iPhone 6S Cellular Antenna Replacement

iPhone 6s cellular antenna replacement

guide make sure that the device is

powered off the tools that we'll need

for this replacement part tweezers for

managing screws a plastic prying tool

for disconnecting cables a foots head

screwdriver double zero or triple zero

screwdriver a pentalobe screwdriver this

is an Apple proprietary screwdriver a

suction cup and the guitar peg for

getting the phone open let's begin by

locating the two pentalobe screws near

the charging port go ahead and use the

pentalobe screwdriver to remove the two

pentalobe screws with the screws removed

place a suction cup as close as you can

to the home button if the screen is

badly cracked use a piece of packing

tape to go over the cracks in the screen

so you can make a solid suction with the

cup when pulling on the suction cup

you'll see a small hairline separation

just enough near the auxilary port to

insert a guitar pick there is a notch

there specifically designed for having

an object inserted in that area once you

give the guitar pick and go ahead and

twist it left to right to pry the screen

apart make sure to go all around the

contour of the screen when you're prying

it apart

the stretchy rubber like strings that

you see here are the residual material

for waterproofing the outer edge of the

iPhone the antenna is located in the top

left corner is secured with seven

Phillips head screws go ahead and remove

the two Phillips head screws that are

securing the silver bracket and go ahead

remove the bracket now remove the two

Phillips head screws up in the side of

the phone with those two Phillips head

screws removed

go ahead and unfasten the three Phillips

head screws that are securing the

antenna and you could just leave them in

place this will make it easier to manage

them you can lift up then antenna now

and shake out the screws


here's what it looks like reassembly

installing the antenna is

straightforward just drop it into its

position then secure three Phillips head

screws on the antenna Center

once the three screws are secured go

ahead and secure the top screws and the

ones that go in sideways two of them

then place the bracket the silver

bracket over the bottom of the antenna

and secure the two Phillips head screws

and that's it

starting at the top make sure it's

notched in at the top first and then

laid in and clamped gently on both sides

go around the contours gently squeezing

the screen into the foam go all the way

around make sure you got a good seal now

it's secured the two pentalobe screws

these screws prevent the screen from

popping out


with the two pentalobe screws secure go

ahead and power on and test the phone if

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