WHY ARE THEY DESTROYING THINGS?! Inside Amalie Arena For The Lightning Stanley Cup Win!


ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the


we are in tampa bay the city of tampa

and we are on our way to emily arena


is a very exciting night we are heading

over to

emily arena because we have tickets to

go inside

and watch the stanley cup final game

six tonight the race or the raise


me the tampa bay lightning tampa bay


versus uh the dallas stars super excited

to head in there they're only letting a

thousand people

into the arena tonight and we were lucky

enough to snack a few tickets not the

greatest seats in the world but

i am still really excited to get back

into the arena

and it's just gonna be a very


evening no pun intended no pun intended

because the crowd energy levels are

going to be through the roof

and i'm super excited to bring you guys

along with us i'm super excited to see

how they're handling the physical

distancing what they're doing as far

as mask enforcement and safety protocols

we're going to show all of that to you

guys tonight and hopefully

watch the lightning win the stanley cup

tonight let's head on over

and look at that we got helicopters

flying overhead

trying to get overhead shots of the city

and the arena

it's a very exciting time for tampa bay

alrighty we have arrived at thunder

rally and this is our entrance ticketed

guests enter here

holy cow it is full

but they do have little lightning bolts

on the ground to signify where people

are allowed to sit

everyone bring in their chairs this is

you can feel the energy it's exciting

alrighty heading on inside

such a difference in here compared to

our normal game day

there's only a thousand fans allowed in

here and we do have employees with

make sure everyone's wearing face masks

this is beyond exciting

look at how few people there are in here








there we go


the puck in any one of those three

openings on either side of the middle

we're going to give you the bassy stick

you got how many chances three

we'll give you three all right chris

let's see what you got man give me some



here we go i like it i like it i like it


that's one go ahead and move that puck

out of the way blue crew move that puck

thank you

that's all right that's all right that's

all right all right and then

chris one more chance here man make this

one count

here we go chris here we go chris here

we go


hey look at that there we are theme park

express on the jumbotron

loving it hell yeah

are we gone


all right who thinks andre is


hell yeah


let it go

something wonderful is about to happen

on the

alex and ice stacy and melissa guys it's

real simple it's like soccer and it's

your job

youtube to get the ball in that goal

youtube got to get involved that goal

whoever does it

cat maroon autograph pup up for grabs

bug are we ready

on your marks get sick let's level them


all right oh alex strong already just

moves right around the defenders

passing it to the inside what a solid

pass but he is


all righty let's take a quick walk

around you can see plenty of social

distancing markers which is absolutely


because they are anticipating you know

longer lines which we haven't seen

really long lines at all except for

alcohol which is a pretty standard thing

a lot of the bars are open but there are

quite a few stores that are closed as


i'm just trying to go around and find

the pizza hut i don't know if i

missed it or not but i mean

it's a circle or an oval we'll hit it

eventually right i also like how the

bathrooms are situated they have one way

directional arrows and they have social

distancing markers around

so make sure that everyone comes out

this way gonna get some pizza

gonna get some pizza it's kind of cool

they have qr codes

located throughout the arena so that way

you can order different food items from

different places

they will take your order and they will

text you when it's ready so you can just

stay in your seat

and just come and pick up your food with

no weight at all i would also like to

point out

this was 22 dollars

there it is boys there it is



let's go





let's not forget how badly they choked

last year

last year was horrendous so this is a

fantastic comeback

you guys should all be incredibly proud

to present the stanley cup to stephen


i think it's pretty safe to say that all

eyes are on tampa now

people are going to be eyeing this as a

possible super spreader event

it's crazy out there that's right

outside the arena

that is right outside the arena and the

news is already saying that no one's

wearing masks so

we ourselves are staying as safe as

possible but you know tampa hasn't had a

big reason to celebrate anything in such

a long time so

i can understand why people are going to

take this opportunity to party hard

but just please be safe while you're

doing it please be safe while you're

doing it

if you're going out to any large parties

please make sure you're wearing a mask


everyone else around you is wearing a

mask you know just party on

be safe and now we wait in this very

very very very

very long line to get a championship

shirt that's what everyone wants it's a

championship shirt

and that's what we're here for and uh

that is a look at what's going on

outside currently that's a lot of people

goodness me

what is happening

i don't i don't know i don't know guys

but that's waiting right outside the


we doing some shopping we spending money

my poor wallet's crying 254

later out

thankfully not all of it was for us we

only got a few items and coded mom

sent us money so that way she could get

some stuff for the family

so there's that thank god but oh still

a very hard number to see well now let's

uh let's

try to get out of here there's still a

big party going on outside as i'm sure

you guys can hear

okay this isn't nearly as bad as i

thought it was it's uh

pretty crazy down that way but uh

still not nearly as bad as i thought it

was oh

boy this is crazy not a mask in sight oh

boy holy cow

there are so many white people with

their shirts off what the hell

what is going on why are they trying to

break things they're shaking that pole



they brought down the light pole

they legitimately brought it down i got

it on video on my camera

why why is this a thing

oh my god

oh they arrested him they arrested him

get his ass

god damn i cannot believe they brought

down that light pole


they see a camera rolling and they all

haul ass over there

okay well they're running that way

yeah i think we're gonna take this

opportunity to get out of here while

everyone's mobbing the camera


it is just one big party here in tampa


goodness to me one big party

if you guys are local to the tampa bay

area and you are celebrating i just hope

you are doing it safely please

make sure you guys wear your mask please

social distance where possible

have fun by all means have a drink just

be safe

i want everybody to wake up in the

morning with all their fingers and toes