Relation of the apex of the lung

assalamualaikum I am Steve Kondik our

campus ambassador and content creature

at sinus rhythm online middle school

today we are going to learn about the

relation of the epics of the land so

let's start the topics so the relation

of the epics and run in front the

relation is subclavian artery origin of

internal thoracic artery scan is videos

muscle and subclavian vein in behind

from medial to lateral

the relation is sympathetic trunk first

posture intercostal vein super

intercostal artery and ascending branch

of ventral rama's of fostering spinal

nerve naturally the relation is splenius

medius muscle and lower trunk of

brachial plexus medially in case of

right lung it is right brachiocephalic

vein brachycephalic trunk and track here

accompanied by vagus nerve in case of

left lung the medial relation is left

back is a phallic vein left subclavian

artery left edge of the edge of these

two fingers and thoracic duct this is

all about the relation of the apex will

run hope you guys liked the video