Honolulu, Hawaii International Airport - How to Get Baggage and Uber (Daniel K Inouye International)

all right today I'm going to show you

how to get your baggage at Hawaii

International Airport as well as get

your uber to get out of this and to get

to your destination as you can see I

just arrived and there's someone's

grandmother waiting for them with a sign

and that's just a look soon as you come

out there's bathrooms to the right and

there's uh can be in-store straight

ahead as well as signage indicating

where to get your baggage as well as how

to get to other gates if you have a

connecting flight as you can see right

there there's an escalator and it takes

you upstairs that's presumably two other

gates right and right here I'm just

gonna show you there's a signage that

said two other gates as well as package

I'm just gonna take a tour with you

through here there is a some sort of

market where you can get some thing to

eat as well as another convenience store

if you're thirsty and don't forget to

check around for bathrooms I'm only

assuming that many of you watching

probably have to use a restroom is

immediately have to get off a little

plane or there's plenty of them you just

have to make sure you look around to see

where they are as you can see there's a

sign right up there that says two

restrooms to go that way as well as if

you look up to the top right there was a

signage for connecting flights and gates

as you can see right here and here is a

bus terminal right here I guess that's a

bus that can take you to other gates as

you see right here and there's a signage

it says baggage claim one thing that you

can't help but to look at is the

beautiful Hawaii in the sky look at that

to the right immediately when you come

out of your gate you and you get outside

you will notice how warm the weather is

it's usually around 85 degrees kind of

humid but you get that nice sweet

Hawaiian breeze which feels good against

all your body as you can see right here

I'm just gonna stroll around give you

another look at

the hawaiian sky the mountains the

people pushing someone in a wheelchair

if you had need wheelchair assistance

there will be people there to assist you

for with your needs just enjoying it

right here now this right here it's

gonna take me all around you'll see palm

trees you'll see signage you'll see a

lot of advertisement for the Hawaiian

Islands so we're just gonna wrap around

here I'm not gonna bore you too much

with the beautiful Hawaiian sky but

we're gonna go on to the next thing look

at that

okay look at the sky look at the planes

and we are going to go inside so if

you're hungry there is Burger King right

there of course as well as other

eateries you can eat at get some nice

Hawaiian cuisine Burger King guess

that's wine escalators to the right all

right and right here you can look right

there there's something that says I

believe that is baggage claim all right

so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna go

with baggage claim and I'm just gonna go

down okay I'm gonna go down the

escalator and right down the escalator

see I think those are pilots in front of

me could be wrong but I believe those

are pilots so one thing to notice like

to get to your uber there's an actual

uber waiting area Aloha

I think that means hello in Hawaiian all

right so there's an actual waiting area

for uber and ride share people so you

want to ask around if you can't do that

i'ma show you where it's at as you can

see there's an amnesty pin okay the

amnesty bin is for people who have some

sort of seeds or vegetation as Hawaii

and people do not want you to bring any

of their plants or anything from your

native stable country into there so you

can place it in the amnesty bin as you

see right here this is the baggage claim

that people are waiting around for the

baggage I'm gonna look right away right

here I believe this is for shuttles for

people who have a specific shuttle so as

many immediately if you come out the

baggage claim look to the right there's

an area for sure

ready I'm just gonna walk out you know

these are special shuttles if you have a

special shuttle as you can see this is

the route that you want to go do not go

here if you have someone waiting for you

to pick you up all right so you just

come back around and you see this right

here come back through baggage claim and

right now I am going to take you to get

your teeth to the uber pick up the bride

share pick up all right so I'm just

gonna walk on through here as you see

right here there's some more areas for

baggage claim from other airlines

there was only one flight coming in for

mine so to the right so that's where you

go so there's an information desk and

then there's someone's picking you up

you see where it says ground

transportation like sequins you have

your mom or somebody I'm gonna pick you

up there's an area for ground

transportation however if you are going

to a rideshare whether it's lyft or uber

you're actually gonna have to go

upstairs to the next level all right so

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go

through the escalators which is to the

right-hand side and actually they're not

escalators is an elevator so I'm gonna

get in the elevator as you see and then

I'm gonna get out and then right here is

where the on the second level

all right near eight alright eight is

where the rod chairs located so right

here I'm walking out to catch my uber

she can see there's other people waiting

for ride share and so what I'm gonna do

is I'm gonna cross the street to

everyone's standing make my call to uber

and then get picked up by my uber let me

know if you have any questions thanks a

lot for watching