You DO NOT want to fall in this lake - AMAZON RAINFOREST


this morning I was woken up by an

incredible red light so I ran out of bed

flew the drone and this was the sunrise

I pretty much had myself



and the noise is incredible this is

where is it there's a spider inside of

her boots good morning guys off to an

amazing start with the roaring sunlight

just listening across the waters it was

amazing when I woke up I just saw

through the screen door the incredibly

red sky I flew my drone and I could

actually see like the rain clouds

forming above the trees just a magical

start to the day and right now we're

going to one of the most biodiverse

places in the entire


about 15 minutes up the shore from

inkaterra amazonica reserva they get

said that right we have just arrived

this is my first time ever to the Amazon

jungle anything quite like this good

morning right there is a termite mound

huge why were they together no they were

not together Prada they were very close

in each other do they fight oh my God

look at that it's huge so yesterday Pepe

was telling us watch out for the red

ants if you get four bites

you'll probably get a fever so I have

three more bites until I get a fever

all right look at my arm and there's

this little red sucker biting away on me

it hurts stinging right now and Kathy's

just laughing

it's garma so we've been following this

path through the mud through the jungler

for about an hour now I think we got

another half an hour to go it's kind of

like running on the beach like every

step you take your foot gets a little

bit stuck your legs kind of slip out a

bit so it's a very good workout oh my

gosh look at the size of that butterfly

it's like the size of a bird Spanish tip

101 if you under press a Spanish lady

and you want to compare it to an insect

go with the medical side oh my gosh the

size of that ant is next bullet oh you

don't want to get bit oh look at his

fangs it can sting it can bite and it

hurts a lot right have you ever been

bitten the chest one hurt don't even

talk about it look at the other ant next

to it and if you get bit you won't

forget it oh my God look at that on it's

huge we made it we made it welcome to

lago sandoval oh my gosh it looks like a

tea brew like a really dark brew look at

the water

we must be insane in others Oh muy

divertido eat no sorry

a Mellie vo kcn toy were you directly so

we're getting in here guys this is our

little vehicle as we go do our tour

around the lake there we go I don't know

what I'm more excited about the fact

that we get to go see the lake or that I

don't have to walk anymore


you've arrived here it is and I quote

that so we have just arrived here at

lake sandoval and the craziest thing is

the biodiversity here so pepe was just

saying that there's like all sorts of

crazy animals in here there's piranhas

there's anacondas there's electric eels

there's me did he say rays I said Pete

onions him

so there's rays like I would not expect

something that looks a bit like a swamp

to have so much diversity in it he also

said this is home to the PHA which is

one of the world's largest fish can grow

up to three metres long I had that for

dinner last night actually it was one of

my appease was not my favorite fish but

it was cool to try something new


the Canadian went to the key one these

are the ugly ones

a pie each a just came out it looked

like an eel tail it just slapped its

tail out whoa it's making really weird

noises holding on to the side of the

tree those are a little bit a big old

bat party it's like a giant sleepover

there's a piranha just coming up and it

keeps trying to eat this little bug but

it has terrible aim Cathy's currently

killing wildlife as well just got his

wings open he's like yeah I'm the man

and what you already know



muy caliente so so far we have seen sea

otters but I guess you could call them

saw otters because we already saw them

that was horrible and then they look at

this butterfly look at ever since he put

that yellow dress on


you'll get watch out so you want to go

back there for photos no it's very cool

you're gonna get sunburned I know this

white boy is a little too close to the

equator the Patania

is a convincing does it look real you're

amazing the blog well this is so got my

three limbs

oh no one really these I still got my

two limbs oh you came in coal could use

some work oh I thought more like a

chimpanzee thank you now don't get me

wrong I'm a chump for wildlife but

there's something real special here

today and that is we've just come across

a wild Duracell look at that oh my gosh

I didn't know they came out here all the

way in the Amazon geez please God

forgive him or take him you believe it

we saw a double a all the way out here

in the Amazon next thing you know start

seeing triple A's

I went down my shoes Olsson help no that

is a workout the humidity is next-level

I've been carrying around all my camera

gear but now I don't think I deserve to

complain after seeing that they're just

pushing that massive wheelbarrow full of

palms through the mud how you doing so

you see this right here that was one of

the bigger trees here and that's just

part of the Amazon lifecycle essentially

what happens is you have these massive

trees that grow all the way to the top

and they hog all of the sunlight of

course you can only get so much sunlight

in a limited space so when one of these

massive trees topple over it actually

starts a massive competition on the

floor all of the little tiny plants all

the tiny trees they actually start to

compete for that space that little

opening into the treetops and they'll

try to grow as quickly as possible

maneuver themselves to get as much

sunlight and the ones that are

successful end up becoming the biggest

plants the ones that don't well they end

up being like catty low to the ground

that's cute

we're back about three kilometers each

way hour and a half each way and the mud

just made it that much trickier if you

keep getting stuck so about a five

minute boat ride away we're now heading

to our second hotel asean

concepts Ilan also party inkaterra group

and I'm excited to get showered off

because after just doing that Lake I

need it that good honesty it's Pepe that

it's like treehouse goals is amazing I

love this two beds here overlooking this

beautiful little Amazonian Creek area

it's so amazing got our fly nets that's

key when you're gonna be on a river we

got to the resort I took a nap for at

least a good six hours went to dinner

and then fell asleep for probably 10

hours I was exhausted after I day at the

lake so I guess that pretty much brings

us to the end of the video guys if you

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