Original Alamo Location Discovered?

Frank Minako with the Christopher

Columbus Italian society says for

decades they couldn't figure out why a

portion of their parking lot wouldn't

stay paved the asphalt keeps coming up

is always wet and we always have a hard

time with her little did they know a

spring from the neighboring San Pedro

Creek runs directly underneath the

building in downtown San Antonio a

spring archaeologists now believe is the

original location of Mission San Antonio

de Valero now known as the Alamo we knew

we're in a very old area of San Antonio

but we did not we did not believe that

this had anything to do with their

actual founding of the city city

archaeologist K Heinz made the discovery

back in February while overseeing a tree

project for Monaco's up-and-coming

Italian village called Little Italy the

first thing I saw were pieces of wrought

iron and wrought iron shouldn't be here

Heinz teamed up with the Center for

archeological research to excavate a

nine square foot patch behind the

building tracing artifacts back to 1718

a small glass trade bead a LED disc

pretty excited about the possibility

because I mean how many times do you

just you know walk them to a site like

that you actually see colonial artifacts

eroding out of the ground Hines says

archival records show Spanish settlers

shifted the mission to San Antonio de

Valero three times within a one-mile

radius the La Villita area and the Alamo

were the final two moves but no one

could pinpoint the first location it's

very exciting you know knowing that this

is a really a potential hot spot for us

and and there's a lot to be learned you

know so we're just scratching the

surface literally the San Antonio

Conservation Society gave a five

thousand dollar grant to fund the dig

although they agree there is more to do

probably means we need to do a whole lot

more fundraising and

to be ready for the next phase of the

project local archaeologists aren't

completely ready to confirm their

findings because they would like to

discover at least one more artifact a

blue and white ceramic which they

believe could be buried underneath this

parking lot a historical site underneath

a historical site this very same land is

also home to the original Italian colony

Minako says the timing can only help

with the launch of his Little Italy

dream and wonders if this could be

divine providence