Nat geo Wild - The beauty and danger of the Amazon River - New


far from any humans we're a wild animals

rule is one of the most extreme

environments on earth the deadly dry

season gives way to an epic flood every

year two men risk their lives to film

this secret world in the heart of Brazil

they have a single youth to capture the

amazing array of species I got shots

that were far beyond my expectations

Lawrence chases the elusive Jaguar and

dives alongside one of the most

dangerous species under water the

Anaconda most people feel sorry for the

prey where I sympathize with the


I rolled Oh pursues predators on the

ground and in the air each day's a new

star in the Pantanal getting the shots

and surviving relies on skills honed

over decades everything was happening in

front of us



there's one iconic animal that

symbolizes danger in the Pantanal it's

the legendary giant snake that haunts

the waters here

the Anaconda adrenaline pumps and it

gets really thrilled because you never

know what you're gonna get

I'm sailing on dry land

it's one of the most surreal things I

ever done searching for anaconda in the

middle of core plantations by both

anacondas like to hide on previous

expeditions it took Lawrence at least 10

days to find one

how do you believe me that there's a

river here we arrived for Mosel River

we've got the good chance of finding an


this time lawrence brings along anaconda

dive expert Jukka to find just the right


my god what child four distinct branches

before directed

look out

it's alright

Wow now the qualities flows right into


I need a match area here

now the community saw in a day's work

we're putting ourselves through all this

just to find a snake 22 feet long or

more to say such metric as I can swim

with you his greatest danger is that an

anaconda might mistake him for an animal

coming to drain anacondas are ambush

predators with a mouthful of needle

sharp teeth I can see an anaconda

but how long is it sugar - Aggron German

graduate 26 feet look how big its head

is time to get in the water no sudden

movements at times like this they also

coil around their prey like a Python if

it goes for Lawrence might not escape

alive it don't feel any fear while

filming I just looked through the

viewfinder and focus on my picture he's

still cautious since they can strike


Lawrence can't believe how huge the

snake is

I believe how lucky minds is great

Masuku and an account as big as this

boat nearly 26 feet long a couple of

inches from my face what an amazing

feeling as well a favor advice but then

something even more amazing happens

on the way back Jukka spots a shadow in

the water

it's an incredible stroke of luck a

second snake nearly as large as the



when an anaconda coils it's ready to

attack time to get out of the water I

came here live in my teens we've been

filming professionally here for 15 years

but I never never ever found two large

anacondas on the first day I feel

incredibly lucky that night when I

realized that a eight meter snake was

that close I could hardly sleep

our older heads north it's been a year

of exceptional drought the rains are

delayed which means the Caymans are

hurting for water the only way to find

these levels is to talk with people

around the people who leave them even if

you know the region you don't know all

the lagoons over there

Geraldo finds a record gathering this is

the first time I've ever seen a lagoon

with so many cameras I'm guessing there

are 10,000 here the Caymans have

devoured so many fish there are hardly

any left but the gathering has another

purpose mating

the Caymans vibrate in the water to show

off their size and strength to potential

mates creating sound waves too low for

human ears to hear our odo captures

another one of the remarkable secrets of

this remote wilderness it was a great

price to be dead exactly when everything

was happening in front of us


laurens heads into jaguar territory his

goal is to capture rare behavior never

filmed before

the jabber is different is the most

challenging the most impressive animal

every time a spot one is as if it was

the first time

what makes me anxious to film Jaguars is

that we never know if we're gonna find

them and if we find them we don't know

if we're gonna be able to film he wants

to film a kill but has to make sure he's

not to pray when we focus in one job

where we must be aware because other one

can come from behind this is how we keep

the river between us we keep to the

opposite bank

I can swim right into his face

almost perfect perfect safety then

something catches his eye something

moving to the right to the Jaguar

a second big cat he's been tracking

these two males for the past three days

nice everything you read about the

jobless sees they're solitary creatures

but maybe these two never got the men's


Lawrence and his camera just confirmed

one of scientists latest theories

Jaguars are neither loners nor as

aggressive to other Jaguars

as scientists used to think we're seeing

something different two of them together

this is truly amazing

bird expert aroldo is looking for the

pantanal's largest flying bird

the jabiru stork but first he has to

figure out how to rig a camera in their

nests all the W nests are very high more

than 15 meters above the ground and the

most difficult thing is to throw the

first line so it must try several

attempts if we had hunted birds as kids

we'd be good shots with our catapults

but we were too well behaved so now it's

hit or miss are all those searches for

nests that will soon Harbor a clutch of

eggs it's ready with a bed of drying

green leaves


he's making a gamble with the Pantanal

fierce winds and rain for the Pantanal

animals survival can be a lottery


Lawrence wants to capture Jaguars

hunting and it won't be easy on the open

riverbanks the Jaguars success rate is

low hey good morning

when you see a man in west power with a


we imagine that it never fails but when

you start to follow them to get a

predation shot realize how hard is for

you to get afraid

biting insect swarm here to staggered

our vendor key we are here filming the

Pantanal sunset at Porto joffrey in July

it's beginning of the dry season and the

good thing about feeling now is that

there aren't many mosquitoes there are

loads when rains

just imagine what they are like they're

not true


Braca let's go home

we've donated enough blood to the

mosquitoes already

but it will all be worth it if we end

the day with a few minutes of Jaguar


the floods recede the dry season kicks

in and the heat mounts to unbearable

levels as temperatures soar into the 90s

Heraldo is determined to film creatures

driven by thirst - one of the few

remaining oases I'm going to a lagoon

now to do the work I like most that is

to wait the whole day to see what's

going to happen in that specific Lagoon

so when you are there and you stay quiet

for a long period you become part of the

place the animals will come they accept

you and you get everything you want

Heraldo has to choose the right place to

set up otherwise he'll frighten off the

very wildlife is trying to film it's

hard to tell which way the animals will

come which is the best site to set up

with the best light to get good shots

and try it here they will probably come

from over there probably towards the

camera which is ideal now we just wait

and hope that they all show up today why

we are in position

Natural History filmmaking demands

patience and persistence


oh macha

look a monkey drinking water look Jim


Aroldis filming will be impossible if

the animals smell him if we were lucky

and we need what carry our scent and

they will definitely come a son better

at appear a deer whatever remains of the

water draws animals like a magnet


when you run into an animal in nature

you must appreciate that moment very

much it might never happen again by

halfway through the year

Lawrence's mission to catch Jaguar

making a kill demands all his reserves

of patience I could never imagine that

filming Jaguars could be sometimes


I've spent up to seven hours watching

the same animal taking a nap and what's

really worse is that we must be

absolutely ready because when it stand

up he can goes to action in a matter of


some days it's nearly four o'clock in

the afternoon today sending a day to

play with your kids having a barbeque

watching a game

I don't even know the scarf Santa's big


and we've been here since 8:30 this

morning waiting waiting


Lawrence needs to move frequently to

have any chance to shoot to Jaguar kill

adding to the difficulty of filming

Jaguars often hunt as light fades Wow

with endless Rubio rights


but it's 22:6 we've been waiting since

8:00 this morning

and it's been worth it for the marvelous

hour we've had with this Jaguar trying

to hunt in front of us

our aldo is also a deep in the forest

nearby after the legendary giant otters

that grow as big as a man

let's go free this shoot is about quiet

as much as patience the biggest otters

in the world live in families with new

young a Rodo takes care not to disturb

the Otters at their dead it's working

let's get really quiet


if you don't pose a threat animals will

interact with you they will allow you to

film them and see them doing interesting

things but it doesn't happen every day

today an animal that's very shy is

allowing us to come close


our old O's unthreatening approach means

the otter family soon behaves as though

he isn't there


they keep the young hidden under them

the cups happened he had help of

swimming in the river or fishing or

hunting for a fish or even eating

efficient so far they all they have done

is sucked Prince is taking his share of

risks by getting close to animals that

could rip him to shreds we are about 45

feet from a Jaguar to a pair are mating

in there that twisted but we are

counting on the fact that they are made

sure that they are bound up in each

other and so will be safe if one of them

come toward this I will have to abandon

the camera and run for the point one box


for his own safety

Lawrence works with expert trackers who

know the area and its dangers well while

he's working the camera his life is in

their hands in this case a guide named

Wonderland Jagger is hidden in the

underworld and I'm busy framing the shot

and getting ready to start following the

camera so it's important our guide is

switched on because from his angle he

can keep an eye on dad so when the lace

stays alert Keep Watch

Lawrence's next Jaguar hunt proves to be

no laughing matter one thing that I

learned about the Pantanal is to chat

with the locals and doing that we get

precious hints that's how I heard about

there is a pregnant female that was in a

specific area


today's a and Lawrence I each other

wearily to Raisa circles to one side

watch out if she gets to her feet

we must went for the boats I'm gonna

lose sight of their stuff in the

foreground let's get out now she's

noticed the baby water for sexual stick

with the jabber for seven hours they set

up on the riverbank and fried in the

sand but we're almost there we're

getting so close so close to getting it

here the rains are beginning I won't be

able to film in the floods it will be a

huge achievement to get a kill as a

walleye filmmaker I think there is no

greater prize than filming a Jaguar

their real challenge very smart animals

beautiful and fascinating and we've been

graced with magical moments I've seen

some unforgettable sights let's get

serious bones

Lawrence still aims to be there when a

hunt succeeds

Heraldo is now on the trail of some of

the pantanal's most aggressive animals

white-lipped peccaries wild pigs native

to South America this is going to be a

complex trip we will have to use

different means of transportation to

locate the special animals he's after he

needs to call his network of spotters

did you see the animals themselves or

just their tracks

they're so ferocious people are afraid

of getting near them Heraldo needs to

travel further to find a herd the

animals he's after are feared as much as

the Jaguar yet they look deceptively

harmless the Private Reserve is more

than ten times the size of Manhattan

it's formally designated as a site of

international importance

if I roll dough is going to find an

undisturbed group anywhere it's here


these animals are so hostile they're

very dangerous to approach on foot we

are planning to build a hide inside the

forest to work with the peccaries this

hide must be 2 or 3 metres above the

ground so we can stay out of the sight

of the peccaries once it's built he has

to wait two days for animals to return

among the amount of work it takes is

amazing animals come to this spot for a

special reason so it's a waiting game

here too

things don't go as planned

there is always a snag Killer Bee is the

whole time in the flowers this wretched

flies that crawl all over us it's no

good putting on repellant

I've got repellent they love repels you

put it on and it just attracts them even

more all day long they don't stink but

they are still very annoying big

question come on

at last our all those stars arrive

white-lipped peccaries so belligerent

they can't be tamed they eat almost

anything from small animals plants seeds

and roots they are very social and keep

together in gangs that can grow to over

a hundred strong


they come to the spot for the salt in

the mud here

it keeps the bunch in front of the

camera for a long time Geraldo sweat

pays off

peering the Pantanal Streisand our first

day was a subsistence the Penguins were

here for at least an hour in half Ishod

maybe 30 40 of them for a good result

the amateur conseguimos Lawrence heads

even deeper into the interior he needs

clear water to film a particular

predator at the heart of the Pantanal

food chain piranhas it's hard to imagine

that in the 21st century there are still

uncharted areas and I found one with 15

metre visibility and I had the privilege

to be the first cameraman to film them

this is the lightweight heat to one day

sex orang snows the lens he leaves will

be the lens he needs and this cold

weather is that normal

here the fish are returning after the

drought in crystal clear streams

filtered by plants faraway conditions

for diving next day our promising

back to Porto San Pedro mr. Armando poet

of the Pantanal all right

the unique diving conditions make the

long track worthwhile


I'm proceeding it's an enormous pleasure

to be back here at Sahara Millar with

the mountains behind us it's the best

dive spot in the whole Pantanal service

commence the rains have begun the water

has risen and now we are back with a

full crew side the mic assets I left my

place in San Paulo to go to the airport

at 4:00 a.m. now it's a p.m. it went on

our time 9 p.m. in San Paolo 17 hours

traveling to flight through both but

here we are ready to dive tomorrow



the next day Lawrence and his crews

search for narrow channels full of fish


the only complaint is the water itself

is too warm

packing wow it's hot wearing a wetsuit

in boiling water lawrence must pick just

the right moment before the rains once

the floods come the fish will scatter

wide into muddy marshes where filming is

impossible the piranhas are there but

luckily not hungry for him what made me

nervous in my first dives is that the

piranhas always came behind me

I even developed a technique facing my

camera backwards that could get from

those shots of them the murky water

lends itself to ambushes caimans can

make a meal of passing fish


they don't usually attack humans Shire

no good it went away far more unpleasant

than Caymans or piranhas are leeches

then expected suddenly rears its ugly

head look what was in my wetsuit leeches

sugar look at this full finger my sphere


the bloodsuckers attach themselves like

vampires look at all the mini leeches

coming out of the main body apart from

that it's been a perfect day


there are only a few days left before

the fresh rains and mud will cloud the

water there won't be another chance

before the year ends Lawrence has a plan

to maximize diving time by staying

overnight at the dive site itself

hi there good morning I was thinking mr.

Bao we could sleep where the water was

so great last time we could camp there

for company - perfect

the dive trip turns into a serious

expedition they load stores and

equipment to survive for days


listen to the of the

engine as we head for the heart of the




come on come on grande hey this is our


right we'll set up camp here and the

guys have already made the fire


mm I


kabooms record ah we've just woken up

we're preparing to break camp and go off

for another day's die

today the diving is back on course the

waters are so shallow local boats rely

on extra long propeller shafts to


strong currents and fish that have never

been seen by a diver before open up a

dream world


a beautiful freshwater stingray leads

Lawrence to shoals of other Pantanal

species ate our diving days fond he adds

new species to his tally each day


Lawrence Gamble's on finding what he

needs before the rains fill the waters

with mud his vet pays off it's time to

celebrate with other Brazilian

specialties there's a party atmosphere

after the successful dive expedition but

the crew can't relax yet the search is

not over



that's what I call harmonica Lawrence

still has to capture a key Jaguar kill

as his year draws to a close it's a

battle against the clock in the north of

the Pantanal our old o2 is racing

against time he only has a few days to

reach his goal

the tractor was broken down it's got a

flat our audio finds what he's looking


deep in the undergrowth the female

caiman is guarding a raised area hidden

away from predators in the weather it's

her camouflage nest she's built her nest

at the very driest time and raised it

above the flood level where water can

trot her eggs


she carries her yawn carefully down to

the water for their first swim for this

little game that have just been born

the great challenge begins now the

lagoon where they are going is full of


Lawrence makes a last dash to the north

of the Pantanal

I knew the rainy season was closing in

and my window of opportunity was about

to shut down that was my last chance to

get the kill the biggest cat in the

Americas versus the biggest rodent on


one group of capybaras looks like prime

Jaguar prey hyper-alert

they have a clear view on the river bank


but just lying there the Jaguar loads

them into a false sense of security

the big cat is killing a baby capybara

out of sight after six weeks of effort

lawrence finally documents another kill

offstage I can only say one thing how 39

days trying to get a kill producer today

we got two both in the bush

the jogger got within six feet from the

capybara these dozens of them we've been

following this Jaguar all day eight

hours you know gee trevally can you help

him down girlies with our guides Fabiano

they never let it out of their sight

this was the second animal skill out of

sight the feel desperate that's the word

check out that Jesus paid

each day is different each day is a new

star in the Pantanal no two days are

alike no two lagoons are alike nothing

is ever repeated here this is the great

thing having the opportunity to spend a

full year dedicating to understand the

water cycle of the Pantanal was one of

the main privileges in my life I truly

hope that this film brings to you a

little bit of the Pantanal this magic

place that must be preserved

Geraldo and Lawrence have succeeded in

unlocking the secrets of the Pantanal

capturing it at its most brutal but