App Store Icon Is Missing From iPhone or iPad

help the AppStore icons missing from my

iphone this could happen for a couple of

reasons maybe your kids are playing

around with it an update who knows the

first thing to check those just make

sure you don't see it yes I never try to

find an app by actually searching for

the icon the way I always do it as I

slide down and then I type in the app

I'm looking for in this case I'm looking

for App Store now a lot of people after

one of these updates they're getting the

Apple Store but they're not getting the

App Store and the Apple Store and App

Store aren't the same thing sometimes I

get the iTunes Store confused with the

App Store but for some people the App

Store is missing most likely the reason

why is you probably do have kids and you

probably have some kind of restrictions

on and you forgot about them so the way

to undo that tap Settings and go to

there's a new thing here in iOS 12

screen time and then content privacy and

restrictions which is right here

and then this is probably turned on and

if that's turned on there also is

allowed apps and iTunes and App Store

purchases so the first thing because if

you're panicking I am I have store item

app store just turn this thing off and

it should restore your App Store icon if

you do need these restrictions toggle

some of the features back and forth and

see how that all affects the behavior of

your phone and chances are that'll get

you fixed up if all that still fails you

can do a reset home screen layout by

going to Settings General and then go to

reset be careful when you go to reset

and you'll see on here reset home screen

layout and that should return your icons

to default settings and restore the App

Store icon now if if this is an iPad

you're looking up and it's provided to

you by the organization you work for

it's possible that they have some kind

of mobile device management on it so you

may need to talk to your IT department

there but hopefully chances are all you

need to do is go

the general go-to screen time and toggle

that switch on and off let's go back

once it just to look at that again four

so screen time and then go to content

and privacy and that's where you'll

toggle this back and forth and be

mindful if you do have to talk about and

look through the the iTunes App Store

purchases allowed apps content

restrictions you might even want to look

at some of these make sure that none of

these are blocking your app store also a

tip as I brought up

don't try to fumble around and try to

find the app you're looking forward just

slightly pull down key in the first

couple letters so you want I Tunes there

it is iTunes Store that's the tip anyway

this is tech new but if this was helpful

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how you resolve the issue thank you for

watching this is Technica