How to Get Apple TV Apps - Downloading Apps from App Store

hey guys what's going on this is Apple

Fox channel here and in today's video we

aren't gonna be taking a look at the

Apple TV I know that this is a little

bit more basic tutorial but I know that

people need to know something like this

because first when I bought the Apple TV

I also was not familiar with all of the

features all of the stuff you can do

with it so in today's video I will be

showing you how you can download

applications for your Apple TV from the

App Store as you can see I'm already

having downloaded some applications

right on the Apple TV because I'm using

the Apple TV the normal way but there

are people who just bought the Apple TV

or don't know how it works so that's why

I wanted to make this video so without

any further hesitation let's get started

right now so the very first thing that

you need to do is to find the Settings

icon on your Apple TV and click on it

now head over to the network's section

right here and as you can see I'm

connected to the Wi-Fi but in case

you're not make sure you are connected

to the Internet because other way it

won't work of course if you don't want

to use Wi-Fi you can also use like cable

internet connection but you have to plug

it into the Apple TV but I prefer using

Wi-Fi because it is a lot more

comfortable for me clicking on your

Wi-Fi right here it will get you to this

page where you can search for the Wi-Fi

or Wi-Fi networks are around and connect

to the Wi-Fi once you are connected to

the Wi-Fi now head over to the app store

application that you have on your Apple

TV I'm having here a lot of applications

so it will be a little problem for me to

find the App Store and as you can see it

is here inside a folder but it won't be

a problem for you and click on the App

Store in order to open it up here is

this sort of like selection of apps that

are like very popular so you can go

ahead and download one of those

applications if you want you and this is

the game section of the App Store like

some of these apps are paid and some of

them are free so make sure to pick the

one you like of course scroll to see

more application and this plashy does

looks kind of interesting for me so I

better click on it and I will try to

download it so here is this preview of

this application or this game so you can

see how it looks like in the real life

and when you'll be playing the game I'm

not sure what it is about because I'm

seeing it for the first time but it

looks to be interesting if you want to

download it you just need to come back

and click on the download button and

white until it downloads and installs on

your home screen clicking right here you

can see that this is the description of

this application so you can go through

it if

want to but it is not like really

interesting for you maybe if you want to

find out like what this application is

about but the screenshots are really

saying a lot about these application if

this wasn't even enough for you you can

also click on a preview and the video of

this application will be shown to you so

apparently you need to connect the dot I

don't know it is simple game but it is

showing you how it looks like and how it

will look on your Apple TV and now when

you come back to the home screen after

you click download on this application

and you head over to the bottom of the

page you can see that this application

is being loaded right now this year will

be position of this application once the

circle will be completed we're gonna

have to wait some time because this

application I'm not sure how big it was

but usually the games like take up a lot

of space so they also take longer to

install right now the application has

been installed so as you can see this is

how it looks like and when you take a

look at it closer you can see that there

is like this balloon right next to the

splashy dots name and it means that the

application was never opened before so

it is a new application that was just

downloaded it might happen to you that

you're downloading applications like

crazy and you have no idea which

application was already open to which

you have visited which you which game

you have played already and this blue

dot next to the title basically

indicates that this application is new

to you and you should open it up to

check it out

so let's basically do it and click on

this application now it's gonna load up

so as you can see we have this like

loading screen and as you can see I

already want something so isn't that

cool here just need to press the play

button but I believe that this is not

something you would have problems with

like it is a pretty casual game you're

just swiping to connect the dots but I

just want to show you how it can

download applications and now if you

want to reorganize the space or

reorganize these applications on your

home screen you just need to press

firmly and wait until the application

starts shaking and now you can move the

application wherever you want so it is

really easy if I hold down like one over

the other you can see that it just

creates this folder and it is similar to

the iPhone and I can check it out if I

want to so it works the very same way as

on the iPod what in case you want to

delete this application so you just have

to do it one more time like hold down to

this application until it starts shaking

and now press the play button and as you

can see it right on the screen it just

telling me to press the play button to

have more options so let's do it

here I have the option to delete it move

it to folder or create a new folder

probably and we also have this option

right here which I have no idea what's

gonna happen so let's click on it and I

moved it somewhere and it just

disappeared so I'm not sure what happens

actually it's kind of funny as its moved

it to photos probably of course it was

the title of the folder so i clicked on

move to photos or something like this

and it moved here as i started to talk

about if you want to delete this

application you just need to hold down

to it click the play button and click on

the delete option right here it is the

red one at the top so click on it and

now you have to like confirm one more

time that you want to delete it because

all of the data there were stored within

this application will be deleted with

the app itself so click on it if you are

really sure that you want to get rid of

this of course when you are downloading

and using applications it can easily

happen to you that sometimes an

application crashes or freezes or simply

does not respond and what you have to do

now is to grab the remote and double

press this TV icon on your apple TV so

you will get to this sort of like

multitasking panel and here you just

need to swipe up in order to remove this

application and if I come back to the

home screen and open this app one more

time you can see that it loads up

normally just like I would open it up

for the very first time so that is the

end of this video guys we really hope

you enjoyed it and I also hope that you

found it useful or that you learned

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