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have a forward vehicle guys and you have

a problem with your ambient air

temperature sensor or not leading guys

let's say on the - where it shows your

outside temperatures shows incorrect

value guys let's say negative forty or

zero guys it could be different we

explain where we can find em ambient air

temperature on Ford vehicle guys now

with them stay on that Ford Focus but we

explain what you can expect to find it

pretty much on any Ford vehicle quick

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mmm ambient air temperature sensor this

is the sensor that it takes the outside

temperature guys you may even get a code

such as p zero zero seven three why

because that sensory guys tells the car

okay how hot how hot or cold the air is

outside so it can adjust a few things on

the engine and that way the engine will

be more efficient and it will be running

better guys then in most cases okay on

most cars okay not just fold even guys

most cars that air ambient air

temperature sensor guys will be located

in two locations okay you need to make

sure this ain't union second one is

super uncommon first one is the most

common one guys behind your front bumper

usually somewhere behind your front

bumper or if you go underneath you

remove the cover okay you may access the

ambient air temperature sensor on most

folks guys okay like on that Ford c-max

okay right there ambient air temperature

guys is located in the corner okay right

here in this corner guys so you need to

if you remove the headlight on that

c-max you can get through the headlight

and get it but usually it will be behind

the phone bumper that's where your

sensor will be located and that's what

we've seen on most cars but for guys

sometimes always surprises us guys

and we'll explain why if you come to the

passenger meeting guys okay you're going

to notice something unusual

okay first nothing and then you come

down neutral here you have guys okay

that sensor right here this sensor guys

is your ambient air temperature sensor

that's all for focus guys that's where

it's the temperature of the air guys

right there

okay on the bottom of your passenger

side view mirror super guys super

unusual location and if you go to the

driver side you will see that you don't

have one of those okay here nothing on

the other side we have the sensor so

hopefully guys are only in the right

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