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hello everyone this is well from kenhub

and welcome to our tutorial and this

time we're going to be talking about the

ankle joint and in this video we will be

looking at the ankle and all of its

structural components and you probably

know what the ankle is at the ankle

joint is where the leg meets the foot

we're looking at the right ankle from

the anterior view on this image you can

see that it is actually made by more

than one articulation and by that I mean

the meeting of several bones and is held

together by many ligaments so let's

start with a quick overview of what

we'll be covering today in this tutorial

we will first identify the bones

involved in the ankle joints then we'll

look at the joint itself

and lastly identified the ligaments that

hold these bones together and to finish

off we'll look at some clinical

correlations of the ankle joints so

first up are the bones that make up the

ankle joint will work from proximal to

distal starting with the bones in the

leg the language is the part of the

lower limb between the knee joint and

the ankle joint has two bones here we

are looking at the skeleton of the lower

limb from an anterior view the larger

bone which is commonly referred to as

the shin bone is the tibia the tibia is

the medial of the two bones of the leg

since we know the tibia is a medial bone

of the leg then this must be the right

lower limb that we're looking at this

image of the foot and inferior portion

of the leg we are looking from a medial

view point so the bone we see

highlighted in green is the tibia at the

distal end of the tibia there is a bony

projection on the medial site this is

called the medial malleolus you can

actually palpate and see the medial

malleolus on your own ankle you could

try that now if you would like are you

done okay let's continue on with the

tutorial now we'll move across to the

other bone of the leg the lateral bone

which is the fibula this is of course

the lateral view of the right ankle this

bone is much more slender than the tibia

well the fibula

not directly involved in weight

transmission though as we will see

shortly it is involved in the ankle

joint and similar to the tibia the

fibula also has a distal bony projection

or malleolus since we're on the lateral

side though this one is called an the

lateral malleolus you can see it here in

this interior view of the ankle again

you can pause this tutorial to try to

palpate the structure on yourself

you'll see that it's usually much more

prominent than the medial malleolus now

we'll move on to talk about the bones of

the foot that make up the ankle joints

the foot is made up of 26 bones quite a

lot as you can see but don't worry for

now we'll just be focusing on one and

this bone is directly involved in the

ankle joint and several others help to

support it by providing attachment sites

for ligaments that strengthened joints

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