

Apple so you can just create a free

Apple ID you don't need a credit card or

anything like that to get started so

right now I'm just gonna go back I'm

gonna show you how you guys can transfer

stuff from one iPhone to another so

restore from backup I'm gonna type in my

Apple ID once you put in your app ID

plus your password it's just gonna take

you here from here just scroll down tap

agree from there you guys could see

these options or maybe just one okay so

obviously choose the latest one for you

guys in this case I'm gonna choose this

once I choose that I will see this

option so I'm just gonna go into

continue then enable services you guys

can also disable them however in order

to use anything like Google Maps and

stuff like that

you do need that location services on

here you guys can set up a credit card

if you guys want or not that's if you

guys want to pay with your phone on any

place however for most of you it's gonna

be later so we're gonna set that up

later this again you guys can choose

whether to use it or not

I'm gonna choose not to use right now

and then hey Siri so we're just gonna

continue on

instead of hey Siri I do suggest sharing

with Apple developers you guys can we

skip that you guys can also choose don't

share it depends on you guys

for this part let's just click on

continue and here we go so this is the

longest part that you guys are going to

do it's importing everything from iCloud

into your new phone so remember if you

guys wanted to do this first you sat

backup on iCloud on your old iPhone and

then all you guys have to do is put in

your iCloud ID here and do exactly what

I just showed you and everything's gonna

transfer into your phone so we're just

gonna wait a bit until everything

transfers so after a little bit if you

guys just leave your phone in my ask you

to get back in so just press your home

button and if you guys set up passcode

just put it in now and everything should

be downloaded or some apps might still

be downloading at this point so if I

scroll through I should see some apps

downloading others just waiting and then

we just have to leave it and let it load

everything and we are done or setup

anyways that's it for our setup go ahead

and start using your iPhone if you guys

have any questions comments you guys can

write down your comments area don't

forget subscribe and rate thank you